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 Miserable screams echoed throughout the Dark Elven Clan. A great majority of the Dark Elves' Ancient War Trees, their most powerful defense, had rotted away, so the Beastmen didn't need to spend much effort to break through the perimeter.

And there was still more... The black smoke had become a lot darker and a lot of shadows could be seen flickering within as the Ash Beastmen resumed their charge. It only took a few seconds before something even more shocking happened.

Dark Elves wearing the same crude smoky armor could be seen charging from the left of the Ash Beastmen army. Their eyes were also flickering with that blue light, while their expressions were extremely sinister.

To the right of the Ash Beastmen was a group of similarly controlled Firerock Dwarves charging out of the black smoke.

The Dark Elves had already struggled when it was just the Ash Beastmen alone, but now, a group of Dark Elves and a group of Firerock Dwarves had joined in.

The Beastman slaves swung their weapons as they rushed to the front while the Dark Elves were frantically casting from the left side, their magic patterns continuously shining. There was no order or logic to their casting as if they were just throwing out all their spells.

Countless fire, ice, wind, and dark spells turned into a chaotic mana storm that flew towards the Dark Elven Clan.

The Ash Beastmen's Flying Riders kept diving down and throwing their poisoned javelins while the Demon Warlocks kept casting Abyssal Spells, calling forth countless meteors that smelled of sulfur.

The Firerock Dwarves on the right side were the craziest. They tossed their hammers out haphazardly, just making sure to fling them in the general direction of the Dark Elven Clan.

They didn't coordinate with each other at all, but this chaos, with the three races' abilities, successfully merged into a deadly mix of javelins, hammers and spell storms.

This flood covered one side of the Dark Elves' defenses in a completely unreasonable manner.

Countless buildings were flattened, and even the remains of some Ancient War Trees were blown away by the power.

An Ancient War Tree swung its arm, but it barely lifted its hand before it was hit by a flood of attacks, blowing its arm to pieces.

In an instant, the Ancient War Tree's branches were turned to shreds by the pure and chaotic power, and even a layer of the floor was scraped away. Cracks also started to appear on the extremely hard trunk of the Ancient War Tree.

Moments later, the trunk of that branchless tree was forcibly pulled out from the ground by that immense power.

The Ancient War Tree was like a sapling meeting a flood, completely unable to resist that huge pressure.

After the chaotic flood washed over, everything within a few hundred meters had been torn to shreds. The few dozen Dark Elves in that area had only been able to defend for a few seconds before being overwhelmed.

After the flood, a large group of Beastman slaves loudly shouted and rushed through the hole in the defenses, followed by the frenzied Dark Elves and Firerock Dwarves.

They continued to throw out spells and hammers indiscriminately, and the first ones to get torn to shreds were actually the quickest Beastman slaves.

Instead of being more careful about who they attacked, the rampaging swarm grew even more ferocious, and the Demon Warlocks in the back also didn't have the slightest thought of letting up on their spells. It looked like they were actually killing more of the slaves than the Dark Elves.

"Resist! Quick! We must resist!"

"We definitely can't let them come in!"

The Dark Elves kept roaring within the clan. Everyone knew that if these crazy members of the three Great Races came in, the Dark Elven Clan would inevitably be torn to shreds by these lunatics!

Lin Yun, who was looking at the fight from a distance, frowned. He then slowly landed on the ground and looked for Reina and the others.

"The situation isn't good, I didn't expect so many Dark Elves and Firerock Dwarves to be controlled, and the three Heaven Rank powerhouses simply can't act at this moment. If we don't help, the Dark Elven Clan will become history..."

Enderfa floated up and sneered, "What about the situation? Let's hurry up and leave! I don't know what that falling smoke is, but even three Heaven Rank powerhouses can barely stop it. The circumstances are still unknown, but there are so many of them infected. We wouldn't even be much help if we made a move..."

Lin Yun glanced at Enderfa. 'That guy only thinks of leaving, and he doesn't have a good opinion of the Dark Elves, so of course he wouldn't want to act...'

Lin Yun then looked at the others, but they didn't say anything. Reina was cold and expressionless, while Xiuban knew that arguing with Lin Yun was useless so he looked resigned to accept his fate.

Zeuss was frowning but didn't say anything. The decision was for Lin Yun to make.

"How is Elsa?" Lin Yun asked, glancing at the treehouse they had been in.

"Still the same, she is unconscious and I don't know when she'll wake up," Enderfa indifferently answered. "Merlin, this situation is really too dangerous, we had better leave this place."

Lin Yun shook his head and only said, "I can't just watch the Dark Elven Clan be destroyed, you should understand that."

Enderfa unhappily sighed as he heard that, but he didn't retort.

Lin Yun arranged a defensive array outside Elsa's room before leading everyone to fly towards the battlefield.

Although the possessed members of the three great races were crazy and powerful, there were more Dark Elves in the Dark Elven Clan and they were in a favorable location, so as defenders, they had a small advantage.

Unfortunately, the Dark Elves met misfortune after misfortune and their strength had greatly decreased, and the loss of the defensive Ancient War Trees was disastrous.

The Dark Elves' defensive perimeter kept being pushed back, and the sinister and evil invaders were crazily charging without stopping.

"We won't be able to hold on! What do we do?"

"We have to stop them, keep retreating towards the headquarters, there should be some Ancient War Trees that can help us there!"

"No good, the pressure of their spells is too strong, we can't hold on..."

A group of Dark Elves standing at the forefront kept shouting, while the commander was gritting his teeth as one of his arms had been blown up, but he still glared and kept casting obstinately. Unfortunately, more and more of the remaining Ancient War Trees were destroyed. The more of these trees they lost, the lower their magic resistance would drop.

Looking at the Demon Warlocks casting yet another wave of spells, they retreated to the last defensive line of Ancient War Trees. Countless flaming Meteors fell down like rain, and the spells cast by the Dark Elves in response felt like small flames rushing into a torrential storm, drowning instantly.

A feeling of despair swelled in the hearts of those Dark Elves. They could no longer resist, and there would be no more Ancient War Trees to help them if they lost this last line of defense.

The few hundred Dark Elves defending that place were crazily casting, not caring about their mana consumption. They didn't even care about their own lives, as the Dark Elven Race would perish if they couldn't hold on!

Unfortunately, their spells could only stop a small portion of the incoming attacks. They couldn't block most of them and could only stare blankly as the spells rained down.

At this time, Enderfa loudly shouted in a cursing tone, "Damnit, what a bunch of wretches! This Great Enderfa has to rescue a bunch of Dark Elves, this is making me feel sick..."

Before he even finished speaking, all the Dark Elves saw a wheel-shaped Magic Tool rotating in the air with three arrogant faces floating above it.

At the same time, all the Dark Elves also saw Lin Yun floating in the air.

Lin Yun opened the Book of Death with his left-hand and raised the Draconic Staff with his right. He then chanted a word and a tangible sound flew out of his mouth before growing to be a rune that was eight meters tall.

The blazing red rune exploded in the air and a ten-meter-wide flame vortex appeared with a red membrane-like light radiating from its center, just like a Planar Gate. Countless Flame Spears, Bursting Fireballs, Fire God Spears and Fire Dragon spells flew from within.

In an instant, several dozen spells sprayed out, and the boundless burst of fire spells merged together and formed a huge storm of flames that ferociously flew towards the mana storm headed their way.