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 'No, he probably just heard that humans had appeared here. If that lunatic heard about Mafa Merlin being here, he would have already crazily fought his way over.

'Regardless, I don't have the authority to command Suval, and I have no way to convince that lunatic. That fool already advanced to the 9th Rank... If I try to persuade him, he'll definitely attack me without any hesitation.'

The pale Weiss silently retreated and didn't say anything else to Suval. This situation was far beyond his control.

Lin Yun frowned as he glanced at Suval. He couldn't figure out how Suval became like this. When Suval died, his body turned to ashes, but he couldn't have known that his soul would be secretly taken away.

At that time, he had been fighting with the Orachiss, and the situation was critical, so it was normal for him not to notice. With Suval's soul safely recovered, it wouldn't be difficult for the Black Tower to revive him.

But what happened for him to change like that?

As Lin Yun was racking his brain, Suval completely exploded.

Gales rose with a wave of his left hand, and a fifty-meter-tall tornado appeared, tearing apart the surroundings as it quickly charged towards Lin Yun.

At the same time, Suval's skeletal right hand was raised, and runes carrying an aura of death throbbed at his fingertips as he pointed at Lin Yun.

In an instant, many skeletal arms rose up from the ground in a seven-meter-wide circle around Lin Yun.

The bony arms connected to each other and formed a huge birdcage trapping Lin Yun within.

The sinister bones let out death aura, which rotated around the cage and soon transformed into sinister ghosts.


Specters let out ear-piercing shrieks that frantically washed over Lin Yun.

And the tornado was closing in on him. The originally white tornado had turned cyan and now looked like a huge killing machine that was continuously leaking cold rays of light before colliding with the Bone Cage.

The numerous Wind Blades were letting out a lot of sparks as they struck the bones of the cage as if they simply couldn't cut their way through.

Those bones seemed strange, having terrifying defensive power.

A large number of small Wind Blades piled up and forcibly squeezed into a small gap in the cage, apparently in order to tear Lin Yun to shreds.

Lin Yun frowned slightly. Suval definitely had the power of a 9th Rank Archmage, as his casting speed and power were very frightening.

Especially since he could simultaneously use a Wind Spell and an Undead Spell. This was a lot more powerful than a 9th Rank Archmage that had just advanced.

Suval wasn't just strange... He was sinister and powerful.

Lin Yun took out his Draconic Staff and a light flashed at its tip. Boundless flames spread with Lin Yun at the center, bursting out and filling the entire Bone Cage.

Lin Yun instantly used Fire Elemental Incarnation and squeezed out of the cage.

The Bone Cage's restriction simply couldn't stop these erupting flames.

At this time, the cyan tornado had made its way into the Bone Cage and forcibly extinguished the flames within.

"Hahaha, damned Merlin, die! Die! Be torn to shreds! Such a death is letting you off lightly. Your soul is mine, so I won't let you die so easily. I'll make sure to thoroughly torture you, I'll put your soul in a new body and slowly torture you to death before changing your body again, just to make your soul slowly dissipate from the torture... Hahaha!"

Suval was crazily laughing, and the left half of his face had already thoroughly distorted beyond recognition. It was malevolent to the point where no trace of rationality could be seen. The soul fire in his right eye socket was also frantically flickering, and the malicious fluctuations could clearly be felt by people hundreds of meters away.

That strange, evil sensation made people feel numb as it flooded their minds.

At this time, a ball of fire appeared several dozen meters away from the Bone Cage. This was Lin Yun in his Fire Elemental Incarnation.

Lin Yun was frowning while looking at Suval's distorted appearance, and the huge wheel shadow slowly appeared behind him.

Weiss was at a loss.

'Damn Suval, that madman! He might have ended up looking particularly grotesque after his resurrection, but it did make him very powerful.

'After reviving, he tortured the dozen Firerock Dwarves beside him to death, and a few of those were first-rate craftsmen who had saved us a lot of time and greatly reduced the dangers of the excavation.

'But Suval shaved away half their flesh, and if not for Sir Falton suppressing that lunatic, he might have killed me too!

'Fortunately, it had happened during the excavation of very dangerous ruins, so we were able to blame the deaths on the ruins themselves. Otherwise, the Clan Head of the Firerock Dwarves definitely wouldn't have let it go.

'After awakening, that guy seemed to have been possessed by some sort of fiend. He was suppressed by Falton in the Firerock Dwarven Clan and wasn't allowed to casually kill Firerock Dwarves, so he ended up killing a level 38 magic beast outside the clan.

'And that was the magic beast with the strongest vitality under the Heaven Rank, a powerful Earthworm that could recover even if its body was cut in two. Suval actually managed to kill it by cutting it into pieces...

'And now he's definitely gone crazy after looking at Mafa Merlin... But Mafa Merlin is unexpectedly powerful. If he is killed here, everyone will end up dying, possibly including me.

'Forget it, might as well watch. If it looks like Mafa Merlin is on the losing side, I will immediately escape...'

After carefully thinking about it, Weiss secretly backed off a bit. He knew that he definitely wouldn't be able to slip away secretly, so he could only wait for a chaotic moment to escape.

Lin Yun was somewhat surprised by how violent Suval's power was.

Lin Yun fully used Fire Elemental Incarnation and turned into a seven-meter-tall Flame Elemental, flooding the area around him with fire.

He then raised his Draconic Staff, and the wheel shadow behind him slowly rotated, causing an endless number of runes to appear on the wheel.

In an instant, a golden-red spear over three meters long appeared in the sky. It seemed to be made of pure gold adorned with numerous runes, and golden-red flames were burning on it

A Fire God Spear appeared, but it was a lot bigger than before. Before advancing, Lin Yun's Fire God Spear only had a few runes, and there were only one or two additional effects.

But now, these runes were flowing and quickly combining into multiple runes with profound aura.

Zeuss, who was looking at the fight from a distance, was startled. "A Fire God Spear can actually have that many effects?! Haste, Pierce, Burn, Vanish, Homing... And moreover, it seems to still be absorbing the surrounding fire elements to grow stronger! Heavens, Merlin didn't even chant the spell, it was an instant-cast!"

After the first Fire God Spear appeared, more identical Fire God Spears condensed in the surroundings!

Then, everyone could see the Fire God Spears dissipate as if they had only been a mirage.

In the air, a dozen trajectories appeared as the Fire God Spears instantly appeared in front of Suval.

Half of Suval's face was completely distorted and not a single trace of shock or anger could be seen... There was only a pleasantly surprised smile.

"Hahaha, Merlin, you stupid rat, you didn't die. Good, very good! Dying like that would be letting you off too easily..."

He blocked in front of his body with both of his arms. In an instant, many bone fragments condensed in front of Suval and assembled into a skeleton shield, and on the surface of the shield was a skeletal mouth groaning, as well as eye sockets looking ahead with malicious intent.

Then, a large amount of ice aura converged together and fused with the skeleton shield, condensing a layer of frost over it.

In an instant, the skeletal shield, which was less than two meters in size, seemed to be covered by a three-meter-wide Ice Shield. Through the ice, the surface of the skeletal shield could still be seen, and ice-cold flames were still swaying within the eye sockets.

"Ding, ding, ding..."

The dozen Fire God Spears covered in runes struck the two-layered shield and let out a series of ear-piercing noises.