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 Moreover, when comparing Lin Yun and Duncan, the Black Dragon Warlord felt that getting rid of Duncan first was more important.

The black smoke on the Black Dragon Warlord's body kept billowing. A large number of Meteors and a large-scale Fire Rain appeared in the air and kept falling onto Duncan's body.

Duncan's words couldn't be heard, and in less than ten seconds, only rage was left in his eyes.

His arm had already turned into fleshless black bones, and his other hand also left the surface of the heart.

Seeing this, Lin Yun immediately felt reassured. 'Sure enough, I had guessed it last time. The heart really doesn't have formidable power, it only has a particularly attractive power. It is in the middle of its growth and is constantly devouring power to mature. When facing the crazy Black Dragon Warlord, the heart might truly suffer damage, and that thing is Duncan's reverse scale. No matter the situation, Duncan wouldn't be willing to let the heart suffer any injury!'

Duncan's flesh quickly withered as his hands left the heart, going from his limbs to his body before finally reaching his skull.

It only took a moment for Duncan's flesh to completely turn to ashes, leaving only a black skeleton. Only a heart was still throbbing within his bony chest, and with every beat, black smoke surged from it, filling the entire skeletal body.

"Damn b*stard, I will make you pay the price!"

Duncan became even angrier as he saw the Black Dragon Warlord crazily casting spells that exploded in the heart's surroundings. Flames throbbed in his skeletal eyes, just like an enraged Undead being, and the frequency of his heartbeat also kept rising.

Duncan raised both hands and countless runes flew out. A large amount of black smoke converged together and formed twelve vortexes in the air.

Abyssal Spells spurted out of these twelve black smoke vortexes, along with green poisonfire and black ice.

The frantic Abyssal Spells converged together into a terrifying wave that ruthlessly charged towards the Black Dragon Warlord.

The Black Dragon Warlord raised his hands and black smoke spread from his arms, transforming into two demonic arms that were each over thirty meters long. The demonic arms opened their huge hands, which faced the wave like two big shields.

At the same time, scaly shields condensed on the surface of these two demonic hands, making the demonic arms look even fiercer.

A large number of Abyssal Spells bombarded the surface of the demonic arms, but ear-piercing bell-like metallic sounds echoed in succession as all the Abyssal Spells were blocked.

There were even some Abyssal Spells that were scattered and ended up exploding harmlessly behind the Black Dragon Warlord.

The flood of Abyssal Spells scrubbed the ground, and in a split second, the uneven ground seemed to have been scraped by someone's blade. All the protruding parts, whether they were a dozen meters tall or only a few meters tall, were completely in pieces.

At this time, a flat area of land that was several hundred meters long and several dozen meters wide appeared.

The Black Dragon Warlord extended his arms, making the two demonic arms fiercely shake before five sharp claws appeared on each of the two hands.

The demonic hands clawed in the shape of an "X" and ruthlessly tore apart the wave of spells, creating a visible shockwave at the place they criss-crossed.

It only took a moment for the terrifying Abyssal Spellwave to be forcibly torn apart by the two huge demonic claws.

The terrifying shockwave swept the surroundings and fiercely struck the hill on the right side, scoring a deep, several-hundred-meter-long crack in it.

And the hills on both sides were actually branches of the Wisdom Tree!

It was a Wisdom Tree Branch, it wasn't like the ground made of rotten leaves and branches!

Even if the Wisdom Tree's leaves were solid, they couldn't compare to a branch!

After all, when the God Nation would be excavated in the future, Heaven Rank powerhouses would be needed to chop a branch, and it was very costly to mobilize a Heaven Rank powerhouse. Those below the most top-tier Archmages simply shouldn't even think of damaging branches of the Wisdom Tree, let alone cutting them off.

But the aftermath of the battle between these two lunatics was enough to create that enormous rift in a branch!

This was truly frightening...

Cold sweat was dripping down Lin Yun's forehead. It was fortunate that they had sieged the Black Dragon Warlord in the Dark Elven Clan, not giving him the opportunity to focus on attack and forcing him to scatter his focus. This allowed them to withstand his power. But Lin Yun could now see how frightening he was against a single opponent.

It seemed that even if he was suppressed by Gulidan's Aura and no longer had Extraordinary Power, he definitely was a powerhouse that was one step into the Heaven Rank!

The Black Dragon Warlord's burst not only shattered Duncan's Abyssal Spellwave, but even continued to sweep towards the heart like a sharp blade.

