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 Weiss' expression turned gloomy.

Before Weiss could say anything, Jasker roughly pushed him away.

"Weiss, the order we received was to destroy the Dark Elven Clan. If you want to act like a spineless slime, you'd better scram. If you can't do it, let me take care of it!"

After saying that, Jasker faintly raised his head to look at Lin Yun, his face filled with malevolence.

"You are the heir chosen by that fool Harris? A human? Harris was really too stupid, a weak and brainless groundhog that actually sold out the Firerock Dwarves. You are out of luck now. You'll follow the Dark Elves in their destruction today. No, you'll die first, and I'll make those Dark Elves that acknowledge a human as their leader accompany you!"

Jasker took the red warhammer off of his back, and his aura burst out like fierce heat waves. His originally red skin was now like a burning blaze, and wisps of white gas rushed into the sky from his body.

As Jasker got ready to attack, the team of Firerock Dwarves outside the square also readied themselves for battle. These Firerock Dwarves were all wearing heavy armor and held iron hammers in their right hands while taking smaller mallets from their waists with their left.

Upon seeing this, a Dark Elf standing in the back immediately shot an arrow. A sharp and ear-piercing sound echoed in the sky, and in an instant, a large group of Hippogryphs and Wyverns flew up with their riders. There was also a large group of Dark Elves and Ash Beastmen rushing over from the rear.

Lin Yun had a calm expression as he waved towards the 2nd Elder. In an instant, all of those incoming Dark Elves and Ash Beastmen retreated.

Jasker laughed with disdain.

"There are only a handful of disabled fighters left, and you still want to resist? It doesn't matter. Regardless of what you do, the final outcome won't change. The Dark Elven Clan will become history starting today."

Jasker only saw a few dozen Dark Elves appearing, but he didn't know that it would have taken three minutes for the entire Dark Elven Clan to gather here.

Seeing Lin Yun gesturing for the Dark Elves to retreat, a smile appeared on his face.

'That human is really weak. Does he want to surrender and negotiate, knowing he can't win? Truly stupid! How could I give you the chance to negotiate in such a situation? Today, I, Jasker, will send you off to meet the Gods.'

Jasker raised his one-meter-long warhammer with an insolent smile.

"Silly human, you think I'm a weakling like Weiss? Don't think I'll let you off if you don't resist!"

Jasker took a mallet from his waist and ruthlessly threw it at Lin Yun. The terrifying power caused the mallet to rotate at a frightening speed. One after another, shining bolts of lightning flickered across the mallet.

In an instant, the mallet had already transformed into a blue and white blur of interwoven light as it appeared in front of Lin Yun.

Lin Yun seemed completely unbothered by this. He hadn't moved at all or chanted anything, but in front of his body, a pile of ice fragments suddenly appeared and crazily grew, instantly transforming into a huge icicle.

When the exploding mallet collided with the icicle, one crack after another kept appearing on the icicle's surface. But a large swarm of ice fragments swiftly moved around and wrapped around the mallet. The ice from the icicle spread, and the mallet ended up being frozen in place.

In the distance, a hint of worry appeared on Weiss' face, but nothing came out when he opened his mouth.

'Merlin is in big trouble this time. Jasker was the 2nd most powerful member of the Firerock Dwarven Clan, second only to the Firerock Dwarves' Clan Head, and before the Firerock Dwarves' Clan Head had advanced to the Heaven Rank, Jaster could last thirty minutes against him.

'Although he had only been an 8th Rank Sword Saint back then, his fighting power was a few times that of a normal 8th Rank Sword Saint.

'Although Merlin isn't weak and was able to suppress 5th Rank Sword Saints before advancing, Jasker isn't an ordinary Sword Saint. His power is too frightening, even exceeding that of some level 38 magic beasts that excel in terms of power.

'It looks like Merlin only recently advanced to the 1st Rank and might end up in a disaster. But I can't do anything... Helping Merlin means betraying the Black Tower. Sir Falton definitely wouldn't let me off.

'And if I do something, I would also have to give an account to Sir Harren... Forget, it doesn't concern me...'

Weiss gritted his teeth, feeling conflicted for a bit before ultimately retreating, thinking that he might as well not help, as everything would be solved through strength one way or another.

