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 The 3rd Elder proudly sneered.

Lin Yun slightly frowned before looking at the 2nd Elder.

The 2nd Elder had a bitter expression as he explained in a low voice, "There once was an accident where an Ancient War Tree unexpectedly killed a clansman. From that point on, all the Ancient War Trees within the clan were restricted. After killing Dark Elves, they would fall into slumber, never to wake up. If the 3rd Elder uses sacrifices, the same will happen to these Ancient War Trees.

"They are too powerful as a group. If they attack together, they will trigger the Ancient War Trees' powerful counterattack, and at that time, some Dark Elves will surely be killed..."

The 3rd Elder was laughing nastily as he waved his hand. "Kill them."

Lin Yun frowned before repeating, "Don't regret this."

The 3rd Elder hardly cared. "Outsider, you are still talking big at this time!"

The Dark Elves in the surroundings slowly approached, and all of their magic patterns started shining.

The 2nd Elder's face was full of grief and despair as he looked at the familiar-looking Dark Elves walking over. He couldn't help feeling pained... This was more painful than being killed himself.

The Dark Elves on the 2nd Elder's side were panicking even more. They couldn't even guess how many Dark Elves there were in that surrounding swarm. If this kind of force attacked, the Ancient War Trees would also be unable to resist.

If the 3rd Elder went berserk and used the Dark Elves' lives as sacrifices, the defense of the Ancient War Trees would definitely be breached...

"2nd Elder, what should we do? The 3rd Elder will really kill us!"

"2nd Elder, we will really die! The 3rd Elder shouldn't kill us if we hand over that Outsider..."

"Finished, we are finished, we can't resist!"

As the despairing mood spread, even the 2nd Elder could only close his eyes in pain. Even in such circumstances, he truly didn't want to shed Dark Elven blood.

'It's fine, it's only death. As long as the Dark Elves don't suffer a blow they can't recover from, I hope the 3rd Elder will lead the clan to its rise. That way, our deaths won't be in vain...

'It's unfortunate that Mafa Merlin was dragged into this... I'm sorry Mafa Merlin, the Dark Elves are unworthy.'

The 2nd Elder was tearful. This matter already made this old man, who was well-known for always playing the mediator, unable to control himself.

A large number of spells fell and landed on the Ancient War Trees, and moreover, the Dark Elves with swordsmanship magic patterns also brandished their swords and rushed over.

But at that time, the entire Dark Elven Clan shook.

In the distance, the door leading to the Life Pattern Crystal's small world exploded and a mirage-like scene of that world's entrance could be seen in the air.

A tree growing into an altar could be seen in the center of that flourishing world, hosting a crystal overflowing with colors.

At that time, everyone could see the crystal continuously shaking and the rainbow-colored light frantically flickering.

The Dark Elves were all terrified.

Those that were still attacking instantly stopped.

The 3rd Elder was shocked as he looked at the mirage appearing in the air.

Every single Dark Elf felt a fear evolving from their hearts, and furthermore, every single one of them understood what this represented.

The entrance to the Life Pattern Crystal's world collapsed and that image appeared. This meant that the Life Pattern Crystal's small world was about to collapse.

Everything happening inside appeared in front of them, and the Crystal kept shaking while its light flickered frantically. This was the sign that the Life Pattern Crystal was collapsing!

"What did you do?!" the 3rd Elder asked in alarm and anger.

Lin Yun sneered and raised his head to look at that mirage. "Oh, nothing much. But don't regret attacking me. The Life Pattern Crystal has recently undergone a rebirth, but it can't bear being tormented like that."

All the Dark Elves instantly understood that Lin Yun was in complete control of the Life Pattern Crystal.

The Dark Elves stopped in alarm, all of them terrified, and some couldn't help retreating.

They had just heard that the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation had been retrieved and that the crystal itself had been restored, moving all of them to tears, while many of them were deeply grateful to Lin Yun.

The ones that had been against these actions had been forcibly subdued by the 3rd Elder's men, but they originally felt like rebelling.

They were reluctant to attack Lin Yun and stood on the edge, but because of the 3rd Elder's intimidation, they were forced to act.

Now that they discovered that the Life Pattern Crystal's existence was in the hands of Lin Yun, they all became scared. They were afraid that the Life Pattern Crystal would truly shatter, so most Dark Elves started retreating, afraid that any action would cause a misunderstanding.

The 2nd Elder was also shocked as he looked at Lin Yun.

