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 After saying his piece, he saw the frowning and anxious look of Zeuss and smiled.

'Sir Zeuss can no longer wait. He definitely wants to tell me something, and indeed, I should return to our Watson Family's Fort. Sir Zeuss will definitely return afterwards, as it's clear that he can't speak out loud right now.'

"Sir Zeuss, I still have documents to handle so I'll be returning first..." Green coldly glanced at Lin Yun and raised his head before turning around and walking out.

Zeuss' face was pale white and he was scared to death. He had almost rushed up to drag that guy out. 'F*ck, hurry up and get the hell out of here! Stupid kid, do you even know what you are doing? You would have already died if I hadn't kept throwing meaningful glances at Sir Mafa to plead for your life.'


Thorne was walking towards the large tent, his broken arm already restored, and although he still looked a bit pale, his injury had recovered.

Thorne felt his left arm with his right hand, and a grateful expression appeared on his face. He couldn't help being moved as he recalled the previous matter.

'Sir Mafa returned when I was in the jaws of despair. He is really like a deity. I thought I was dead, and just as I was planning on using my life for the sake of the Merlin Family, he unexpectedly came back.

'Hoppet, that powerful Raging Flame Beastman had been in charge of the Fireblade Tribe for so many years and was a peak 8th Rank Arch-Warlock, and moreover, he was a rarely seen Warlock proficient in Mind Magic. Yet, he was so easily killed by Sir Mafa.

'He is really too powerful, he reached that step in a few months... I still remember the time before he came to the Raging Flame Plane. Back then, he was still a High Mage, but he could already fight me to a tie.

'He crippled my son, but he gave him an even better Alchemic Mana Whirlpool.

'I thought he didn't have the ability to act as a Commander, but because of his arrival, the status of the Merlin Family in the Raging Flame Plane greatly increased while the other forces had to exercise restraint.

'I can no longer see through his Rank now that he advanced to the Archmage realm, but he definitely has the power of a 9th Rank Archmage. He is truly incredible. Sir Mafa might really have the power to lead the Merlin Family to prosperity.

'Since Sir Mafa returned, the Fireblade Tribe has been thoroughly annihilated and the survivors are no longer a threat. The Watson Family and the Black Tower's people have also restrained themselves. The arrogant attitude of the Black Tower and Watson Family's Commanders before was self-explanatory.

'Ha, I hope Sir Mafa always remains here. Only by remaining here could he keep them pressured.

'Moreover, the Health Potions Sir Mafa gave me are really effective. My bones have already recovered, and I only need a few days of rest to recover completely. If these potions were auctioned, they might end up selling at an extremely expensive price.

'Yet, Sir Mafa casually threw a few of them at me. Without those potions, I would have needed over two months to recover. The injury Hoppet inflicted upon me wasn't light.'

Thorne was filled with admiration and gratitude, and he even felt ashamed as he recalled what had happened.

He had just recovered 80% of his strength, and since there were no major problems, Thorne had rushed over in order to express his thanks.

But as Thorne quickly approached the big tent, Green arrogantly came out of the tent in high spirits.

When he noticed Thorne, Green immediately put on a disdainful expression.

"Thorne, I didn't expect you to be that lucky. You actually managed to come back alive! But what are you doing here? Are you unaware that our Watson Family has repelled the Raging Flame Beastmen of the Fireblade Tribe and completely annihilated them? Even if there are survivors, they will be arrested and kept as slaves. This is truly foolish, for trash like you to actually become a Commander of the Merlin Family...

"Forget it, I'm in a good mood today. Sir Zeuss is a magnanimous person, so he doesn't require you to repay him for saving your life. Since you didn't die, take your Merlin Family's people to go back and guard the Horn of Fertility. Although your Merlin Family didn't do much, we will share a bit of the loot with you."

As Green saw Thorne remaining on the spot with an angry expression, he immediately lost his good mood.

"Thorne, didn't you hear me? What are you doing standing here?"

Thorne was enraged, his shoulders trembling as he pointed at Green and angrily shouted, "Damn b*stard! Don't go too far, Green! You kept sending the Merlins to their death before and even sent me to throw away my life. There's no way you didn't know that Hoppet was a Peak 8th Rank Arch-Warlock. Weren't you sending me to die?

