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 The power of a Peak 8th Rank Archmage spread out, and the surging mana turned into a gale that blew towards Lin Yun.

But that mana tide stopped a meter away from Lin Yun's body and suddenly dissipated. Not even the tip of Lin Yun's robe fluttered...

Lin Yun still ignored him and only looked at the mana timer. It would be one minute, not one second more or one less.

"Scoundrel, have you forgotten where you are!? How could you dare to attack someone here and completely ignore others! I shall teach you a lesson on behalf of your Family..."

Seeing that this Peak 8th Rank Archmage was about to make a move, the people around him moved away.

Weiss came forward and frowned at that Archmage.

"Sir Dolon, your Family member made the first move. Could it be that you have forgotten where we are? Can the members of your Charlotte Family casually injure others while the Black Tower is holding a buffet?"

Zeuss also came forward and said with dissatisfaction, "Dolon Charlotte, do you think we are blind? You Charlottes are too excessive, daring to injure someone at such an event. Since you made the first move, there is nothing wrong with Sir Mafa retaliating."

Following Weiss and Zeuss, the other onlookers echoed their words.

"Indeed, Sir Mafa didn't even add anything. That young man received three whips, so he whipped three times, no more. That young man was bound for a minute, so it won't last more than a minute..."

Dolon Charlotte's expression kept changing. He hadn't expected Weiss and Zeuss, as well as those others, to speak up for Mafa Merlin.

As he was hesitating, the minute quickly elapsed, and Kans Charlotte was released from the Hell Vine, which quickly disappeared underground.

"Look! Just as I said, Sir Merlin only bound him for precisely one minute."

"That's perfect. Everyone got the same treatment, so no one owes anyone anything. Just let it go. Your Charlotte Family made the first move, so Sir Mafa is already being magnanimous enough..."

Kans Charlotte fell to the ground with a frighteningly pale expression. He had lost too much blood, and without someone supporting him, even standing would be very difficult.

After drinking two Health Potions, Kans Charlotte crazily glared at Lin Yun.

"Dolon, kill him, kill him, that damn b*stard actually did this to me, he has to pay the price, I want the Merlin Family to pay the price!"

Dolon hesitated and clenched his teeth. There were so many people watching right now... If they cowered, the reputation of the Charlotte Family would greatly suffer. After all, no one wished for their cooperative partner to be a weakling.

Even if he didn't kill him, he would teach him a bitter lesson! He absolutely couldn't let the Charlotte Family's reputation suffer!

As he thought of this, Dolon burst with fierce mana fluctuations. It was as if a gale had suddenly risen, and a spell instantly condensed.

At the same time, Lin Yun raised an eyebrow. His mana, which had been suppressed for such a long time, burst out like flames.

A loud bursting sound echoed as a huge wheel shadow appeared behind Lin Yun. Countless runes surged out like phantom images, and his Draconic Staff was now in his right hand.

Lin Yun's body suddenly rose up and instantly transformed into a dark red Flame Elemental, and the surrounding open space turned into a sea of fire.

Lin Yun had done all this by the time the other side condensed that one instant spell.

Then, Lin Yun instantly disappeared and reappeared in front of Dolon's body, the Draconic Staff shining with a glaring flame.

Countless runes came from the wheel shadow behind Lin Yun, and flames instantly exploded on Donlon's body. The Fire God Spear that Dolon had just condensed instantly shattered.

And even more terrible things were to follow... Dolon only had time to use a Runic Shield before the countless runes sprayed from Lin Yun's wheel shadow formed several dozen spells.

Flame Bursts, Bursting Flames, Bursting Fireballs, Fire God Spears...

The spells simultaneously burst out and crumpled Dolon's shield as if it was made of paper before shattering it. The remaining spells exploded against Dolon's body and sent him flying.

Flames covered his body as he flew ten meters away like a flying cannonball. A Fire God Spear was still piercing his chest and his robe had become dilapidated, while his skin was covered in burn marks.

His mouth was covered in blood as he fell to the ground, disbelief apparent on his face. His body was continuously twitching because of the fiery pain.

Everyone was startled...

That was a Peak 8th Rank Archmage powerhouse, but he was seriously injured in an instant!

Moreover, due to the casting speed, most people were unable to see what had happened. They only saw Lin Yun using his Fire Elemental Incarnation and a Flame Flash before using fire spells to drop Dolon to the ground.

