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 Thorne never thought he would be crying at the edge of despair when their forces kept falling and he was about to sacrifice himself, but he was now moved to tears and couldn't control himself. He was shaking from emotions and tears kept rolling down his pale face.

"Mafa, you are finally back..."

Lin Yun floated down from the sky and threw a few Health Potions at Thorne.

"Let me deal with this."

After saying this, Lin Yun turned to look at the mountain peak. Over a thousand Raging Flame Beastmen were there, as well as the very powerful Hoppet, not to mention the huge Teleportation Array.

Lin Yun could see with a glance that this Teleportation Array could teleport at least eight hundred people at once with an extremely low cooldown time. This was the fastest way of bringing in reinforcements in a large-scale war.

Hoppet was vigilantly looking at Lin Yun for a while, but then he slightly relaxed, his fierce mana fluctuations slowly calming down.

The powerful momentum of the Intrepid was truly frightening. Space had been torn wide open, something an Archmage certainly wouldn't be able to do.

If not for this Teleportation Array being too important, Hoppet would have already fled.

But after the Intrepid came out, Hoppet's shock disappeared, because he could feel that the Intrepid didn't have much power left. Apart from its huge body and its terrifying toughness, it didn't pose much of a threat.

Hoppet's worry dissipated after seeing Lin Yun.

'Just an Archmage... And a young one at that. Haha, another one came to throw his life away!'

"Looks like you are also a member of the Merlin Family. But it's a pity, as you are going to die here. Merlin Family members are too stupid... You are even giving me a warship before dying! Good, very good! With this warship, we can rush out of the Raging Flame Plane and thoroughly destroy all of you!"

Hoppet was overjoyed. A huge warship with an impenetrable defense could greatly increase the power of the Tribe. He could use that warship to pierce through the other side's defensive line, and all the forces of the Raging Flame Plane would be driven back.

If done properly, he had a high chance of becoming an existence like the Raging Flame Emperor, and it would allow him to unify the entire Raging Flame Plane. He might even be able to use the warship to rush out of the Raging Flame Plane to attack and get revenge on the humans.

Hoppet was elated as he floated down from the mountain peak.

He ruthlessly glared at Lin Yun and shouted, "Stupid Human, you can drop dead!"

Lin Yun tightly held his Draconic Staff and indifferently said, "Who are you?"

Hoppet's expression froze for a moment. His eyes filled with rage and his entire body ignited as if he was trying to burn up the entire sky.

Not waiting for Hoppet to answer, Lin Yun disdainfully snorted, "Forget it, I have no interest in knowing the name of a corpse."

Hoppet flew into a rage and roared, his body transforming into a blazing cloud of fire from which over thirty Fire Dragons flew out, attacking Lin Yun from every angle.

"Damned Human, I'll tear you to pieces and throw your soul into the Wailing River!"

Lin Yun was remaining still, floating in the air. A huge wheel shadow appeared behind him with countless runes roaming on it. In an instant, a spherical Ice Barrier enveloped Lin Yun.

The Fire Dragons hit the Ice Barrier but were unable to even shake it. The translucent barrier appeared to have countless points of starlight flickering, and with every flicker, a fire Dragon would be forcibly extinguished.

Below, Thorne was staring blankly at this scene.

'Mafa has already advanced to the Archmage realm, but why is he so powerful? Heavens, he didn't even chant, and there were no mana fluctuations. How did he instantly cast this Ice Barrier?

'And since when are Ice Barriers this powerful? It's only a 4th Rank Spell, isn't it? Every Fire Dragon that Hoppet cast was comparable to a 5th Rank Spell. How could Mafa's Ice Barrier block a few dozen of them without being blemished in the slightest?

'Heavens... I already can't see through Mafa's rank... How long has it been, how could this be possible? I can even feel those stronger than me, so why can't I feel Mafa's rank? I completely can't feel his strength...'

Thorne was foolishly looking into the sky, feeling completely lost.

When hoppet Hoppet saw that his Fire Dragons were ineffective, he suddenly extended an arm, and a pitch-black rune appeared, transforming into a ray of light that shot towards Lin Yun.

A pitch-black radiance spread over Lin Yun's barrier and covered him.

But then, a few runes disappeared from the wheel shadow behind Lin Yun, and the black light instantly scattered.

