"2nd Elder, this is very serious. The 3rd Elder unexpectedly betrayed the clan! He took advantage of you being away to ambush the 4th Elder and the 5th Elder before taking control of the entire clan. The 3rd Elder must have gotten the news that we just came out. Let's stay away for now..."

Hearing this, the 2nd Elder's expression turned ashen. He had fire burning in his eyes while still looking extremely sorrowful.

Lin Yun frowned slightly and took out a few spirit mana crystals after checking the surroundings. He quickly carved a few runes on these spirit mana crystals and tossed them out.

The mana crystals merged with the ground and the surrounding defensive trees.

'No wonder the Dark Elves' greatest defense didn't seem to react, it was because the 3rd Elder had rebelled...

'These trees were ordered to sleep.'

After doing that, he could hear the sounds of some people approaching, and then the 3rd Elder came over with a group of Dark Elves, his mad laughter reaching them before they did.

"Hahaha... 2nd Elder, you hadn't expected the entire Dark Elven Clan to already be under my control, did you? What achievements do you have? You are only a peaceful old fart hoarding the 2nd Elder's position and using the clan's authority. Let's see how many people will support you now!" The 3rd Elder laughed as he came over with an unconcealable expression of pride on his face.

The 3rd Elder wasn't as serious and righteous as before. He no longer looked like the staunchest supporter and executor of the rules of the Dark Elven Clan.

He looked around with confidence at everyone as if he was looking down on a group of animals waiting to be slaughtered.

"Starting today, I have the final say when it comes to the Dark Elven Clan. You'll all understand what happens to those who resist me! I'll give you one chance. Whoever wants to rely on me, come forward and I might consider it."

The 3rd Elder laughed heartily as he acted like a charitable winner.

But his smile froze after he looked around.

"What about Jers? Let Jers come out to meet me!" As he was unable to discover Jers, the 3rd Elder suddenly had a bad feeling. He yelled twice but didn't get an answer.

All those who had gone to the Life Pattern Crystal with Lin Yun lowered their heads and remained silent. Lin Yun remained expressionless as he calmly stood there, as did the 2nd Elder.

Seeing the actions and expressions of that group, the 3rd Elder understood that something might have happened to Jers.

The 3rd Elder suddenly grabbed the person next to him and angrily shouted, "Where is Jers?"

That person shook as he answered in fear, "He seemed to have followed the 2nd Elder's group to the Life Pattern Crystal's location..."

The 3rd Elder was at a loss... He now understood that Jers was definitely dead.

The 3rd Elder turned towards the group of people coming back from the Life Pattern Crystal's small world, pointed at them, and shouted with a shaking voice, "You are dead! None of you can leave this place alive today! Since you murdered my son, I'll bury you alongside him!"

The roar of the 3rd Elder and his sudden change in attitude scared some of them, especially when they sensed him emitting his pressure as a 9th Rank Archmage. They were all trembling with fear, as if a huge rock was pressing onto their backs.

A few Deacons looked at each other and suddenly walked out from the 2nd Elder's group before quickly moving aside.

"3rd Elder, Jers' death has nothing to do with us!"

"It's him, it's that outsider, he was the one who murdered Jers!"

"We wanted to stop him, but we were unable to!"

The few of them walked over in fear as they shouted to the 3rd Elder, still vigilantly looking at Lin Yun, apparently wary that Lin Yun would silence them.

Lin Yun glanced at those guys indifferently, not surprised in the least by their betrayal. In the Life Pattern Crystal's world, they had been hiding in the back the whole time while only casting a few spells to keep up appearances, but they never dared to keep fighting.

The 3rd Elder stared at Lin Yun icily, his eyes filled with killing intent. He ground his teeth and looked at those treacherous Dark Elves who had spoken up. "Tell me! How did Jers die in the end!"

Those Dark Elves paled before answering fearfully, "3rd Elder, Jers died a miserable death in the hands of that outsider..."

"Right, he used an earth-attributed spell to drown Jers in sand and we couldn't do anything..."

"It really has nothing to do with us, this outsider wanted to shatter the Life Pattern Crystal, but Jers was trying to stop him. We wanted to stop him, but we were unable to, and Jers died..."

