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 Everyone suddenly felt their hearts stop.

'Don't let that lunatic come over here...'

Even Lin Yun couldn't help thinking about it.

Unfortunately, it looked like they jinxed themselves. The Black Dragon Warlord was already enraged because he couldn't find Gulidan and immediately turned his anger towards Lin Yun's group.

The smoke-covered Black Dragon Warlord swiftly charged towards the battlefield.

This made Lin Yun frown and cut him off first.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and instantly cast three Flame Bursts that attacked the Black Dragon Warlord from three different directions.

The Black Dragon Warlord scowled fiercely and the black smoke condensed around his body transformed into a huge black hand that was over ten meters in size, which swatted away the three Bursting Flames.

The Bursting Flames were knocked away to the side before they exploded harmlessly.

Seeing this scene, Lin Yun's heart skipped a beat. He unhesitantly cast three Ice Shields, and he even added a Runic Shield inside.

In an instant, the Black Dragon Warlord condensed a Demonic Hand, which instantly crossed over a hundred meters before ruthlessly swatting Lin Yun's Ice Shields.

"Bang, bang, bang..."

The sounds of the three Ice Shields shattering softly echoed, and it even sent Lin Yun flying.

Countless runes emerged when the Demonic Hand hit Lin Yun's Runic Shield.

The Runic Shield was effectively Lin Yun's strongest defensive spell because its defensive power wasn't related to the caster's power, but rather to the quantity and the quality of the runes the caster possessed.

And Lin Yun unconditionally had more runes than the absolute majority of top-notch Archmages. That defensive power could last a while under the blows of a 9th Rank Archmage, but it showed signs of nearly collapsing when it was smacked by that Demonic Hand.

That power was so formidable that Lin Yun and his Runic Shield were sent flying a few hundred meters away.

Lin Yun was somewhat pale as he stabilized in the air, feeling quite shocked.

'He fell down from the Heaven Rank but still has that much power?!'

Lin Yun wasn't the only one that was startled... Enderfa and Elsa were also shocked because they knew how strong Lin Yun was. 9th Rank Archmages definitely couldn't send Lin Yun flying like that.

Yet that Black Dragon Warlord was still so powerful after losing his Extraordinary Power?

Seeing the Black Dragon Warlord coming over, Elsa immediately rushed over to block him. Unfortunately, she had just advanced to the 9th Rank and couldn't control her power perfectly, so she kept getting pushed back in the direct confrontation.

At that time, Enderfa, the puppet, Reina, and Zeuss, who had recovered his strength, gave up their counterattack on the mind-controlled enemies and turned to attack the Black Dragon Warlord.

Enderfa and the alchemy puppet released a powerful spell flood, which the Black Dragon Warlord, who was enraged and had lost all reason, didn't think of dodging. The black smoke surging around his body turned into many black scaly shields, which then consolidated to form two huge shields over twenty meters in size.

The smoke around him also formed two pitch-black Demonic Hands, which held the two huge shields to block the spells.

The frantic spell floods hit the two shields and let out rumbling sounds as if they had hit solid stone.

But the Black Dragon Warlord was unscathed, and it only slowed down his attacking speed.

Elsa's magic patterns shone one after another, converging a large amount of wind into a flood of Wind Blades. She also mixed some Dark Arrows within that storm and fiercely pressured the Black Dragon Warlord.

Reina took her Dragon Shape as she chanted complex incantations in Draconic, gathering an endless amount of ice that flowed down from above and tried to engulf the Black Dragon Warlord.

As for Zeuss, he raised his staff and cast whatever spells he could to help out.

Moreover, a few 8th Rank Archmages among the Dark Elves also started focusing their attacks on the Black Dragon Warlord.

Lin Yun, who had flown back, also joined in the attack with a suppressing spell flood of his own. Ordinary spells would have no effect when handling a powerhouse like the Black Dragon Warlord, so the only hope to win was to use enough formidable spells to suppress him.

But despite facing this heaven-shattering tide of spells, the Black Dragon Warlord's face was only filled with rage and craziness.

"Gulidan! Gulidan, come out! You guys must know where Gulidan is, right? You are definitely helping Gulidan! I'll kill you, by killing all of you, Gulidan will definitely appear!"