As the ray dissipated, a faint ripple still swept over from behind the ray, but it seemed to meet some sort of incorporeal obstruction when it appeared in front of Lin Yun, forcing it to circumvent him.

Thorne was watching the fight closely, but he couldn't understand.

'Why was that Exhaust Ray ineffective when it hit Mafa? And why did the Exhaust Spell following it go around him?

'Did Mafa cast a spell? Why didn't I feel Mafa casting a spell? Could it be that Mafa is already at that level of strength?'

It wasn't just Thorne thinking these things. The remaining members of the Merlin Family were also dumbstruck as they looked at the battle in the sky.

They simply couldn't understand how Mafa Merlin, who had been a 5th or 6th Rank High Mage just a few months ago, could already fight a Peak 8th Rank Arch-Warlock without being at a disadvantage.

Moreover, it didn't look like he was just hanging on... It looked like he was skillfully handling the situation. He hadn't even used an incantation yet, but he had completely thwarted Hoppet's spells.

Hoppet's power was really terrifying. Thorne was an experienced 5th Rank Sword Saint, but he had no chance to counterattack in front of Hoppet. He had been like a child being toyed with, and he hadn't been able to withstand a single blow.

A few spells had been enough to seriously injure Thorne, and a flaming meteor had killed dozens of the Merlins. Even Thorne had to pay a disastrous price to escape.

If Hoppet hadn't gloated over his victory while basking in their misery, they might have already died. Thorne had no chance to resist.

Moreover, Hoppet hadn't even used his staff when casting!

But now, Hoppet had specially taken his staff out and was going all-out, even hiding a second spell in the shadow of the first, yet Mafa had been unharmed, seeming to block the attacks casually.

'Could it be that Sir Mafa has already far surpassed Sir Thorne?'

'Was Hoppet going easy? No way, how could it be, aren't his eyes glowing green?'

'The huge warship that appeared is indeed terrifying. It directly tore through space as it appeared, and the Elemental Storms and Lightning Rain didn't even scratch the warship.'

'How could Hoppet go easy? Wasn't he ignoring Thorne? That greedy Raging Flame Beastman might only be thinking of getting rid of Mafa Merlin to snatch the warship. For that, Hoppet would definitely go all-out and quickly kill Sir Mafa. But what are we seeing? It seemed that Hoppet cast a powerful spell, but he didn't injure Sir Mafa at all.'

Not to mention the shock of the survivors of the Merlin Family, even the Raging Flame Beastmen waiting on the mountain peak were gobsmacked. They looked dismayed, and let alone attacking, it looked like they were facing a huge, vicious beast that might attack them.

'Damn, how could he hold the Tribal Chief to a standstill? Isn't he a weakling? Didn't the Tribal Chief take out his staff?'

They could get scolded simply for looking at the staff, and they would be killed by the Tribal Chief if they dared to touch it. He wasn't willing to ever let go of it, and he treasured it fiercely. Yet now, he was unexpectedly still unable to settle a fight even after using the staff.

'Should we go? No, that's courting death, that won't do...' The Raging Flame Beastmen weren't as smart as their human counterparts, but they weren't complete fools. In any case, the Tribal Chief's orders were to guard the Teleportation Array, so they didn't need to care about the rest.

The Raging Flame Beastmen on the mountain peak had heavy expressions as they all bunkered down. Even if they could finish off the humans down there with one charge, none of them moved.

The battle in the sky was still ongoing, and Hoppet's attacks were useless. He used treacherous Warlock spells but couldn't get the slightest advantage. At this time, a startled expression appeared on Hoppet's face.

"Stupid Human, could it be that you can only dig a hole and protect it like a rat?"

After saying that, Hoppet suddenly launched a sneak attack. A few pitch-black runes flew out from his fingertips, and a dense fog appeared around Lin Yun.

It seemed that there were vague sounds within the translucent gray fog. Giant creatures were roaring, Sirens were singing with enchanting voices, and there was the jingling of countless treasures.

Thorne noticed traces of illusory shadows in the fog, and his expression abruptly changed.

'Mind Fog! Hoppet can actually use that spell!? Isn't that spell only available to an extremely small number of Warlocks adept in Mind Magic?'