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 A large amount of mana was attracted by some kind of power and slowly rotated. Lin Yun saw the circular rainbow fall a few seconds later. It was like a seven-colored tornado that turned into a funnel. Elements followed that funnel and frantically poured towards the bottom.

The immense power emerged for no less than three minutes before that funnel dissipated.

At the same time, another shadow flew out, quickly flying towards this side.

Seeing this shadow, Lin Yun had a kind of expression that seemed to say, "Ah, as I thought".

'It was her, as expected! Her bloodline finally awakened!'

The shadow that flew over was Elsa, who had been unconscious. Right now, Elsa was full of doubt and was emitting formidable mana fluctuations, as she had gained two ranks!

From being a 7th Rank Archmage, she had now become a 9th Rank Archmage!

She was truly blessed by heaven. The Sky Bloodline wasn't the Dark Elves' most formidable bloodline for nothing; just the initial awakening gave her so much benefit. It was a gift that would make others jealous.

It also let her recover completely, allowing her to leap to the 9th Rank in one step. As long as her bloodline awakened once again, she wouldn't need long to reach the Heaven Rank!

Lin Yun sighed inwardly. This was the kind of talent others would be envious of. It looked like the legend wasn't exaggerated... As long as the Sky Bloodline was awakened, people could even sleep their way to the Heaven Rank.

"Merlin, what's going on?"

Elsa only remembered being attacked by an Ash Beastman and didn't know what had happened since then, so she was feeling considerably disoriented.

"No time to explain, release your most powerful spells first and repel these lunatics! We will talk later," Lin Yun quickly said.

Although Elsa didn't understand what was happening, she could also see the crisis.

Without any superfluous words, Elsa extended her right hand, and a magic pattern shone. The power unique to Ultimate Spells emerged, and wind instantly rose in front of Elsa before turning into cyan gales.

Countless gales surged forth and converged in front of Elsa into two huge cyan Wind Blades that were over a hundred meters long.

With the convergence of elements, it wasn't just Elsa's mana that was poured into it, but also the mana surrounding her. After a second, the two Wind Blades started rotating like the blades of pinwheel.

Countless gales converged in that direction, but not a bit of wind aura could be felt in the surroundings, as all that power was drawn into that huge pinwheel.

The magic pattern on Elsa's arm frantically flickered, and its power already surpassed her limits. She simply couldn't control it.

Then, the huge pinwheel flew out, sticking close to the ground and destroying everything in its way, gouging out a part of the ground as it travelled.

Ultimate Spell Great Pinwheel!

The Great Pinwheel flew towards the Ash Beastmen and wiped out all the Beastman slaves within several hundred meters before it could no longer be maintained.

With a bang, the huge pinwheel exploded and turned into countless sweeping Wind Blades forming a sort of cyan handheld fan. Each Wind Blade forming that fan covered a few hundred meters and took care of several hundred Beastman slaves in the process.

An Ultimate 5th Rank Spell actually had such power... Even Lin Yun couldn't help glancing at Elsa, feeling that the Sky Bloodline was truly heaven-defying. The Dark Elves' innate casting ability had been increased quite a bit.

Elsa also seemed a bit amazed by her own power.

But Lin Yun already started chanting an incantation quickly while pulling out his staff.

The past few times he encountered Ash Beastmen, he hadn't felt the impact of the Beastman slaves in battle, but this time, the slaves became overwhelming just because of their numbers.

Of course, the strength of each individual slave was very low. In a duel, Xiuban's toe would be enough to smash one to death, but there were too many.

It was just like the tactic used by some kinds of the Undead. When their numbers reached a certain amount, unless the difference in power was unbreachable, they would eventually overwhelm their victims.

The main reason that the Undead Plane couldn't be conquered for a very long time was that huge quantity. Just by relying on the inferior skeletons, they could forcibly exhaust the power of the Archmages!

Situations where Archmages ended up being buried under piles of skeletons that were below level ten had happened countless times.

