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 Before Brown Charlotte finished his words, Kans thoroughly exploded and started yelling at him.

"What do you mean, cool-headed? I can't remain cool-headed! That damn guy not only sneak-attacked me, but he also sneak-attacked Dolon! He attacked us during the banquet for the general attack. This is trampling the Charlotte Family's honor, ruthlessly trampling on our Charlotte Family!

"Brown, have you forgotten that the honor of our Family is paramount? Anyone harming the honor of our Family has to pay with their lives.

"I can't wait to kill this kind of foul businessman that only knows how to plot and deceive. If not for that sneak attack, I would have already removed his head and hung it at the entrance of our Family's estate!"

Brown hesitated. He had dispatched some people to ask around, but the outcome wasn't very clear. However, what startled him was that although many matters only mentioned the achievements of Mafa Merlin when he was a High Mage, these achievements were shocking. Now, Mafa Merlin had already advanced to the Archmage realm, and even if he had only advanced not that long ago, his strength was bound to have dramatically increased.

"Young Master Kans, I investigated before, and this Mafa Merlin already had the power of an Archmage at the High Mage Realm. Now that he's an Archmage, he shouldn't be as easy to handle as other Archmages..."

Brown hesitated, but he still mentioned it. He didn't give the details, because the news he had obtained was very vague. But because of what had just happened, he felt that those achievements might have been real. 'This Mafa Merlin isn't easy to handle...'

Kans Charlotte's eyes were very red as he shouted wildly.

"Brown, are you really a Charlotte? If I weren't wounded, that damned b*stard would certainly die a very miserable death. But I'm injured now!

"I want him dead now, I don't care what method you use, I want him dead!"

Brown sighed. Kans Charlotte was the young master of the Family, so although he was the Commander, he couldn't compare with Kans in terms of status.

"Alright, Young Master Kans, there is someone I know, someone very powerful and formidable. I even heard that many powerful enemies together were unable to deal with that person. Go find him, and he'll definitely be able to get things done... But you'll have to pay a huge price to make him move.

"Do you know about the Laura Family's destruction ten years ago? That was his work. At the time, the Laura Family was eyeing a declining major family and was pressuring them without leaving them a way out. That declining family was said to have once had an ancestor at the Heaven Rank. Unfortunately, their strongest remaining member was a 3rd Rank Archmage.

"The Laura Family wanted to annex this declining Family and devour their wealth and heritage. They almost managed to kill everyone... but one of the survivors found that formidable person and used all the wealth of his family to pay for the Laura Family's destruction. And within a month, the Laura Family was exterminated. No matter where they ran, they all died.

"You would need to pay a huge price to make him move, even just to handle Mafa Merlin. Young Master Kans..."

Kans immediately burst into loud laughter.

"Huge price? What's a huge price? What does all the wealth of a small clan amount to? It can't be as much as my own private funds. Our Charlotte Family's inheritance has been passed down for so many years, and the wealth we accumulated far surpasses your imagination. Our heritage is so deep that even I can't figure it out. What you see will forever only be the tip of the iceberg.

"Let me tell you, that person's so-called price is definitely not high enough to faze our Charlotte Family! Take the lead, we are going now. I can't wait to see that Mafa Merlin dead!"

Brown was a little helpless. He wanted to say something, but he couldn't bear it.

They secretly left the territory of the Charlotte Family together.

After walking for a while, Kans suddenly remembered that he didn't know who they were looking for. Soon, the path became more and more desolate, and he couldn't help asking, "Brown, who are we looking for? Why is it so desolate?"

Brown looked at the surroundings and vigilantly probed around. Only after confirming that there was no one around did he lower his voice to explain.

"Young Master Kans, you must remember to be careful later. We are looking for a Gaugass Battlemage. You have to know that these people are highly prejudiced against our Okland's forces, especially mages. They are always hostile."

This was the result of Brown thinking for a long time. If he used the power of the Family to handle Mafa Merlin, it had to be after the end of the general attack on the Raging Flame Plane. At this crucial time, all of Okland's forces with a territory in the Raging Flame Plane had come.

Former archenemies were restraining themselves and would at most prod at each other a bit. No one dared to cause trouble at such a time. Even if the Charlotte Family was angry, they absolutely couldn't make a move.

