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 Dust kept rising, and in the chaos, the Raging Flame Beastmen in the center could no longer be distinguished. After some time, the Dark Elves started retreating, and the Ash Beastmen and the Firerock Dwarves followed suit.

Not a single Raging Flame Beastman could be seen within the encirclement.

At this time, Xiuban madly charged from the back while brandishing his warhammer.

"You damn b*stards, you didn't even leave me one!" Xiuban stomped his foot in anger.

The battle had already concluded in less than a minute, and by the time he reached the battlefield, the three clans had already purged the enemy.

The Firerock Dwarves brandished their warhammers and angrily cursed the Dark Elves for using large-scale spells while they were in the melee, and the Ash Beastmen also bared their teeth as they joined in with their complaints.

"You arrogant idiots! Are you trying to get rid of us Firerock Dwarves too!?"

"Damn red-skinned midgets, who told you to rush in so fast and get rid of all of them!"

"Fools, this is our first battle since we left that god damned place, who would let you hog all the glory!"

The people of the three clans gathered together on the side of the battlefield. Xiuban ruthlessly cursed at the leader of the Firerock Dwarves and then started fighting with one of the Dwarves.

Thorne was staring blankly at the chaos on the battlefield.

'Damn, what am I seeing? That was an army of elite Raging Flame Beastmen, but they were eliminated in just one minute!?

'That group of thugs is actually fighting because some of them moved too fast and the others didn't have an opportunity to attack?

'Heavens, where did Sir Mafa get such a powerful group of thugs?!'

Cold sweat trickled down Thorne's forehead. 'Just to fight over the prey, they actually used large-scale spells over the entire battlefield, and not only did none the thugs die, but the ones that got hurt were only superficially injured.

'This is just like a group of hungry wolves rushing into a flock of sheep... But those were elite Raging Flame Beastmen!'

Thorne looked at Lin Yun slowly floating down and felt that he was already unable to keep up with this era. It completely made no sense...

The Intrepid slowly landed, and Lin Yun glanced at those three clans full of energy but with nowhere to vent. Fighting over a thousand Raging Flame Beastmen couldn't even be considered a warm-up for these thugs...

"Go back first."

As Lin Yun's words echoed, the Dark Elves took the lead to return to the Intrepid, and the brawling Ash Beastmen and Firerock Dwarves followed after them while cursing at each other.

A hint of helplessness flashed in Lin Yun's eyes. 'These guys...

'The Dark Elves are still okay, but the Ash Beastmen and the Firerock Dwarves... Most of these guys have muscles for brains, especially the Firerock Dwarves. They haven't have a suitable forging environment recently and could only fight all day to pass time...'

After making the three clans return to the Intrepid, Lin Yun walked towards Thorne.

"Long time no see, Sir Thorne."

Thorne looked at Lin Yun and inwardly sighed. Just a few months without seeing him and he was almost unrecognizable. Moreover, his strength was unfathomably deep. He couldn't see how strong this youth had become, and among the three terrifying races Lin Yun led, Thorne had discovered over thirty Sword Saints and a dozen Archmages with a simple glance.

And these powerful and terrifying non-humans were under Lin Yun's command and unhesitantly carried out his orders. 'Mafa is no longer the Mafa from a few months ago, he is already a powerhouse that deserves the title of "Sir".'

Thorne took a deep breath and slightly bowed as a greeting.

"Long time no see, Sir Mafa."

Lin Yun took a look at Thorne and the few survivors who bore serious injuries and gave them a few Health Potions that he had compounded himself.

He patted Thorne's shoulder while saying, "Alright, let's return first, we can talk then."

Thorne received the Health Potions, sullenly restrained his bellyful of questions for the time being, and firmly nodded.

Lin Yun stood on the deck of the Intrepid and controlled it to fly back to camp.

The appearance shocked the people of the Watson Family and the Black Tower, and the news of Lin Yun's return quickly spread.

The news of Hoppet's death also spread accordingly, and the defense of the Horn of Fertility became a lot smoother. The remaining Raging Flame Beastmen lost their reinforcements, and their Tribal Chief had been killed.

The battlefield of the Horn of Fertility was still active. Although the Tribal Chief had died and there were no more reinforcements, the main force of the Fireblade Tribe was still there and hadn't suffered much. They were even still suppressing the Watson Family and the Black Tower.

The Merlin Family's manpower dispatched to that side had been almost annihilated, and the others had followed Thorne to assassinate Hoppet.

The Fireblade Tribe was still fighting among themselves to elect a new Tribal Chief and their power was greatly reduced, but defeating these Raging Flame Beastmen wasn't that easy.