"F*cking idiotic b*stard, do you think we don't know that your Watson Family and the Black Tower colluded with Hoppet to trap our Merlin Family? Hoppet revealed everything!

"You didn't even know you were being used by Hoppet! He set up a large-scale Teleportation Array, and if not for Mafa Merlin's timely appearance, all the elites of the northern part of the Raging Flame Plane would have appeared in the Horn of Fertility! And let alone the Merlin Family, your Watson Family and the Black Tower would have also paid a disastrous price!

"Damn b*stard, I did compromise in order to resist the Raging Flame Beastmen and I ignored the folly of you fools. But I regret it so much! I regret having compromised with fools like you. Not only were you killing us, but you were also even killing yourselves!"

Thorne was jabbing his finger at Green while angrily shouting. He had kept falling back and compromising during the past few months, which had made the Merlin Family suffer. This time, they almost let the Raging Flame Beastmen's plot succeed because of fools like Green.

Now that his backing had returned, Thorne could stand up with confidence and speak without restraint.

Green was suddenly startled. He hadn't known about Hoppet's large-scale Teleportation Array, but that thought immediately flew past as Green was pissed off by Thorne's words.

'This damned weakling, he actually dares to speak to me like that?'

Green Watson glared at Thorne with killing intent as his mana started running rampant.

"Thorne, you actually dare to speak to me like that? Didn't the Merlin Family teach you manners? Have you forgotten that you are standing in front of a 6th Rank Archmage of the Watson Family's Ancestral Land? Is your Merlin Family trying to start a war?"

Thorne sneered and readied his greatsword as he looked at Green with disdain.

Compromising had gotten so many Merlins killed. He had no thoughts of compromising now.

Seeing Thorne getting ready to battle instantly enraged Green, and the mana fluctuations emitted from his body were like gales.

"Damned bastard, today I'll teach you what the consequences of offending a 6th Rank Archmage are, what offending the Watson Family's dignity actually entails!"

The enraged Green lost all reason as he quickly chanted a few sounds, and a red flame as thick as a person's head ruthlessly flew towards Thorne.

After casting a Flame Burst, Green chanted the next incantation and formed an Ice Shield to protect himself.

Thorne swung his greatsword and slashed the Flame Burst. The energetic Aura tore the red ball of flames apart, and a Crescent Aura Slash immediately reached Green.

The Crescent Aura Slash ruthlessly slashed at Green's Ice Shield, and a metallic screech echoed as sparks flew out. A faint crack could be seen on the Ice Shield, but the Aura Slash had already disappeared.

Seeing Thorne actually daring to counterattack, Green was in disbelief, but that disbelief soon turned into an even more intense rage.

'Damn b*stard, you dare to attack me!? Looks like you think that the Watson Family is just a group of benevolent and kind-hearted people. F*cker, I shall teach you a lesson you will never forget! I'll make you know that offending me is an unforgivable sin!'

Green took out his crystalline magic staff and pointed it at Thorne before quickly chanting with a sinister face.

A large number of Wind Blades appeared and formed a gale that swept towards Thorne.

Thorne roared, and an intense Aura covered his body. The sword in his hand was as light as a dead leaf as it flitted around, blocking all the Wind Blades.

He took advantage of Green's casting time to send three Aura Slashes over.

Three loud crashing sounds echoed as numerous cracks appeared on Green's Ice Shield, and after breaking through, the Aura Slashes kept flying towards Green's body.

A Runic Shield appeared and blocked the rest of the power as the incantation he was rapidly chanting was completed.

A blue flame with a long trail instantly appeared in front of Thorne.

Thorne roared and filled his greatsword with Aura before blocking in front of him. A loud sound rang out as the blue ball of fire exploded against the greatsword with terrifying power, making Thorne look quite pale. It was unexpectedly followed by a second explosion from the blue flames.

Thorne groaned and spat blood, his body flying out like a broken kite.

He rolled a few times on the ground while keeping a tight grip on his greatsword, but was unable to stand up for a while. He hadn't fully recovered from his original injury, only about 80% of his power at most.