"If it wasn't for us being too weak for him to care about, that outsider might have killed us..."

These Dark Elves kept professing their innocence while claiming that everything was Lin Yun's fault.

The sorrowful 3rd Elder raised his head, clenched his fists, and ground his teeth for a few seconds before looking at Lin Yun with bloodshot eyes, a fierce aura leaking from his body.

"Outsider, I should have dealt with you earlier, I should have killed you regardless of the cost, I should have listened to Jers! If I had killed you back then, Jers wouldn't have died in vain, goddamnit! You are dead!"

The 3rd Elder's body was shivering, feeling sad and angry. At his proudest moment, he learnt of his son's death.

"Surround them, no one can escape today! Especially that damned outsider, he has to die!"

A large number of Dark Elves converged in from the surroundings, and as more and more of them appeared, they completely encircled Lin Yun and the 2nd Elder's group.

The 2nd Elder seemed sorrowful as he looked at these familiar faces and saw the people he knew obeying the 3rd Elder's orders. This showed that the situation was worse than he had thought... The 3rd Elder had thoroughly rebelled.

The 2nd Elder slowly took a step forward and threw a pained look at the 3rd Elder. "Broust, do you know the consequences of your actions?"

Broust was the 3rd Elder's name, a name that was no longer used since he rose to the seat of 3rd Elder. It was the same for the 2nd Elder; 2nd Elder and 3rd Elder had become their new names. This was a reminder that they should forget about themselves and only think of the responsibilities of their positions.

The 2nd Elder hadn't called the 3rd Elder by his name for a very long time, but after hearing his own somewhat unfamiliar name, the 3rd Elder only sneered, "2nd Elder, regardless of what you say today, I'm now in charge of the Dark Elven Clan. Starting today, you are no longer the 2nd Elder, but my prisoner. Rest assured, considering the friendly relationship we had over the years, I won't kill you. I'll just imprison you for life. But that outsider has to die! You had best surrender obediently!"

The 2nd Elder lamented and angrily stomped his foot on the ground. "Broust, do you even know what's going on? Mafa Merlin killed Jers by mistake while trying to restore the Life Pattern Crystal. This has nothing to do with Mafa Merlin! He is our Dark Elven Clan's benefactor and you actually want to kill him? Mafa Merlin suffered countless hardships to retrieve the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation and then made the Life Pattern Crystal completely recover, putting an end to the Dark Elves' extinction disaster. How could you fight him for a personal grudge!?"

The 3rd Elder slightly froze before proudly laughing, "Good! Good! I originally believed that a guy like you who is only good at using the clan's authority would slowly lead our clan to extinction and that once I took control, I would look for the Incarnation myself! But I truly hadn't expected that damned outsider to have already retrieved the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation! Great, very great! It is surely the will of heaven, everything returned to normal after I took control of the clan!"

As the 3rd Elder proudly laughed, and the other Dark Elves also cheered as they heard the news. The biggest reason that they had decided to follow the 3rd Elder was the commonly known fact that the clan only had a few decades left before their extinction, and the 3rd Elder had promised to do his best to restore the Life Pattern Crystal within these few decades.

Now that it was already restored, they couldn't help cheering.

When the despair of the Dark Elves reached its peak after a century of disasters, the 3rd Elder gave them hope and he had the Dark Elves on his side revolt alongside him.

And just as the 3rd Elder rebelled, the Life Pattern Crystal was unexpectedly restored. Hearing his words, many Dark Elves indeed thought that the 3rd Elder being in power was truly the will of heaven.

At that time, the most loyal Dark Elves even felt that Mafa Merlin had to die. Even if he did a huge favor to the Dark Elven Clan, he still had to die. That kindness was too great, so he had to die. Only that way could they feel better.

The 2nd Elder saw the expressions on the Dark Elves near the 3rd Elder becoming even fiercer and grief appeared on his face. 'How could the Dark Elves end up like this?'

As for the 3rd Elder, the killing intent on his face was hardly concealed. He was the one who hated Lin Yun the most.

"Broust, even if you control the clan for now, don't you forget about the Great Elder and the Empress!"

But the 3rd Elder only laughed maniacally as if he didn't care.