The angry roars of the Raging Flame Beastmen, the meteors, and the explosions still raged on the battlefield.

A white cloud slowly floated in the sky as a huge warship came out of it and silently cast an oppressive shadow on the ground.

Lin Yun stood at the prow of the Intrepid looking across the entire battlefield. Smoke was rising everywhere with blood fluttering about. Human mages and Beastmen Warlocks standing in the back kept using powerful spells while sword shadows kept flashing in the middle as brave Beastmen Warriors were fighting all-out against Human Sword Saints.

The appearance of the huge warship immediately caused chaos in the battlefield. The Raging Flame Beastmen still didn't know who that warship belonged to, and many of them even believed that it was carrying their reinforcements.

Only the higher-ups of the Watson Family and the Black Tower knew that the huge warship was on their side.

Both sides simultaneously fought more vigorously.

A large number of elite Firerock Dwarves were busy in the Intrepid's cannon hold. A majority of the mana crystal cannons were damaged, and besides the completely dilapidated ones, the rest could be still used after some repairs.

The blueprints of the Hand of Destruction had already been handed to Russ, who was now the leader of the Firerock Dwarves and one of the most skilled craftsmen of the clan.

Although they wouldn't be able to recreate the Hand of Destruction in a short time by researching its blueprint, it was enough to repair the ordinary mana crystal cannons, and the Intrepid's secondary cannons could almost all be repaired.

The Hand of Destruction was extremely powerful, but releasing its full power was simply impossible at this moment because the Intrepid had too little power remaining. Lin Yun would go completely bankrupt if he used spirit mana crystals as a source of energy for them.

The other mana crystal cannons and the secondary cannons could actually use ordinary mana crystals if he had enough.

Russ had a few dozen different tools on him and kept wandering around the cannon hold, continuously shouting himself hoarse.

"Fools, you're still not ready? You are shaming the Firerock Dwarven Clan, don't tell me you can't repair a few ordinary mana crystal cannons? Hurry up, activate the cannons and aim at the battlefield below!

"F*ckers, faster, faster! Don't make us the laughing stock of the three clans."

Russ kicked a Firerock Dwarf that was a bit too slow, personally adjusted a huge mana crystal cannon, and aimed it at the battlefield.

Russ swallowed with excitement and looked at the several hundred busy Firerock Dwarves in the cabin hold with a prideful smile.

'Damn, Master is wise. This kind of work must be left for us Dwarves. Do those foolish and arrogant Dark Elves even know what a screw is? Do they know that there are 18 types of wrenches?

'And those foolish Ash Beastmen with lava in the guise of brains, they only know how to eat and sacrifice their lives. They are no different from Kodos, and they would definitely try to see whether the cannons could be eaten.'

Russ took out mana crystal, firmly shoved it into the energy input slot.

"Sir Russ, there is news from Master: Destroy the Raging Flame Beastmen below, attack indiscriminately and kill them all."

Hearing this, Russ immediately shouted loudly, "Take aim! And fire the cannons! Send those foolish Raging Flame Beastmen to the other side! They dared to offend our master and murder our master's clansmen. This is unforgivable! Not a single one can escape! If a single one escapes, none of you f*ckers will touch an iron hammer for a year!"

As the Intrepid flew over the battlefield, pitch-black holes appeared on both sides of the hull, and one mana crystal cannon after another emerged from the holes.

The mouths of the mana crystal cannons shone with light.


A loud sound echoed as a brilliant sun-like glaring light appeared above the battlefield. A ten-meter sphere of light instantly appeared, and as it was seen, it already reached the rear line of the Raging Flame Beastmen.

As a loud explosion echoed as a pitch-black mushroom cloud rose up at the rear of the Raging Flame Beastmen, and the huge shockwave spread for several hundred meters. Dozens of Raging Flame Beastmen' Flame Warlocks barely had time to let out a sound before getting engulfed by the huge light.

Several hundred meters of land seemed to have been scraped away by a terrifying elemental storm, and the hundred Beastmen originally in the center of the impact area were instantly vaporized. As for the Raging Flame Beastmen in the surroundings, it looked as if they were instantly hit by several hundred Wind Blades... Their bodies, shields, armor, weapons, and everything were torn to shreds.

Blood spurted out and instantly evaporated. The torn bodies were covered by a transparent flame and turned to ashes in less than a second.

The Raging Flame Beastmen were stunned. More than a dozen Flame Arch-Warlocks in the rear charged into the sky.

But something even more terrifying happened.