At that time, the black smoke surrounding the body of the Black Dragon Warlord condensed into two more Demonic Hands that wielded another two huge black shields.

Four Demonic Hands holding those shields were resisting everyone's spells.

And even after resisting their spells, the Black Dragon Warlord roared and blasted the spell floods away.

Then, boundless black smoke surged from his body and erupted, forming fierce storms.

Enderfa, Lin Yun, and the others put all their strength into these spells, only for them to end up being blown away.

The spells were scattered every which way after that vortex of explosions.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Black Dragon Warlord condensed a large number of Demonic Skulls, and over a hundred sinister, grinning skulls with long trails of smoke exploded towards everyone.

A reversal happened in an instant.

The Black Dragon Warlord suppressed Lin Yun's group on his own, and the black smoke condensed into boundless Demonic Spells that sprinkled over at them.

Zeuss was the first to fall. His defensive shields didn't last, and he was sent flying by a Demonic Skull, causing him to bleed heavily. If he hadn't managed to use the Crystal Scales at the last moment, he would have been torn to shreds by the 2nd Demonic Skull coming his way.

Elsa kept casting defensive shields, her body slightly shaking and blood leaking from the corner of her mouth. She couldn't counterattack at all. She spent most of her time defending, but even though she put all her efforts towards protecting herself, she was getting injured by the formidable power.

The others weren't much better off. Only Lin Yun and Enderfa, who had formidable offensive power, could resist. The surface of the puppet was covered in marks, and many of its parts had become scraps.

They were all forced into a passive situation in less than thirty seconds. Although the Black Dragon Warlord's power had fallen from the Heaven Rank, it looked like he had seemingly endless mana, and his casting speed had reached an overwhelming realm. He was definitely comparable to peak 9th Rank Archmages.

On the other side, the mind-controlled non-humans had managed to push forwards again because Lin Yun's group was no longer there to suppress them. In a mere three minutes, they regained the ground everyone had spent half an hour to liberate.

The Dark Elven casualties also sharply increased. Under such circumstances, it would take at most ten minutes for the enemies to reach the inside of the Dark Elven Clan.

Lin Yun had a gloomy and uncertain expression. He was bitterly struggling against the Black Dragon Warlord while looking at the battlefield.

The Dark Elves' casualties were piling up too quickly. If this went on, the outcome of the battle would be irreversible in ten minutes, at most... At that time, the Dark Elves would no longer be able to resist.

'It's not just our group, even the strongest Dark Elves are getting pressured by the Black Dragon Warlord. The remaining Dark Elves simply can't hold on. Ten minutes!

'In ten minutes, the mind-controlled attackers will reach the center of the Dark Elven Clan.

'The three Clan Leaders are occupied and won't be able to help... This is no good, I absolutely can't let the Dark Elven Clan be destroyed. I spent so much effort on this, and that path will become completely unavailable if they are destroyed...

'It'll never be possible to get Constance's skull before advancing to the Archmage realm!'

As he thought of this, Lin Yun gritted his teeth and roared at Elsa and the others, "Go help them! I'll deal with the Black Dragon Warlord!"

"No way!"

Elsa was the first to answer as she refused Lin Yun's suggestion without a second thought.

Enderfa, who was controlling the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel on the side, also refused Lin Yun's suggestion. "Impossible, Merlin, you are courting death. That madman had had the power of a Heaven Rank before, and although it's suppressed, his strength can't be compared to that of an ordinary 9th Rank Archmage!"

The others also had no intention of giving up. They started casting harder and actually managed to slightly suppress the attacking power of the Black Dragon Warlord.

Lin Yun felt warm when he saw everyone's attitudes, but he still shouted with a calm and collected tone, "The Dark Elven Clan will truly be destroyed if those mind-controlled non-humans aren't stopped. Enderfa, you understand the best, you should know my way of thinking. You guys don't have to worry about the Black Dragon Warlord, I can manage on my own."

Hearing Lin Yun's words, the few Dark Elves that had been helping out against the Black Dragon Warlord hesitated, and after seeing the miserable condition of the other Dark Elves, they immediately turned to handle the invaders.

None of the group left until Enderfa gnashed his teeth and chided Merlin before controlling the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to leave. "Merlin, you definitely can't die!"