Duncan was greatly alarmed. He couldn't stay too far from the heart, but he also couldn't fight for long, and the heart couldn't be moved. He could only bear with it and resist for now.

With a roar, a huge hemisphere-shaped light barrier appeared in front of Duncan. It looked like a stream was flowing on the dark blue light barrier, and there were also countless spinning ice fragments.

The light barrier collided with the shockwave and emitted a sharp sound from the friction. Visible ripples spread from the light barrier to the surroundings, making the space fluctuate.

The countless ice fragments on the light barrier kept bursting with power as they shot forward before bouncing in other directions, but many of them shattered.

A corner of the light barrier suddenly collapsed, and a ripple landed on the huge heart. The black smoke in the heart's surroundings kept surging, and the entire heart fiercely shook... It even stopped beating for a bit.

This time, the flames in Duncan's skeletal eyes flickered and rose, igniting the skull as Duncan flew into a rage and let out a roar that shook space itself. "You are looking for your doom! You are courting death!"

A terrifying power emerged on Duncan's body. The berserk aura was like an explosion that instantly swept out and destroyed every spell within a few hundred meters. All the spells collapsed and turned into black smoke that frantically rushed into the heart.

The black smoke lingering on the heart also started to float out, and strands started curling towards the surface of Duncan's bones. Duncan's skull turned black almost instantly.

In the distance, surprise suddenly appeared in Lin Yun's eyes.

'Duncan went insane! He actually let the heart assimilate him, he doesn't want to live! It'll be over once he is assimilated, there will be no way to recover!

'He can go all-out without time limit, but in the end, he will definitely be swallowed by the heart, leaving him thoroughly dead.'

Above the abyss, after Duncan's bones became completely black, threads started appearing between the huge heart and Duncan. These threads appeared everywhere on Duncan's body. The assimilation was already more than halfway done.

Previously, he might have been able to risk using one thread to borrow the heart's power in order to reach the Heaven Rank, but this was no longer possible now.

Because the relationship he had barely managed to set up before was a relationship where they both took advantage of each other. The heart was luring Duncan in by supporting him and making him stronger, and Duncan kept providing the heart with something to devour.

Now, Duncan allowed the heart to assimilate him. When that process was complete, Duncan would be like the previously devoured Abyssal lifeforms and turn to ashes.

But if Duncan couldn't go all-out, he would inevitably be killed by the crazy Black Dragon Warlord.

After the black threads appeared on Duncan's bones, Duncan painfully roared. The black threads kept moving until they finally aimed at Duncan's only living organ, his heart.

Once the last thread fell on his heart, an ominous glint appeared in Duncan's eyes. He extended one hand towards his own heart before ruthlessly squeezing.

With a loud popping sound, his heart was shattered, and Duncan's last bit of blood sprayed out. The black threads linking him to the heart were also completely severed.

At this time, Duncan angrily roared, and he walked out of the abyss step after step. The aura on his body had also become a lot more powerful.

Lin Yun was a bit shocked. 'Damn, Duncan is truly insane. He actually used that method to thoroughly sever the control of that huge heart. With his heart destroyed, he doesn't have a single bit of blood remaining. He can no longer regain his body and will forever keep this skeletal appearance!

'Without being able to recover his body, his power will forever remain at that level. He isn't one of the Undead, but he surpasses Undead lifeforms. But with only a skeleton, he won't be able to advance to the Heaven Rank and can't even become one of the Undead!

'This guy is truly berserk...'

As Lin Yun expected, the Black Dragon Warlord was truly irrational, and that had caused Duncan to go berserk out of rage.

Without the control of that huge heart, Duncan could fully display his strength!

As he raised his hand, black runes flew out of Duncan's bones. These black runes devoured a large amount of smoke as they flew up.

In an instant, a dozen huge black Frost Spikes appeared in the air.

These Frost Spikes flickered with a metallic luster, and countless black runes could be seen on their surface. They transformed into a shadow that charged towards the Black Dragon Warlord.

The Black Dragon Warlord loudly shouted and his face distorted as the demonic hands flew out and fiercely swatted at the Frost Spikes.

But unexpectedly, the runes on the dozen Frost Spikes suddenly flashed a bit and they instantly pierced through the demonic hands.

The demonic hands ended up instantly freezing into black blocks of ice, which fell to the ground and shattered.