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 Hearing Enderfa, the Incarnation of Lin Yun's True Spirit Magic Tool, say so, the others also understood Lin Yun's determination and stopped attacking the Black Dragon Warlord.

The strongest group of people joined the Dark Elves and tore through the invaders like a knife through butter.

And on this side, the pressure on Lin Yun sharply increased.

Black smoke surged from the Black Dragon Warlord's body and a large number of meteors flew towards Lin Yun from multiple directions.

Lin Yun cast Flame Elemental Incarnation, instant-cast Sea of Fire, and used three Flame Flashes in a row to dodge that group of meteors.

He then raised his Draconic Staff and instantly sent ten Bursting Flames over. The blue flames surged towards Black Dragon Warlord's scaly shields, but at the same time, two blue flames in the back hit each other, and the power of that explosion forcibly altered the path of the remaining Bursting Flames.

Two Bursting Flames passed through the gaps between the black shields and exploded on the Black Dragon Warlord's body.

"Boom, boom!"

The two sounds loudly echoed, and the Black Dragon Warlord's smoke seemed to burst and gather into pitch-black Demonic Hands that ruthlessly swatted at Lin Yun.

"Black Dragon Warlord, I will tell you where Gulidan is as long as you can catch me!" Lin Yun taunted before using Flight to fly out of the Dark Elven Clan.

The smoke that had fallen over the Dark Elven Clan had already somewhat dissipated, giving Lin Yun the opportunity to lure the Black Dragon Warlord away.

Lin Yun would have had no confidence in escaping if that strange black mist was still there. Even the strongest Ancient War Trees were corroded when that smoke fell down, and magic shields couldn't even defend against it.

The black smoke was being blocked by the three Heaven Rank powerhouses, but their circumstances were still unknown. However, the surroundings were a lot clearer now.

The first step was to cloud the Black Dragon Warlord's judgement. The two Bursting Flames clearly didn't have much effect against him, and even with a direct hit, it wouldn't do much damage because of the Black Dragon Warlord's recovery ability.

But this time, the Black Dragon Warlord had already lost his mind, so being hit by a spell made him fly into a rage.

Especially after hearing Lin Yun's words, the irrational Black Dragon Warlord unhesitantly chased after Lin Yun.

Lin Yun kept casting to provoke the Black Dragon Warlord while using Flight to stay away from the Dark Elven Clan.

After a few minutes, the Dark Elven Clan had become smaller and smaller in the distance.

"Damned rat, wait until I catch you, I'll dig out your soul and stuff it in a Kodo's body!"

Lin Yun quickly answered, "If you want to know where Gulidan is, you'll have to catch me! Apart from me, no one knows where Gulidan is! You can forget about becoming a Tribal Chief if you never find him!"

Lin Yun flew at a great speed, continuously casting to hinder the Black Dragon Warlord. 'That guy is really too powerful. He lost his Extraordinary Power, yet he can still fly at such speed while casting!'

Lin Yun was somewhat pale. Not only was the Black Dragon Warlord using Flight, but he was also using a type of Abyssal Spell that increased his flight speed. There was a long trail of black smoke behind him as if he was a meteor.

He was at least 50% faster than Lin Yun, and Lin Yun had to keep casting spells to stop him. Moreover, he absolutely couldn't be hit by the Black Dragon Warlord spells.

Just one spell would stop Lin Yun.

There were always several dozen flaming Meteors flying beside his body, dragging long black tails behind them. Lin Yun was like a small bird flying within a Meteor Shower. He simply couldn't let a single one hit him.

He would inevitably be overtaken by the Black Dragon Warlord if he was hit, and at that time, he would have to directly face the Black Dragon Warlord on his own, which was definitely beyond him.

But slowly, cold sweat started leaking out from Lin Yun's forehead as he pushed his control over the Flight spell to the pinnacle but still wasn't able to pull away from the Black Dragon Warlord.

With this speed, it would take at most three minutes before he was overtaken!

Lin Yun kept himself calm as he clenched his teeth. He stopped trying to weave and sway, choosing to cut through the sky in a straight line.

In a split second, four to five meteors grazed Lin Yun's body, and his hair slightly burnt from the high temperature. The thick smell of sulfur spread in the air, and it felt as if he had hot pepper in his lungs. The painful heat made Lin Yun's eyes turn slightly red.

