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 As Brown finished talking, Kempes, who had been indifferently and ruthlessly kicking Kans, suddenly stopped, and interest flashed in his eyes. He sat back at his desk as if minding his own business and resumed drinking his glass of wine.

"Poison Mist Valley?"

Brown promptly nodded.

"Yes, the Poison Mist Valley. In the past few days, that person has been going there frequently, and he even enters the poisoned area sometimes before quickly coming out. It would definitely be easy to kill that person in that environment if it's Sir Kempes..."

Kempes fiercely tore a piece of meat and put it in his mouth, suspicions flashing in his eyes.

'A mage of Okland is actually interested in that region? Didn't they already give up the research many years ago?'

In terms of understanding of the Poison Mist Valley, no one could compare to the Gaugass Battlemages. When other forces had stopped studying the Poison Mist Valley, only the Gaugass Battlemages still explored it.

Other people would at most walk a kilometer before being unable to keep moving forward. Anyone below the Archmage realm wouldn't be able to last more than five minutes without dying. Only Gaugass Battlemages could remain inside for a very long time, and although their speed was slow, they were still making progress.

Other mage forces might explore a kilometer deep at most, but they wouldn't find anything within a kilometer... Only stones, and such, nothing valuable.

But now that someone seemed to have thoughts on the Poison Mist Valley, Kempes immediately showed some interest.

After contemplating, Kempes nodded.

"Okay, I'll take care of this job offer. But the price will be the planar coordinates of your Charlotte Family's Golden Pearl Plane."

Brown suddenly froze as he heard that.

The Golden Pearl Plane was the Charlotte Family's main source of metal. It could be said to be the heart of the Charlotte Family in terms of their weapon business and material business.

The Golden Pearl Plane was basically a desolate land with very little vegetation. But it was frighteningly rich in ore veins. Almost half of the ore veins were directly exposed to the surface, which made extracting them very simple.

The Golden Pearl Plane was rich in mineral resources, and over 30% of the ore veins were very prosperous, while the remaining ones were ordinary ore veins. But they also couldn't set aside all those veins, because even the ordinary ore veins would give birth to some rare magic ores.

A few days ago, a piece of Steel Core was found in an ordinary large-scale iron mine. This was a first-rate ore, and if used to forge a weapon, it would absolutely increase the rank of a Sword Saint by a rank. It was also a top-notch material that could be used to forge a True Spirit Magic Tool or increase the power of a True Spirit Magic Tool to an outrageous level. Even a direct attack from a Sword Saint wouldn't leave a mark on it.

The flourishing development of the Charlotte Family in the past years was inevitably linked to the Golden Pearl Plane, and its Planar Coordinates were a secret among the deepest secrets of the Charlotte Family. Those chosen to be sent to the Golden Pearl Plane were selected very carefully, and even an ordinary miner had to go through three inspections.

How could the Planar Coordinates of this kind of place be given to others? Wasn't this the same as cutting one's own arm? This would be a great blow to the Charlotte Family!

Brown's expression kept changing. He was wondering how to tactfully decline this demand when Kans wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth and fiercely answered, "Good, I agree! As long as you can kill Mafa Merlin, I shall give you the Planar Coordinates!"

Light flickered in Kans' eyes as he inwardly sneered.

'It's only the Planar Coordinates, anyways. As long as this Kempes kills Mafa Merlin, it'll all be fine. It won't matter if I tell him. The Family won't know that the Planar Coordinates were leaked by me, as there are a lot of people who know about the Planar Coordinates. I can just grab two scapegoats when the time comes.

'And it'll be no use even if that Kempes knows the Planar Coordinates. The Golden Pearl Plane is guarded by a massive military force, so even if Kempes went, he wouldn't be able to come back, so the Family wouldn't lose much.'

Kempes didn't care what Kans was thinking; he only sneered as he replied, "Alright, then we've reached an agreement. If you don't tell me the coordinates after I kill Mafa Merlin, I shall teach you why no one dares to double-cross a Gaugass Battlemage!"

Kans didn't care about it. He didn't plan on cheating Kempes, after all. The situation might become bigger if he tricked him, and it could get him dragged into a quagmire. In any case, no one would know who leaked the information.

"I'll dispatch someone to send you a portrait of Mafa Merlin..."