'When did Merlin do it? Heavens, he wouldn't really shatter the Life Pattern Crystal, would he? That foolish 3rd Elder will become the greatest sinner of the Dark Elven Race!

'Yes, Merlin definitely used the power of the Life Pattern Crystal to control the Ancient War Trees. If he really wants us to die alongside him and shatters the Life Pattern Crystal, won't the Dark Elves end up extinct now?

'Even before, we still had a few dozen years left, but could it be that the Dark Elves will end up being destroyed today?'

Fear could be seen on the 2nd Elder's face. He had originally given up in despair because only he would die while the Dark Elves would at least survive with their greatest crisis dealt with. But it was different now... As long as Lin Yun used enough power, the entire Dark Elven Race would be eradicated.

The 3rd Elder was taken aback. Because the original entrance to that small world was destroyed, the defenses that normally would protect it had disappeared, meaning that its world was now wide open.

'That damned outsider, does he really have the life of the Life Pattern Crystal under his control? If that really were the case, then wouldn't my life be in the hands of that damned outsider? As well as the lives of all Dark Elves?

'Then what was the point of scheming to put the entire clan under my control...'

A subordinate of the 3rd Elder was nervous and shocked, glancing at the 3rd Elder from time to time.

'Since that outsider was able to restore the Life Pattern Crystal, then wouldn't he be able to control the Life Pattern Crystal itself? It just barely recovered, and now it's on the verge of shattering again... If it shatters this time, it might never recover again...

'My son was born in the last few decades but has yet to obtain the blessings of the Life Pattern Crystal... Should I try to persuade the 3rd Elder to let that outsider leave? He is an outsider anyway. After leaving, he won't disturb the peace of the clan. At that time, everything will return to normal...

All the Dark Elves were terrified, none of them wanted to confront Lin Yun, and the greatest majority wanted Lin Yun to quickly depart.

The despair of regaining hope before losing it completely was like a poison corroding the Dark Elves' minds. That was true fear.

After being shocked for a short moment, the 2nd Elder shouted in horror for the first time, "Mafa Merlin! Please don't be impulsive! We can always discuss this!"

The 2nd Elder tried appeasing Lin Yun, but after seeing no change, he felt his heart sink. He anxiously rushed to the edge of the Ancient War Trees before roaring to the 3rd Elder, "3rd Elder, are you trying to bury the entire Dark Elven Race because of your personal grudge?"

The 3rd Elder sneered, "Who knows if what he says is true or false? The Life Pattern Crystal of our Dark Elven Race is an inheritance inherited for countless years, even we can't control the Life Pattern Crystal. He is a mere outsider, how could he control the Life Pattern Crystal? This is a scam!"

The 2nd Elder angrily answered, "Damn you! Broust! Don't you understand? Mafa Merlin retrieved the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation, and he made the Life Pattern Crystal undergo rebirth! His understanding of it is higher than ours, it's completely normal for him to be able to control the life of the Life Pattern Crystal! Moreover, haven't you seen what just happened!?"

At that time, a subordinate of the 3rd Elder couldn't help but say, "3rd Elder, how about we just expel that outsider? The clan's safety is everything. Now that the Life Pattern Crystal has already recovered, we definitely can't bear to see a second disaster. Have you forgotten about the 1st disaster? Having the outsider disappear, isn't that good?"

The 3rd Elder glared at his subordinate and angrily shouted, "What do you understand? That outsider is extremely crafty, but I've seen through his plot! He only placed an array at the entrance of the small world ahead of time and just destroyed the entrance! After the entrance was destroyed, the Life Pattern Crystal's world can no longer be hidden. It's definitely fake, he is tricking all of you. That mirage is also fake!"

The 2nd Elder hurriedly stomped his feet. "Broust, the price for your stupidity will be the entire Dark Elven Clan! Is destroying the entire clan your wish!?"

At that time, Lin Yun softly said, "The Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation was suppressed in my True Spirit Magic Tool, so the Life Pattern Crystal now has my imprint. I advise you to not act rashly if you don't want to lose it."

As soon as Lin Yun said this, the 2nd Elder immediately stood out and shouted, "Everyone, don't act rashly, I can confirm what he said. The Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation was indeed suppressed in Mafa Merlin's True Spirit Magic Tool. In the end, the Incarnation was forcibly shattered into pieces, turning into a rain of light drizzling in the Life Pattern Crystal's small world, and the world was reborn alongside the shattered Life Pattern Crystal! Mafa Merlin's words are true!"