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 Lin Yun spent the entire day setting up an alchemy array. That array was very challenging, and although it wasn't a Heaven Rank Array, he had taken some inspiration from the Heaven Rank Array, so some traces of it could be seen.

So it wasn't a genuine Heaven Rank Array. It only carried a trace, which increased the difficulty of arranging it. But Lin Yun didn't care and spent the entire day setting it up.

When the array was roused, the entire Ghost Valley was like a surging storm. The richness of the mana in the surroundings increased at a rapid pace and even turned into strands of dense fog. This was the manifestation of mana having reached an extreme density.

At the core of the array, there was even a slight drizzle as thin as hair.

Those fifty High Mages were thoroughly shocked.

Such rich density was simply dozens of times better than outside! The mana was already condensing into liquid.

And this wasn't the most shocking part, since the mana in Lin Yun's Natural Demiplane was even richer than here. What really shocked them was that the mana didn't feel silent... It was extremely active, and the intensity was terrifying.

This was a huge shock. It wasn't a violent kind of activity, it was full of positive benefits. And meditating in this environment would raise the efficiency of the meditation to a frightening realm.

The fifty High Mages looked astounded. Their Core Meditation Law Sets focused on meditation efficiency, and there was now such dense mana with incredible activity...

The efficiency of the meditation might reach a stage that simply couldn't even be imagined.

And that wasn't all... They saw LIn Yun dripping a drop of God Blood in a few corners of the array!

As soon as they sat in the array, before they even entered deep meditation, they could already feel the surrounding mana crazily rushing towards their bodies.

And that mana was emitting the power of God Blood without any harmful effects, letting the fifty High Mages completely obtain the benefits of blood without having to do it the slow way.

Besides promoting the activity of mana, this was another function of the array: it extracted the power within formidable things to seep into these High Mages' bodies.

Lin Yun stood at the center of the array, and after confirming that it was working as expected, he smiled.

These guys had already absorbed a drop of God Blood, but it would take a very long time to digest. The God Blood would have to slowly seep through their bodies, and although it was effective, it would take too long.

The great effect of this array was that it could extract other power to seep into their bodies and make the God Blood within them show its effect faster.

That way, it wouldn't take long for them to rapidly get stronger, and they would all reach the 9th Rank. However, there was no way to guarantee that they would advance to the Archmage realm.

Lin Yun was satisfied after feeling the effects of the array.

It looked like the probability of these guys advancing to the Archmage realm was huge.

Archmages... They would be highly regarded people even in a force like the Black Tower. Archmages were the main pillars of the Merlin Family. Important industries, exploited planes, and other areas; they were all overseen by Archmages.

Only with Archmages as overseers could they keep things under control, and for a rich, uncontrolled plane like the Raging Flame Plane, powerhouses had to be dispatched.

Unfortunately, they had thought that a 5th Rank Sword Saint like Thorne would be enough based on their past experience in the Raging Flame Plane, but now that they controlled even more resources here, a 5th Rank Sword Saint would inevitably attract the greedy guys.

But if there were fifty subordinate Archmages...

Who would even bother arguing with these people over resources? The group could go and conquer the plane on their own.

Lin Yun had great expectations as he saw these guys start to meditate. Since their talents and comprehension had been raised to the realm of geniuses, Lin Yun started meditating deeply.

This time, he had taken some of his hard-earned loot and used half a bottle of God Blood.

Everything was on the right track. With God Blood as a medium, the array started extracting the power within the God Blood and pushed it into the bodies of the High Mages.

Even Lin Yun could feel his mana gradually increasing. But he didn't have the same path as these fifty High Mages, so he didn't sit down to meditate.

At this time, the entire array kept fluctuating. The drops of blood at a few key parts were affected by this sudden fluctuation, causing them to explode.

The power and divinity contained with these drops of blood burst out, and in an instant, the power that the array had forcibly extracted was roused, making more than half of the mana transformed from God Blood dissipate.

