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 The 2nd Elder's words resonated with all the Dark Elves... The Dark Elves were a proud race. Their pride and arrogance were imprinted in their bones, no matter if it was during the era of Gods or during the Nesser Dynasty, they felt that it was below them to struggle to escape when faced with death.

The Dark Elves who died in battle would forever be remembered as the heroes of the Dark Elven Race, while those who relied on others or tricks to survive wouldn't be acknowledged as Dark Elves.

The Dark Elves could be considered extinct if they lost that...

The 3rd Elder crazily shouted, "Screw it, he has to die, he killed my son! He has to die regardless of who he is! I'll capture him as long as it can allow me to keep on living! It doesn't matter to me if all of you die, as long as I can survive!"

The 2nd Elder sighed, "You are crazy..."

The 3rd Elder crazily attacked Lin Yun, pushing his strength to its peak. Lin Yun and Enderfa could barely resist.

"You must die! You must all die! As long as you die, regardless of what happens, it'll be enough as long as I survive! Doesn't the Evil Dragon Warlord want achievements? Then you should all drop dead! The Dark Elven Clan should all drop dead! The Dark Elven Clan won't go extinct as long as I don't die!" the 3rd Elder crazily shouted, having already lost his reason.

"Evil Dragon Warlord, it's this guy, he is the one in our clan's prophecy! He is all yours, the Dark Elven Clan is all yours! Since you want to kill these shameless fools, then kill them all, as long as you let me off!"

The Evil Dragon Warlord burst out in laughter. "Alright, let's do as you say. Hand that man over and I'll let you off. But the rest of the Dark Elves have to die. But their struggle makes me feel uneasy, so you need to help..."

The 3rd Elder didn't even hesitate when he heard those words, and he immediately started attacking the other Dark Elves.

The Dark Elves were in an uproar. The 2nd Elder opened his mouth and spat blood, no longer able to remain standing. He fell to the ground while pointing at the 3rd Elder, his lips quivering but unable to say a word.

The Evil Dragon Warlord howled in laughter while hovering in the air and pointing at the Dark Elves. "Ash Beastman warriors, it is time to reap lives! From today on, the Dark Elves are a thing of the past! Only two of the three Great Races shall remain today! Finish it! Wreak havoc!

"Feel the greatest despair, Dark Elves!"

The Evil Dragon Warlord laughed his head off and started launching attacks of his own while the 3rd Elder was shockingly attacking his own clansmen. At that moment, the Dark Elven defenses had thoroughly collapsed. A bloodbath was unfolding.

At this time, a terrifying phenomenon appeared in the sky.

A multitude of colors appeared out of nowhere and colored the sky. The entire world seemed to be covered by that rainbow of colors.

Chaotic elements were fluctuating in the air, and a strange pressure made all spells collapse and return to their most basic elements.

It was like all the elements were cheering as every single one of them turned into fairies in the air and sprinkled down. A bridge-like rainbow extended from the void, and the fairies and animals made of elements revolved around it, cheering and dancing.

The elements began acting autonomously, and the sounds of the purest elemental singing echoed.

No one could control the elements at this moment. No one could use the power of magic, and even the mana within their bodies was fluctuating alongside the elements.

A few seconds later, a Dark Elf wearing a long robe walked down from the other side of the rainbow bridge. At that moment, the voices of the elements reached their climax.

It was like the entire world was cheering for that Dark Elf.

Lin Yun was stunned as he looked at that scene that echoed what was described in the books.

Rainbow bridge, elements singing.

This was the scene of someone advancing to the Heaven realm!

Lin Yun didn't need to think to know who that person was; it was the Great Elder of the Dark Elves. He had awakened from the Lightless Dreamland and successfully advanced to the Heaven Rank. When he advanced to the Heaven Rank and first appeared in the world, the world would express its congratulations to the new Heaven Rank powerhouse.

At this time, Lin Yun could clearly feel that he couldn't draw on a single bit of the world's mana. Even the mana within his body was fluctuating because of the elements' songs.

The Magic Array could barely keep this fluctuation suppressed. Let alone casting, he couldn't even move his mana.

This was the power of the Heaven Rank!

The phenomenon of advancing to the Heaven Rank could suppress anyone under the Heaven Rank!

At this time, whether one was a 9th Rank Archmage or a Magic Apprentice, there was no difference. At least there was no difference in front of the Heaven Rank.

The Dark Elves' Great Elder had long white hair and looked quite aged. He slowly walked down from the Rainbow Bridge, and at that time, the singing of the elements dissipated and the surrounding elements recovered.

