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 And this wasn't over... Another sound came out of Lin Yun's mouth. That sound condensed into ice and a large vortex of ice appeared in the air, from which a large number of Frost Lances, Frost Spikes and Frost Roars came out. Those spells fused together into an ice spellstorm that seemed full of sharp ice fragments.

The ice spellstorm and the fire spellstorm fused together to form a red and blue storm. The extreme heat and extreme cold collided to form chaotic and berserk mana.

A loud explosion echoed as the two completely differently attributed spellstorms collided and formed a strange annihilation effect in the center, destroying every spell there. A transparent light barrier quickly spread from there and all the spells in its path ended up dissipating.

The Dark Elves' faces turned white as they watched this take place. How could they not know what was happening? That was the annihilation effect. When fierce fire spells and ice spells collided, with both the same quality and the same quantity, this kind of strange annihilating storm would appear.

The fire spells and ice spells simultaneously dissipated, but this wasn't necessarily good... In fact, it was quite terrible. Only an even fiercer power could instantly calm down this violent energy. The burst potential reached the pinnacle, but the power was actually rather tranquil.

The Dark Elves were innate caster, so how could they not have seen that before? They had seen all kinds of things while studying magic, and some of them were reminded of a particular battle between a Dark Elf proficient in fire spells and a Dark Elf proficient in ice spells.

That battle was hailed as textbook content in the Dark Elven Clan, because the two Dark Elves were Archmages with similar strength who fought fiercely. They ultimately cast spells which strangely had the same size and power, and after the spells cancelled each other out, the Annihilation Storm swallowed both of them, not leaving a single bone behind.

How could they not want to run when seeing such a huge Annihilation Storm?

The Dark Elves that were closest unhesitantly ran back, because no one under the Heaven Rank could resist that Annihilation Storm. All elemental power would be forcibly annihilated and would even discreetly reinforce the Annihilation Storm's power.

Even Lin Yun was surprised by the creation of the Annihilation Storm. Even with his level of control, he couldn't be 100% certain that it would work. He had only planned on relying on the fire spellstorm and the ice spellstorm's collision to create a fierce elemental storm in order to stop those crazy guys, but he was pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

The Dark Elves fighting at the front line fled for their lives, but the mind-controlled Ash Beastmen couldn't think. They only knew how to charge fiercely and were unaware of the Dark Elves' thoughts. If the Ash Beastmen rushed in, they would definitely die.

And sure enough, when the Ash Beastmen at the front suddenly noticed an area devoid of spells, they charged towards that anomalously calm zone without any thought.

Anyone with a brain would definitely not rush so boldly into a deathly silent and windless area opening up in a battlefield.

But the intelligence of these Ash Beastmen already couldn't be compared to that of Kodos. Their first reaction was that they could rush over even faster.

It only took a few seconds for over a hundred of those Ash Beastmen to charge into the annihilation area, causing a gruesome scene.

All the Ash Beastmen were brandishing their weapons with sinister expressions, but their bodies seemed to experience the passage of countless years in a moment before turning into piles of ashes, drifting away.

Even their crude black armor and weapons turned to ashes in an instant.

But that didn't stop the crazy guys in the back, who continued pressing on. It only took a few seconds for several hundred of the slaves to charge into the annihilation zone and turn to ashes.

The fastest Demon Warlocks also reached the annihilation zone, but it resulted in a different scene than when the slaves and warriors went in... Their bodies suddenly expanded before loudly exploding, again leaving ashes behind.

When the annihilation zone expanded to cover more than a kilometer, it quickly started shrinking, and the center of the battlefield regained its original chaotic state.

But in those eight seconds, there was a huge area in the center of the battlefield where all the mind-controlled Ash Beastmen had turned to ashes after being annihilated by magic.

The annihilation attribute was something that only Heaven Rank Powerhouses could remove, and furthermore, only mages that had thoroughly researched the earth attribute could grasp a wisp of that terrifying power.

Now, it casually appeared by coincidence and displayed the destructive power that an Archmage couldn't even display!

The Annihilation Storm disappeared, but the mind-controlled non-humans weren't scared. They simply couldn't feel the dread of what had just happened to all those Beastmen.

Enderfa, who was originally about to cast spells, was stunned, foolishly looking at the center of the battlefield where the Annihilation space had appeared.

"Damn, Merlin, you are a lucky b*stard! Such a fierce power actually created the annihilation effect!"

"Stop speaking and hurry up, these lunatics don't know fear!" Lin Yun shouted in a deep voice before casting once again. The ice and fire vortexes kept casting spells, while Lin Yun also raised his Draconic Staff to cast more spells of his own.

Unfortunately, the ice and fire spells released this time only formed a fierce elemental storm after their collision, not showing any signs of the annihilation effect from before.

Lin Yun wasn't discouraged. What happened earlier was pure luck, but he had some enlightenment from the experience, so it was good overall. He had gained some comprehension regarding elements and casting, which would greatly help.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and cast fire, ice, wind, and earth spells. The four attributes mixed together to form a chaotic quad-elemental spellstorm. The four-colored flood of spells washed over the mind-controlled horde.

Reina, the puppet, and Zeuss stood on the ground and kept casting. Xiuban didn't dare to rush out, but he was afraid that if he didn't do anything, Lin Yun would get revenge on him after the battle. But after noticing a pile of the inflammable fruits from the Ancient War Trees, Xiuban suddenly had an idea.

He held one of the fruits and used his formidable strength to ferociously lob it through the air. The large fruit was like a small stone being cast into the center of the battlefield.

The fruit was torn to shreds by a flurry of chaotic spells and spread its juices out just as it reached the center of the battlefield. Several Beastman slaves ended up being glued by the juices, and blazing shadows appeared everywhere on the battlefield.

After Lin Yun joined, the Dark Elves felt full of vigor and cast various elemental spells all over the battlefield, tenaciously resisting the mind-controlled army.

This also gave hope to the despairing Dark Elves. If those intruders had managed to breach the last line of Ancient War Trees, the Dark Elves would have been finished.

But they were stopped!

Even if the danger had yet to be eliminated, it was enough to see hope. A large number of Dark Elves gritted their teeth and squeezed their mana out to keep casting.

The battlefield was in a deadlock. The mindless enemies couldn't charge their way in, but the Dark Elves couldn't push them back.

Moreover, the fearless Beastman slaves seemed to be spread over a few kilometers, but still densely packed. They were charging towards this side like a large river. It was unknown how many were there.

There was a terrifying amount of cheap fodder among those Beastmen!

But under such circumstances, who would dare to relax? Even Lin Yun, as the main casting force, could only use a large flurry of Low Tier spells to suppress that flood. Although the Beastmen slaves kept dying, there didn't seem to be any change to the quantity.

Time slowly passed and more and more mana was consumed over half an hour, but those mind-controlled non-humans didn't seem to care about mana consumption as they were still casting frantically and showing no signs of being exhausted.

Lin Yun slightly frowned and summoned Undead Mage Barton and Death Knight Lagulin.

Barton's Undead Spells and Lagulin's Evil Halo were added, but it wasn't a huge help.

Just as Lin Yun was about to use the Element Chapter to summon an Elemental Dragon, a surging mana fluctuation came from the back of the Dark Elven Clan. Boundless mana gathered together to form a seven-colored circular rainbow.