But Kans couldn't wait and wanted to act now, so Brown could only think of the Gaugass Battlemages.

Those armored fighting lunatics were naturally hostile towards mages from Okland. If he met these madmen outside, he would definitely be killed. In those days, they had been pushed back to the Gaugass Highland, so they had a very poor opinion of Okland's mages and would definitely not be lenient.

Moreover, Gaugass Battlemages naturally had an advantage over mages. Their battle techniques were simply born to suppress mages. They could cast, but they looked more like heavily armored swordsmen. In a 1vs1, a mage of the same rank wouldn't be their opponent. If they weren't so inferior in terms of number, they wouldn't have been pushed back to the Gaugass Highland.

Brown especially warned Kans, but Kans didn't really care and only smiled.

"Haha, turns out it was them, very good! I had been worried the person you found wouldn't be able to get rid of Mafa Merlin. There is no need to worry now, and the price won't matter as long as they agree to make a move..."

Seeing Kans' appearance, Brown couldn't help worrying about it.

It didn't take too long for Brown to lead Kans to a remote camp. The camp was almost merging with the surroundings. From afar, one couldn't even see that there was a camp there. Just as they reached the entrance of the camp, they were immediately surrounded by a group of spear-wielding Gaugass Battlemages wearing heavy armor with helmets.

"Don't attack, we came looking for Sir Kempes for business!" Brown shouted. They were then led into the camp, surrounded by a team of Gaugass Battlemages.

They entered one of the tents, and inside of it was sitting an armored, middle-aged man without a helmet. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes, and he looked extremely sharp. When he saw Kans and Brown, his expression wasn't pleasant in the least. It looked as if he had seen a hated foe.

Kans carelessly walked in and started talking to Kempes. "You are a Gaugass Battlemage? I want you to kill someone, how strong are you? If you are strong enough, I'll pay a great price..."

Before Kans finished his sentence, Brown's face turned a bit green. Sure enough, Kempes, who had been drinking alcohol and eating meat, suddenly glared at them.

"Get lost!"

Kans' expression became unsightly. He pointed at Kempes and cursed, "Damn b*stard, who do you think you are talking to? The young master of the Charlotte Family is standing in front of you! If you weren't potentially a bit useful to me, do you think I would have come to such a desolate area? Hell, there isn't even a sparrow here. A country bumpkin like you dares..."

Kans kept chattering, but he didn't get to finish his words before Kempes jumped towards him from behind the table.

Kans sneered, and a Runic Shield instantly rose, but Kempes didn't seem to have seen it. A ball of light condensed in his huge hand as he ruthlessly smashed it against the Runic Shield.

Fierce mana fluctuations rose up as Kans' Runic Shield instantly shattered like glass. Kempes' large hand caught Kans' neck and carried him up with one hand before throwing him to the ground.

A loud sound echoed as Kans spurted a mouthful of blood. He felt as if all his bones were broken, and his eyes were filled with an unfathomable expression.

'Damnit, damn b*stard! This barbarian actually shattered my Runic Shield with one hand, he actually dared to do this to me...'

Kans didn't have time to speak, and Brown was extremely pale. 'That scoundrel, he forgot my reminder! These Gaugass Battlemages aren't easy to get along with. The Charlotte Family is also considered a mage clan of Okland, so there isn't much difference between us and the others in the eyes of these Gaugass Battlemages.

'To dare to speak like that to a Gaugass Battlemage in his territory, isn't that just stupid?'

Brown didn't doubt that Kempes would dare to get rid of both of them here. Seeing that Kempes still wanted to go further, he promptly apologized.

"Sir Kempes, please be lenient, please be lenient, we can always discuss this! Young Master Kans has always been admiring Gaugass Battlemages, he was just a bit excited, please don't mind his actions. This time, the person we want dealt with is a bit hard for others to handle, but it should be very simple for Sir Kempes...

"That person has been frequently going into the Poison Mist Valley in the past few days. Others wouldn't dare to go, but there shouldn't be a problem for Sir Kempes, and no one would know if you killed that person there. Moreover, besides Sir Kempes, no one can use their full strength there.

"As for what you need, just ask, and we will definitely satisfy you..."