Kempes waved his hand and said, "No need, I'll kill anyone that entered the Poison Mist Valley recently. Aside from that Mafa Merlin, the rest will be free of charge for you..."

Having come to an agreement, Kans and Brown were escorted out of the camp by a group of Gaugass Battlemages. Brown's face was filled with worry, but Kans looked really happy. He didn't care at all about the fact that Kempes had beat him up.

That blow had easily shattered his Runic Shield. This kind of power wasn't something an ordinary mage could have. Only the fierce Gaugass Battlemages that were the bane of mages could do this. 'If they fought, that damn Mafa Merlin's shield would also be torn apart, and his neck would be snapped...'


Lin Yun naturally didn't know that Kans had gone to seek out the Gaugass Battlemages. He borrowed an alchemy laboratory of the Black Tower and kept researching the medicinal ingredients from the Poison Mist valley.

After two days, he finally used those weed-like medicinal ingredients to compound a kind of Poison Resistance Potion. After taking that potion, he would be able to walk freely within the Poison Mist Valley and wouldn't be affected by the poisonmist.

He led Xiuban, Reina, Enderfa, and the puppet as they once again returned to the Poison Mist Valley. Before entering, Lin Yun made everyone take their potion, and he even smeared some of it on the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the alchemy puppet. Enderfa even took a bath in the potion.

Last time they went in, Lin Yun discovered that the poisonmist had a very powerful corrosive effect. Not only could it corrode lifeforms, but it could also corrode Magic Tools and alchemy puppets. If he hadn't quickly rushed out, Enderfa and the puppet's mana source would have been contaminated.

After going in once again, everyone felt the poisonmist being blocked outside of their bodies, unable to affect them.

After walking through the desolate valley for a few kilometers, they finally met a living thing for the first time.

It was a ten-meter-long, pitch-black snake that was looking at Lin Yun's group. It was still a few dozen meters away when it opened its bloody maw and bared two thick fangs at them. Two streams of venom sprayed from the snake's fangs at them.

A loud sound echoed as the streams of venom fell short, landing on a large boulder and melting two pitch-dark holes within.

The holes were still bubbling, and within a second, a meter-wide hole appeared within the rock. A black and pungent greasy liquid flowed out of the rock and corroded everything in its path.

This scene made everyone feel a twinge of fear. Even though they had used the Poison Resistance potion, they wouldn't be able to resist this venom. The smell alone was hard to bear, and it caused their noses to itch...

"Everyone be careful, don't be hit by the venom," Lin Yun softly warned.

But he stood aside and didn't move, because the snake they were facing was only level 30. Apart from that terrifying venom, it was easy enough to defeat.

Xiuban raised Carnage and bared his fangs, dashing a dozen meters in one step. His speed was terrifying, and it felt like the ground was suffering from a huge impact with each step as he left huge holes in his wake.

Xiuban reached the black snake in two seconds. The snake opened its mouth again to spray venom, but Xiuban easily dodged it and slammed his hammer down.

"Damn fool, you actually dare to use venom against Lord Xiuban!? Lord Xiuban's Carnage has been unable to endure the craving!"

Carnage had been reinforced by Lin Yun, and although he hadn't added any special effects, the new materials made Carnage even more solid. It was heavier and now weighed close to five thousand kilograms. Just trying to hold it would be enough to make most Low Rank Sword Saints flinch, let alone using it as a weapon.

Moreover, there was an array increasing Carnage's weight. When casually swinging it, its weight would reach ten thousand to twenty thousand kilos.

Xiuban had experienced cruel battles in that other world. Each time a battle was over, he would be covered in injuries, and he had to rely on his fierce body to rapidly recover. After coming back, Xiuban had been sleeping a lot while consuming a large amount of potion, and his strength had rapidly increased. When he competed with Thorne Merlin, he was able to easily suppress him with one hand. He was just like a Beastman-shaped monster.

As he slammed Carnage towards the snake's head, a series of sonic booms echoed. It wasn't particularly fast, but that terrifying and uncanny power caused air to explode away from the impact.

Carnage was wrapped in formidable power as it ruthlessly hit the side of the snake's head. The snake's head exploded like a watermelon, turning into a mist of blood that flew away due to the terrifying power and momentum behind the blow. Not even a single wisp of blood fell on Xiuban's body.