The mallet that Jasker had thrown was supposed to finish this battle. These mallets were important to the Firerock Dwarves' fighting methods. Due to the long amount of time they spent forging, the Firerock Dwarves had terrifying power within their arms, and a mallet thrown with that kind of power would fly faster than sound and cause friction in the air, rousing the power of thunder and lightning. At such a close distance, it definitely couldn't be blocked by a human mage.

But it was not only blocked... It was blocked in such an unfathomable manner!

It was the Chill spell!

It looked as if that spell was just waiting for the mallet to fall into it in order to freeze it!

Jasker was slightly sluggish for a moment before he was roused by the wave of sound from the impact.

The mallet had already exceeded the speed of sound, so the sound of it being stopped so suddenly echoed loudly like a crashing tide.


A fierce vibration could be felt as the ice broke into tiny fragments, and as the mallet hit the ground, it also shattered into a dozen pieces.

Jasker, who was proficient in forging metal, immediately understood that in this short second, the mallet had already been completely frozen. This kind of metal needed to reach an extreme temperature to become so fragile. And the lower the temperature, the brittler it would become.

For it to shatter upon touching the ground meant that this Chill spell had the power of an Ultimate Spell!

A nasty grin appeared on Jasker's face as he grabbed his warhammer with both hands and kicked the ground with his feet. He was like a flying arrow flying towards Lin Yun.

"Damned human, don't think that a Low Tier Ultimate Spell will be enough! Accept your death!"

Lin Yun stood still with no change in his expression as if he couldn't see Jasker rushing over to attack him. He wasn't even holding his Draconic Staff.

In the distance, Weiss couldn't help letting out an alarmed cry as he thought, 'How could Merlin just stay there? Jasker's power is terrifying, it would be a disaster if he got close.'

The Dark Elves in the back were also getting restless. The 2nd Elder couldn't bear not moving, but seeing that Lin Yun's companions weren't moving at all, he forcibly suppressed his urge.

After all, Lin Yun was the master of the Dark Elves. It would be a humiliation to him if a subordinate interfered with his fight without prompt.

Jasker swung his warhammer while baring his teeth and glaring at Lin Yun, apparently already seeing the scene of this human being sent flying from the blow.

The warhammer carried immense momentum, to the point that lightning arcs formed on the surface of the hammer.

The warhammer's swing had reached its peak power, and only three meters remained!

Such a distance could easily be ignored by a Sword Saint. At this distance, apart from powerful mages that were proficient in spatial spells and able to instantly teleport, no one could dodge!

But suddenly, without any sign, an Ice Shield appeared in front of Jasker's warhammer. The Ice Shield that appeared was blue like the sky, with small dots of starlight flickering on it.

The curved Ice Shield was hit by the warhammer and cracks started appearing on it, but Jasker had already been intercepted.

A terrifying shockwave spread from the collision, and it was accompanied by countless blue lightning rays that instantly swept through everything around.

The next moment, a rune lit up at the center of the Ice Shield, and in an instant, a blue-colored attack flashed and swept across Jasker.

It only took a moment for a layer of blue ice to cover Jasker and his warhammer, and due to the reverse impact, Jasker was sent flying back.

In the distance, Weiss let out a complicated sigh.

'From what I've seen, it's clear that these Firerock Dwarves are powerful, but their mobility and agility isn't that impressive. It would appear that ice spells are the most logical ones to use.

'Unfortunately for Merlin, these red-skinned Dwarves are always forging all year round, and due to them staying near furnaces all the time, as well as their racial gift, their body's internal energy accumulates a huge amount of heat. This gives them very powerful resistance towards flames, and if they meet ice, the accumulated heat will let them create a burst of steam that allows them to strike a blow with power far exceeding what they could normally manage.

'Merlin is still quite young. I don't know what else he might still be hiding, but unfortunately, the fight is already over. I've heard that Jasker's hammer strike once killed an armored level 38 beast in one blow, and that was one of the beasts with the strongest defenses.

As Jasker was knocked away while covered in ice, the heat accumulated within his body suddenly burst out and his skin turned red, and the frost covering him instantly blew up.