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 "Great Elder? Hahaha... I truly don't care! That old b*stard had been suppressing me for a long time. It was a waste of our long-lasted friendship. This time he went into the Lightless Dreamland to undergo his last struggle and unexpectedly gave you the authority. He'll die in the Lightless Dreamland and will never be able to wake up. And even if he ends up waking up, so what? I will have already taken control of the entire clan by that time. What could he do by himself? Moreover, everyone knows that he won't wake up...

"As for the Empress, do you guys even remember about the Empress? She has left the clan for so many years, hasn't she? Do you still remember her? She left to search for the Incarnation and we haven't received any news from her for the last few decades. She might have already died, and even if she didn't, it's no longer a cause for concern."

The 3rd Elder was so lost in exhilaration that he didn't even care about the Empress and the Great Elder.

This made the 2nd Elder feel defeated... He had no hope for the 3rd Elder, who had already gone mad, and the 2nd Elder definitely couldn't make a comeback with the power of their group. The situation was completely under the 3rd Elder's control.

The 3rd Elder proudly looked down at the defeated 2nd Elder before looking at Lin Yun with eyes full of killing intent. He gnashed his teeth as he said, "Outsider, it is time for your death. Regardless of what you did, your ending was decided the moment you killed Jers! Do you want to keep hiding behind these wastes? What's wrong? You have no confidence? You don't dare to step up?"

Lin Yun was extremely calm as he walked to the front, looking at the 3rd Elder as if he was looking at air.

"3rd Elder, right? No wonder you could only be the 3rd Elder, that goading is really crude. Do you really think victory is already within your grasp?"

The 3rd Elder sneered as he looked at Lin Yun. "So you are trying to show off now? Wait until you are in my grasp and you'll regret being born. You think I'll give you an easy death? That would be letting you off easy!

"I'll lock you in the darkest cell of the Dark Elven Clan, the place with the densest and most chaotic mana. Locking you there will pollute your mana like a poison and it will feel like a knife flowing through your body. You never experienced that feeling before, have you?

"You think that's all? You are gravely mistaken. There is a kind of half-ghost lifeform in the God Nation that is fond of devouring flesh. I'll capture a batch and put them in your cell. But rest assured, these lifeforms have very little appetite, they will only swallow a bit of flesh every day and it will take several years until you are cleanly eaten.

"And don't think that your soul can rest once your body falls apart, I'll make a lantern out of your skull and use your soul as fuel. I shall watch as your soul slowly burns over several hundred years!"

The 3rd Elder's shouts made the surrounding Dark Elves shiver. That was the most malicious torture method which would make any victim yearn for death.

The dense mana would make a mage's body very tenacious. It would be quite normal for a High Mage to survive there for a few hundred years, and with his mana being polluted, he wouldn't have the means to die on his own and could only endure the torture.

Lin Yun's expression didn't change. 'Chaotic mana? Could that place be any worse than the end of Noscent?

'At the end, every wisp of mana had to be absorbed from the Netherstorm, and such a wisp was far more than chaotic. Absorbing it was like having countless red-hot flaming knives rotating within my body.

'Scaring people with those kinds of threats? Too childish...'

"That's it? I thought you had some special method... This is so disappointing."

As he saw the disappointment on Lin Yun's face, the 3rd Elder immediately flew into a rage and angrily shouted, "Capture him! And don't kill him!"

A dozen Archmage-ranked Dark Elves came out of the encirclement. They were the most loyal subordinates of the 3rd Elder, and each one was very powerful.

The 2nd Elder worryingly looked at Lin Yun.

'The 3rd Elder is truly heartless, he really wants to catch Mafa Merlin to torture him. Those dozen Dark Elves are all powerhouses within the clan, each with their own specialty. I really didn't expect them to all be his subordinates...

'That hunting team's captain once killed a level 36 magic beast, and the one next to him killed several Archmage-ranked Demon Warlocks in a war against the Ash Beastmen... Mafa Merlin is in trouble... I can't let them capture him.

'But he isn't as weak as he appears to be, so he should be fine, right?'

The 2nd Elder was feeling sullen as he was thinking about whether he should help Lin Yun or not. He was afraid that if he made a move, the 3rd Elder would intervene even further and the situation would go out of control...