Lin Yun's face turned pale and he looked rather disappointed.

The main thing that made this array so difficult to arrange was the fact that it was inferior to properly extracting the power of God Blood.

The most important part was guarding against accidents. Gods were frightening existences, and no one could be sure about it, but as long as something was related to a God, it would be a complete taboo existence. If the power of a drop of blood burst out completely, it would absolutely kill all of them.

God Blood was actually very stable in normal circumstances, but when roused by the array to extract the power, it would become unstable.

Fortunately, the array had already transformed the power of the God Blood when it burst out, so they narrowly avoided a disaster.

However, the fifty High Mages were still affected and their meditation was forcibly interrupted, lightly wounding them in the process.

Lin Yun had an ice-cold expression and looked as if he wanted to kill someone as he came out.

Because what just happened wasn't an accident... Someone had broken into the Ghost Valley and attacked the array!

Before coming, Lin Yun had already instructed the people of the Merlin Family that no one should approach the Ghost Valley. They were to stop anyone from approaching, and anyone who ignored the order and died could only blame themselves. But someone still forced their way in!?

'You are courting death!'

Lin Yun stormed over to the entrance of the Ghost Valley and noticed a black-robed 9th Rank Archmage with one glance. He wasn't hiding his mana fluctuations at all and was arrogantly peering over.

Lin Yun had yet to say anything when Barok opened his mouth.

"Hmpf! You are that Mafa Merlin? Damn b*stard, you actually dared to make me wait for an entire day. Today, I'll let you know what the price of offending a 9th Rank Archmage is!"

Lin Yun looked absolutely livid, his eyes reeking of killing intent. 'F*cking B*stard, you actually dared to destroy my array!

'F*ck, I spent a lot of time in the past month in order to make sure that array could successfully implement these effects, and the arranged materials were comparable with the God Blood Solution. I spent so much time and materials just to make one solution, and all the materials needed for it are used up now.

'The array's ability to extract God Blood is completely useless now! And after all this, that guy looking for death dares to act so arrogant?'

"It doesn't matter who you are! You destroyed all my hard work for the past month and wasted all of it. No one can save you today!" Lin Yun coldly declared. The killing intent in his eyes emanated out as he looked at Barok.

Barok immediately flew into a rage. He self-righteously looked at Lin Yun and sneered, "Mafa Merlin, let me tell you... I am Sir Barok! I'm the one overseeing all the matters of the Black Tower in the Raging Flame Plane, I am the Black Tower's 2nd Seat. In the previous battle over the Horn of Fertility, your Merlin Family killed hundreds of High Mages. Today, you have to give me an explanation!

"Furthermore, you made a 9th Rank Archmage wait for an entire day. That is a total disregard for the prestige of a 9th Rank Archmage. Today, I shall teach you the price for that.

"I am formally informing you that the resources of the Horn of Fertility have nothing to do with the Merlin Family starting from today. Your Merlin Family has to give us two Forts as compensation, or else... Hmpf! You, and the rest of the Merlin Family, will no longer need to exist!"

Barok roused all his mana, and the fierce mana fluctuations were like a tsunami as they suppressed Lin Yun. Gales suddenly rose up in the surroundings, and the fire elements frantically converged together. It seemed like the cheer of fire elements could faintly be heard.

The dry grass ignited on its own in mere seconds and the strong fire elements kept converging into sparks and flames.

Barok was amazingly gifted with fire! Just by rousing his mana, he could gather all these fire elements. He didn't even need to move, yet flames already started rising in his surroundings. Under such circumstances, the power of his fire spells could increase by 20% out of nothing!

A proud smile appeared on Barok's face. As a 9th Rank Archmage, he only needed to rouse his mana to handle a newly advanced Archmage. He didn't even need to cast any spells. With a bit of pressure, this coward would be scared shitless, completely unable to refuse.

Lin Yun's robe was blown about by the wind as he indifferently looked at Barok.

"Are you done?"