Only powerhouses like Zeuss and Weiss could clearly see what had happened, and both of them were pale with fright.

It looked like they had still slightly underestimated Mafa Merlin.

The Charlotte Family was also stupefied, but they didn't dare to say anything at this time.

The people of the Charlotte Family flocked over and took the seriously injured Dolon and Kans, who could barely stand, and they walked out of the hall like terrified beasts. As they left, they still ruthlessly shouted back, "Just wait! You dared to damage the reputation of the Charlotte Family, you are done for."

"Our Charlotte Family won't let this slide, just wait..."

The Charlottes were quite scared. They tossed out threats as they walked away, but after Lin Yun frowned and looked over at them, they suddenly became more restrained and hastily left without saying another word.

As the members of the Charlotte Family left, the rest of the guests became a lot more enthusiastic towards Lin Yun and kept greeting him one after another, trying to befriend him.

They had only heard a rumor that the Commander of the Merlin Family was a ruthless character, but they understood now that they saw him. Not only was he ruthless, but he was also an Artisan. No wonder why the attitudes of the Black Tower and the Watson Family towards the Merlin Family had completely changed.

After returning to the Charlotte Family's domain, Kans Charlotte immediately looked for the Commander of the Charlotte Family, Brown Charlotte.

"We can't let it go! That damned Mafa Merlin actually dared to do this to me, dragging the Charlotte Family's reputation through the mud. I want revenge, I want him dead!"

Kans Charlotte's injuries had recovered after taking the Health Potion, but the lost blood wasn't that easily recovered. At this moment, he was emotionally raising his fist, but he almost tumbled.

Brown Charlotte had a worried expression.

"Young Master Kans, let's take our time and plan this out. You saw it today... That Mafa Merlin easily overpowered you and injured Dolon almost instantly. If we hadn't performed the first aid in time, Dolon might have already died. He has five broken ribs, a large part of his skin was burnt, and some of his vertebrae were injured.

"Dolon is a Peak 8th Rank Archmage, after all. Young Master Kans should know of his power. Mafa Merlin isn't simple, he isn't easy to handle... We can't be too impetuous."

Kans' eyes were red as he stared at Brown Charlotte.

"What!? What did you say? He easily overpowered me? That was a shameful sneak attack! A sneak attack! That damned guy actually attacked me without warning! If not for that sneak attack, how could he be my match? You think I don't know? He is only a newly advanced Archmage, how long has it been since he advanced from the High Mage realm? He is at most a 2nd Rank piece of trash.

"That damned trash was only accepted into the Merlin Family because of his money! He bought his way to becoming a Commander of the Merlin Family, you think I don't know that? This Commander is just a fake, the true Commander is someone else.

"I've never seen a Family with two Commanders in the same place. He is only a shameful ambusher.

"As for Dolon, wasn't he ambushed by Mafa Merlin too? Do you really think I'm blind? That damned guy actually used Fire Elemental Incarnation and used Flame Flash to mount a sneak attack. That foolish Dolon was still hesitating, allowing that b*stard to succeed!

"This is truly a loss of reputation! An esteemed Peak 8th Rank Archmage was actually ambushed by a newly advanced Archmage, and he was seriously injured.

"In a real fight, how could that scoundrel Mafa Merlin be a match for me? I've been going through so many desperate experiences for so many years, and what is he? A gambler relying on money to bribe his way into a high position in his clan. Beneath the surface, he is nothing more than a gambling merchant! He would never amount to anything without sneak attacks.

"If this happens again, I'll definitely tear him apart!"

Kans Charlotte's body shook, and he sat down, a little dizzy, no longer screaming his lungs out.

Brown Charlotte bitterly smiled as hesitation could be seen on his face.

"Young Master Kans, I believe Mafa Merlin isn't that simple. Although he succeeded in his sneak attack this time, I did ask around about him. While Mafa Merlin wasn't in the Raging Flame Plane, the Merlin Family had been coincidentally suppressed by the Black Tower and the Watson Family. However, once Mafa Merlin returned, the Black Tower and the Watson Family completely changed their attitudes towards the Merlin Family.

"I've also heard that the Fireblade Tribe's defeat was because of Mafa Merlin. This Mafa Merlin should be very powerful, he definitely shouldn't be weak. We should remain cool-headed and find a proper opportunity..."