As the 2nd Elder hesitated, the 3rd Elder's subordinates attacked.

A Fire God Spear suddenly appeared, and the sharp sound it let out as it pierced the sky was the prologue of that fight.

Lin Yun pointed his Draconic Staff, and another Fire God Spear appeared in the air, colliding with the one flying towards him.

A loud explosion echoed as the two Fire God Spears shattered simultaneously.

In an instant, a large number of spells were released by those Dark Elves and countless fire, ice, wind, and dark spells flew towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun opened the Book of Death in his left hand and, without even chanting, wind rose up and condensed into a cyan tornado before transforming into a Tornado Shield revolving around Lin Yun.

Immediately after that, an eight-sided Ice Fire Shield appeared and crazily rotated alongside the Tornado Shield. The spells cast by the Dark Elves were stopped three meters away from Lin Yun by this impenetrable defense.

Lin Yun then raised his Draconic Staff and a faint radiance rose from its tip as a large number of Low Tier Spells burst out and transformed into a huge storm.

Every single Dark Elven powerhouse was surrounded by several dozen spells, and half of them had their shields instantly shattered before they were sent flying while puking blood.

The others immediately cast advanced defensive spells as they saw the bloodbath, quickly condensing Fire Shields while setting up Ice Walls.

But in an instant, one Dark Elf's Runic Shield was forcibly torn apart, and the deep cyan Wind Blade that tore through his Runic Shield left a bone-deep cut in his chest.

More than half of the Dark Elven powerhouses had their defenses torn apart by Space Rending Blades and were seriously injured.

At that time, a few dozen Dark Elves came out of the encirclement, half of them casting spells at Lin Yun while the other half cast defensive spells at the wounded Dark Elves.

But more and more spells were cast by Lin Yun. He was pushing them back on his own while continuously wounding some of them. A few dozen Dark Elves were fighting against one person, but Lin Yun alone was suppressing all of them.

The 3rd Elder looked startled and angry, before becoming gloomy a few seconds later.

He waved his hands towards the subordinates that couldn't even raise their heads and blade-like gales suddenly appeared to block Lin Yun's spells.

"Withdraw!" he angrily shouted towards his subordinates before walking over.

"I didn't expect you to be so powerful! I had actually tried to overestimate you quite a bit to be safe, but I hadn't thought that I would still be underestimating you... No matter, the conclusion will still be the same!"

After saying that, a huge amount of mana emerged from the 3rd Elder's body and the powerful mana fluctuations caused visible ripples in the air. Those fluctuations were also carrying a wisp of an indescribable, frightening aura.

That was the qualitative difference between a 9th Rank Archmage and an 8th Rank Archmage. Before the 9th Rank, Archmages would have to rely on their own power to break through, but 9th Rank Archmages definitely had a certain understanding and comprehension of the Laws.

As the final step before the Heaven Rank, although they still couldn't use the Laws to fight like the Heaven Rank powerhouses, they had already stepped on that extraordinary path.

Meanwhile, 8th Rank Archmages might not have even discovered what path to follow.

Although the 3rd Elder had broken through to the 9th Rank not long ago, the Dark Elves' long lifespan gave him a solid foundation, and his strength far surpassed that of an 8th Rank Archmage.

Lin Yun's expression instantly became serious.

He could feel that the mana fluctuations of the 3rd Elder carried a hint of the laws, and that bit was like the difference between heaven and earth.

That was a genuine 9th Rank Archmage. It wasn't like the battle he fought against the 2nd Elder in the Life Pattern Crystal's small world.

At that time, the 2nd Elder was plagued by apprehension, which was causing him to hold back. He was afraid of shattering the Life Pattern Crystal if he used his full power as a 9th Rank Archmage, yet he still fought Lin Yun to a standstill.

But the 3rd Elder didn't have those misgivings. He could fully use his power and was even a bit stronger as he was fueled by rage.

And sure enough, the 3rd Elder instantly summoned a meteor. A massive ten-meter-wide meteor fell down, dragging a long, black trail behind it. The pressure made the air shake. It was still over a hundred meters away and falling down at a moderate speed, but that still made Lin Yun feel extreme pressure.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and a dozen Bursting Flames soared out.

The sound caused by the explosions loudly echoed within the Dark Elven Clan.