The Great Elder glanced at the Evil Dragon Warlord and said, "Someone wants to destroy my Dark Elven Clan?"

The Evil Dragon Warlord's face was filled with shock. He then clenched his teeth and roused his mana to launch his most powerful spell. "Kill! Kill them!"

But then, the Great Elder merely extended one finger and pointed at the sky.

There were no powerful mana fluctuations, and there wasn't even a trace of casting... There was only a wisp of a mysterious and strange ripple that couldn't really be described. Then, the Evil Dragon Warlord completely froze.

Even the mana fluctuations and the smoke leaking from his body froze.

Everyone watched as the Evil Dragon Warlord frozen mana slowly disintegrated and dissipated...


The Evil Dragon Warlord let out a loud roar. A gale scraped his body and his mana thoroughly dissipated before he fell to the ground as an ordinary person...

The Ash Beastmen on the ground promptly caught the Evil Dragon Warlord.

"Attack! Kill these Dark Elves! Kill!" the Evil Dragon Warlord crazily shouted.

His subordinates immediately started casting again, and the most elite ones kept charging.

The Great Elder slightly frowned and waved his hand, creating a cool breeze that flew over, instantly destroying the spells cast by the Ash Beastmen.

As for those charging Ash Beastmen, they were completely stopped. It wasn't that they wanted to... Rather, their legs were completely petrified.

In a mere instant, all the charging Beastmen had turned to stone, and as the breeze went through them, they turned to dust.

There was no need to do anything else. All the Ash Beastmen were terrified and dropped their weapons, kneeling on the ground while trembling from fear.

"Heaven... Heaven Rank powerhouse..."

The Dark Elves, who had been facing defeat, suddenly started cheering. The hard times were over and they could finally rejoice, the Great Elder had ultimately advanced to the Heaven Rank!

Lin Yun's expression remained indifferent as he looked at the Great Elder, but the fierce mana fluctuations within his body betrayed his uneasiness.

'This is the Heaven Rank!

'A genuine Heaven Rank expert can be that strong!? No wonder it is said that all those under the Heaven Rank are mortals while those that reached the Heaven Rank are another species altogether. This wasn't exaggerated!

'I read so many descriptions, but it simply can't compare to the shock of seeing it with my own eyes. It's true, this power is far beyond the power of mortals!

'No one under the Heaven Rank can resist that power! One move crushed the Evil Dragon Warlord and completely disabled him, leaving him crippled without injuring him. This is terrifying, this is unfathomable.'

Lin Yun calculated that he simply couldn't achieve such control at his current rank!

'And that Petrification was actually a Mass Petrification, turning all those Ash Beastmen into powder. That kind of casting ability is heavenly! There was no trace of the casting itself, not even a faint mana fluctuation. All the power was used to its full potential without any wastage.

'Moreover, that Great Elder was standing in the air, as if there was no spell on his body... It was like flying was instinctive for him!'

The Great Elder slowly dropped to the ground, and in the distance, the 3rd Elder had an extremely ugly expression. Just as he planned to run away, he was no longer able to move. His mana was sealed and his legs petrified, stuck to the ground.

The Great Elder walked up to the 2nd Elder.

The 2nd Elder's injuries had become worse, and he couldn't say a single word at this moment. He was leaning against a tree with tears continuously flowing down, unable to control his emotions. He was choked with emotions and wanted to say something, but all that came out was blood.

The Great Elder lightly sighed and pointed his finger at the 2nd Elder's forehead. In an instant, the 2nd Elder's magic patterns shone brightly, and countless small spheres of lights flew out of the remaining trees around them to enter the 2nd Elder's body.

The 2nd Elder's charred skin quickly became pale again, his dispirited expression returned to normal. Even his consumed mana had been recovered.

It only took a few seconds before the 2nd Elder's complexion had been restored to normal and he quickly stood up from the ground and excitedly grabbed the Great Elder's arm. "Great Elder! You finally came out! That's amazing! You don't know how close that was, just a bit more, just a little bit more and our Dark Elven Clan would have been finished..."

The Great Elder glanced at the scarred and exhausted Dark Elves and waved his hand. A great many lights flew out from all over the forest and turned into a rain of light that fell upon the Dark Elves.

In an instant, all the Dark Elves' injuries quickly recovered, and their consumed mana was also quickly restored.

The Great Elder nodded at the 2nd Elder before looking at the Ash Beastmen.