Lin Yun even knew of the most famous defeat. It was when a fleet of magic battleships was submerged by a sea of Undead. A dozen magic battleships with main cannons comparable to Heaven Rank powerhouses in terms of power ended up being overwhelmed by Ghosts, Gargoyles, and Bone Dragons. In that battle, the highest leveled Undead was only level 30.

And these crazy Ash Beastmen were exactly like the Undead... In fact, they were even more frightening!

They only relied on their flesh to charge through the defensive lines and expended their lives to slowly make the entire Dark Elven Clan fall into the danger of being destroyed.

But now, with the addition of Elsa, the deadlock had been broken!

Lin Yun took the time to cast a powerful spell, and after six seconds of casting, a glaring light shone from his Draconic Staff.

Rumbles echoed through the air as an enormous black cloud appeared. A hundred-meter-wide meteorite came out of the black cloud.

The meteorite fell with great momentum and ignited with glaring flames as it flew through the atmosphere, echoing with a deafening rumble on its way.

The huge meteorite was like an irresistible burning sun falling down in the middle of the enemies.


A loud sound echoed as the earth shook and a glaring light exploded. Within that light, countless shadows covered in black smoke could be seen sent flying before turning to ashes.

Lin Yun became pale and quickly swallowed a Mana Potion. Summoning that huge meteorite had used almost eighty percent of the Magic Array's mana.

That meteorite wasn't like a Heavensfall Meteor or some other kind of Meteor spell, which were either earth-attributed or fire-attributed. The spell he had just cast was a genuine summoning spell. The meteorite had been forcibly summoned from space, also known as the void.

The impact of a summoned meteorite that had been quickly flying through space was far greater than that of any kind of Meteor Spell, and would consume a lot more mana.

After a few seconds, Lin Yun's complexion returned to normal as his mana was halfway full again and still recovering. That was a benefit of having a Natural Demiplane. His mana would never run out.

The two formidable spells suddenly turned the original deadlock around, and the Dark Elves rushed out of the defensive perimeter, following Lin Yun's group in suppressing those mindless non-humans.

The battlefield started slowly moving and went from being inside of the Dark Elven Clan to taking place in the surroundings of the clan. Many Dark Elves whose power had declined started arranging defenses in the rear. They fought to restore their territory's defenses and many Ancient War Trees slowly moved towards the front line.

The situation looked a lot better, and just as the intruders were about to be pushed out of the Dark Elven Clan, something unexpected happened.

In that hole in the distance, the Black Dragon Warlord, who had originally been wounded and whose bones had shattered, flew up into the sky.

His bones had already recovered and his body was only covered in cracks with blood continuously pouring out.

"Gulidan! You think you can suppress me by just relying on your Magic Tool?! You are delusional! Delusional!!!"

The red tattoos on his body let out glaring rays of light as if they were igniting.

Soon, following his roar, those red tattoos showed signs of separating.

But in less than three seconds, those red tattoos stopped shaking and the light dimmed.

The Black Dragon Warlord flew into a rage, and black smoke was surging around his entire body as he had lost more than half of his aura and no longer displayed the aura of the Heaven Rank.

"Gulidan! Come out, you shameless trash! I'll kill you!"

In the distance, Lin Yun's expression slightly changed.


The three Heaven Rank powerhouses weren't aware of the situation. They had been holding back the falling black smoke all along and their silhouettes couldn't be seen.

The Black Dragon Warlord had recovered so quickly!

"Damnit, Merlin, we are screwed this time! That lunatic recovered so quickly..." Enderfa's three faces were panicking.

The fight between the Black Dragon Warlord and Gulidan had been too scary. After all, they had both displayed the power of the Heaven Rank!

Lin Yun frowned, and after seeing the Black Dragon Warlord's red tattoos shining, he secretly sighed in relief. "Fortunately, that guy was suppressed by Gulidan's Magic Tool and no longer seems to have the power of a Heaven Rank!"

The Black Dragon Warlord frantically roared in the air for a while, but not seeing Gulidan appear, he turned his gaze towards the battlefield.