The distance between Lin Yun and the Black Dragon Warlord did increase a bit, but how could the Black Dragon Warlord not see this opportunity?

"Damn rat, you are dead! You are dead! No, I decided not to kill you, but instead, I'll put your soul into a Kodo, and I'll make you eat your own body! I want to watch you as you see yourself eating your own body as a Kodo, I want to make you feel your own body slowly digesting."

"Haha, you are screwed, and Gulidan is also screwed! If you let me find Gulidan, you'll both die!"

Black smoke surged from the Black Dragon Warlord's body, and in an instant, forty to fifty meteors rushed out. This group of flaming meteors flew in an arc to charge at Lin Yun from every angle.

Just as it looked like they were going to strike Lin Yun, he increased his speed once again and appeared several dozen meters away in a split second. The flaming meteors collided in the same spot and caused a terrifying explosion to appear.

A large amount of lava, flames, and fragments spread in all directions. The fragments carried very destructive power, and some of them hit Lin Yun's Mana Shield.

The dark blue Mana Shield turned into a sphere that firmly protected Lin Yun's body, and as it was swept by the fragments and the shockwave, it suddenly shone with a glaring light and 20% of Lin Yun's mana was consumed.

And this dark blue sphere was violently sent flying like a big ball.

The Mana Shield quickly dimmed, but Lin Yun was also knocked several hundred meters away in an instant.

As the light of the shield cracked, blood leaked from the corner of Lin Yun's mouth, and his pale complexion was terrifying.

Not only did the huge explosion send Lin Yun further away, but it also slowed the Black Dragon Warlord.

Lin Yun floated in the air, and instead of taking the opportunity to fly faster, he raised his Draconic Staff, and the Book of Death in his left hand started shining with a four-colored light, the glaring radiance covering Lin Yun.

Lin Yun's mana instantly became fierce and several dozen spells of the four elements condensed in the air.

The spells crazily flew behind Lin Yun while the next set of spells was readied.

In no less than three seconds, Lin Yun used all his strength and the support of the Element Chapter to cast several hundred elemental spells. These spells converged into a narrow space before suddenly collapsing.

The collapse of the spells scattered the most berserk elemental power, and with the four elements mixing together, it turned into an extremely berserk Quad-Elemental Storm. It was like a tornado mixed with a large river that ruthlessly charged towards the Black Dragon Warlord in the back.

After doing that, Lin Yun immediately used Flight to escape, flying away while adding some support spells, even if they didn't have that much effect.

And behind him, the violent Four-Element Storm kept attracting the rich magic elements. As they merged with it, the storm grew bigger and bigger, creating a several-hundred-meter-wide storm vortex in the air.

Each tree of the forest underneath had grown for several thousand years. They were all at least a hundred meters tall, but they were swept away by the Quad-Elemental Storm and turned to shreds.

It had to be known that after growing in this place for so many years, the trees had absorbed nutrients from the Wisdom Tree, and the most inferior one was equivalent to an Iron Tree, literally as hard as iron.

But they only looked like rotten wood easily shattering.

The Black Dragon Warlord couldn't dodge and dove headfirst into that elemental storm. The berserk storm kept tearing at the black smoke shrouding him, and his shadow kept tearing apart and stretching.

He kept condensing more of those black, scaly shields, and just as the shields were torn to shreds by the storm, new ones immediately condensed.

The Black Dragon Warlord seemed to be in a bind. He was like an animal drawn into a tornado, tumbling through the tornado and unable to leave even if he wanted to.

Lin Yun glanced back and felt a bit less anxious. It would have been troublesome if he had been overtaken there.

"Black Dragon Warlord, let me tell you something. You'll be dead when you catch up! I'll go find the most faithful supporter of the Ash Beastman Tribe's Tribal Chief. He is a lot more powerful than you, so if you pursue, you'll certainly die. And he also knows where Gulidan is!"

Lin Yun's words made the Black Dragon Warlord fly into a rage. "Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! You f*cking wretches! You are only a tiny fleeing rat, I can snap you in two with one hand!

"What nonsense are you talking about? Gulidan's supporter has to die, Gulidan also has to die, I am the strongest, so you'll all die!"

Black smoke surged around the Black Dragon Warlord's body and formed huge Demonic Claws that frantically tore through the elemental storm.