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 Amazement flashed in Barok's eyes. 'What? This youth is so unyielding. He is definitely unwilling to completely give up on the Horn of Fertility and give out two of the Merlin Family's forts. It would be impossible unless they were snatched with force.

'But that's fine, I'm not prepared to snatch so much at once for the time being. I'll take it easy... If I'm in too much of a hurry, the Merlin Family's people might rebel.'

"Oh, you want to discuss conditions? This isn't impossible..."

Barok acted arrogant, but he didn't have time to finish his sentence before he saw a blue fireball with a long trail ruthlessly flying towards him. The fierce fire spell's fluctuations were like thunder echoing in front of him.

Barok subconsciously raised a Fire Shield.

A dark red fire shield formed in front of Barok, and a loud explosion echoed as it fluctuated, seeming like it might break at any time.

Barok was startled and furious. He had thought of many possibilities, but he hadn't thought of that. 'That damned guy actually dared to attack me! Does he want to directly feel the might of a 9th Rank Archmage?

'Don't blame me for courting death... Maybe the Merlin Family will send a smarter Commander afterwards!'

Barok was scowling angrily. A red staff suddenly appeared in his hands, and a ball of burning liquid flame appeared at its tip. It was as if burning magma kept roiling and churning at the tip.

The rich fire elements in the surroundings seemed to have been fiercely beckoned as it condensed into a huge fireball full of bursting aura.

In an instant, circles of heat waves appeared around it one after another, and it looked just like a falling meteor as it flew towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun still had a cold expression on his face as his body emitted fierce flames and suddenly grew taller as he transformed into an 8-meter-tall Flame Elemental.

With a round of Flame Flashes, Lin Yun, in his Fire Elemental Incarnation, appeared fifty meters away, while that huge fireball crashed where he had just been.

The fireball spread out as if dissolving, and the dark red flames coursed into the surroundings like lava. Ten meters of ground were turned into lava by the terrifying heat, and it continued radiating outwards. In an instant, an area of fifty meters had turned into an ocean of flames, and those branches of lava had turned that area into a fiery purgatory. Crackling sounds could even be heard in the air.

Clouds of white smoke kept rising as thunder-like sounds echoed.

As for Lin Yun, he was already a hundred meters away thanks to his Flame Flashes.

Lin Yun slightly frowned as he looked over at Barok. Although this 9th Rank Archmage had only recently advanced, he was a 9th Rank Archmage proficient in fire spells, and they were in the Raging Flame Plane, where fire elements were the richest and most active.

'It looks like the Raging Flame Plane is very suitable for this person. He might have even advanced to the 9th Rank here.

'Although he is arrogant and despotic, he indeed isn't weak. He is better than a newly advanced 9th Rank Archmage.'

Thoughts instantly flashed in Lin Yun's mind as he could see through Barok's ins and outs.

The Magic Array kept revolving, calculating the opponent's strength with only a strand of aura.

A huge wheel shadow appeared behind him and slowly rotated. Countless runes kept flowing on the wheel, continuously assembling and scattering. In one second, there were dozens of spells, perhaps up to a hundred, floating within the wheel shadow.

The next moment, the aura of fire coming from Lin Yun's body sharply increased as a large swarm of Flame Spears, Fire Arrows, Fire Dragons, and Fireballs appeared in front of Lin Yun, as if they came out of nowhere, and transformed into a powerful wave of spells exploding towards Barok.

Barok sneered. 'You sure ran quickly just now. Otherwise, the Bursting Lava Fireball would have burnt you to ashes. Those aren't ordinary elemental flames, they are flames that can instantly turn Iron Essence into molten iron.

'Damned fool. The people of the Merlin Family are idiots, actually daring to use fire spells against me. Don't they know that I'm specialized in fire spells?'

Disdain was apparent in Barok's eyes as he didn't even bother to dodge. He waved his staff, and the ball of lava at the tip of the staff quickly swirled. Flames soared from the ground and turned into a huge, ten-meter-thick Fire Wall.

Fire Wall was originally an offensive spell, but Barok was using it as a defensive spell by increasing the impact of the flames.

Lin Yun used a large number of Low Tier fire spells, sending sixty to seventy every second. These spells scattered and dispersed, with some of them even merging with the Fire Wall, greatly increasing the Fire Wall's power.

After a few seconds, the wall grew to be forty to fifty meters in height, and the burning flames made the temperature of the entire canyon rise. Every tree in the vicinity started withering as they lost their moisture.

Barok's magic gown kept fluttering as he burst into loud laughter.

"Such an idiot! Weiss actually even praised you before, saying you were extremely fierce. Looks like Weiss' insight is poor... A silly guy like you dares to use fire spells to attack me. Could it be that you don't know that my name is the Flame Swimmer? As long as it is a fiery area, I am the strongest, no one is my match!

"You think your Fire Elemental Incarnation can resist me? Now, repent for your crimes with fire! This is your punishment for offending a 9th Rank Archmage!"

Barok controlled the flames to push forward like waves in order to burn Lin Yun alive.

The tip of Barok's staff was still spraying dark red lava that merged into the sea of fire like rain, increasing the power of flames to a whole new realm.

Fire Elemental Incarnation could indeed increase the power of fire spells and allow the user to use Flame Flash to move through flames. Apart from spatial spells used by a specialized mage, there were very few instantaneous movement spells that could compare. It was one of the must-know spells of an Archmage.

But spells had limits. There were powerful Fire Elemental Incarnations, and there were also some weak ones. A fire spell used by an Archmage could even turn an ordinary flame into a sea of fire, while a Great Mage wouldn't be able to use Flame Flash to pass through the sea of fire.

The flames already exceeded the limits of a Great Mage, and even if he fully used Fire Elemental Incarnation, he would still instantly be burnt to death.

In a terrifying sea of fire mixed with flowing lava created by a specialized 9th Rank Archmage like Barok, even Low Rank Archmages would be burnt to death inside.

It was the same as expert swimmers ending up drowning.

In the Fire Elemental Plane, inferior Flame Elementals wouldn't dare to approach the territories of higher elemental lifeforms, because they wouldn't be able to withstand the extreme temperatures there.

Barok made very precise calculations, so he was sure that except for those who also specialized in fire spells like him, anyone under the 8th Rank would be unable to escape this sea of fire.

There was a proud smile on Barok's face and he was attentively listening, waiting in anticipation for the sweet, miserable cries.

But a hint of doubt appeared on his face as he didn't hear any sound after a few seconds.

'Could it be that Mafa Merlin has already been burnt to death?

'Indeed, I was influenced by Weiss' praises and gave too much credit to that Mafa Merlin. He might have been burnt to ashes immediately...'

Barok had a smile on his face as he was about to put away his magic staff, but something suddenly happened in front of him.

Ripples appeared within the huge sea of fire as a huge Flame Elemental rushed through the Fire Wall.

A huge wheel shadow was floating behind the Flame Elemental, and a four-colored mana crystal kept growing larger in front of him.

'Damn, what the hell is this? This guy actually went through that Fire Wall!?'

Horror flashed in Barok's eyes, and he instinctively raised a Lava Shield in front of him.

At the same moment, Barok saw flames exploding in front of his body and his Lava Shield fiercely fluctuated, but it didn't break.

'Thankfully, it's only a Flame Impact. He can't pierce my Lava Shield...'

But then, an appalled expression appeared on Barok's face.

Several hundred runes rushed from the wheel shadow behind Lin Yun and turned into several dozen Flame Impacts.

In an instant, forty to fifty Flame Impacts hit his Lava Shield and forcibly shattered the flames of the Lava Shield, extinguishing it.

The Lava Shield turned into a pile of ashes.

And there were still a dozen Flame Impacts charging towards him!

Barok bellowed, and a Runic Shield instantly appeared, wrapping around him.