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 The Dark Elven Clan's source of life had ceased to exist, it was all over.

Although the Incarnation had been missing for a long time, at least they had a few dozen years left before their doom, so they still had hope.

Now, they couldn't even hold on to that hope. The Dark Elves would become history. From now on, no more Dark Elven children would be born in this world...

'We shouldn't have brought Merlin here... If not for him, this wouldn't have happened and our clansmen would have had at least a few dozen years of hope. Now they can't even have that...'

The 2nd Elder watched as that small world started violently shaking. The space within started fluctuating, and one pitch-black spatial crack after another appeared in the sky like scars.

Fierce winds blew, and a chaotic power started coming into view. Mana rushed into the world from the void and the deathly silent desert flared up again, grains of sand flowing alongside the tornado.

All the Dark Elves fell to the ground while wailing as if they had lost all hope.

Moreover, a few crazy Dark Elves even charged at Lin Yun, flinging out all the spells they had.

"B*stard! Pay with your life!"

"We will drag you down with us! Since we will die, so should you!"


The world was about to be destroyed and the Dark Elves were about to perish...

Lin Yun glanced indifferently at the prologue to that world's destruction, completely unaffected by it.

After all, what could be more shocking than Noscent's destruction? He had even seen it three times. In comparison, this small event wasn't even worth noting.

Lin Yun released a few spells with a flick of his hand and multiple vines drilled out of the sand to restrict the crazy Dark Elves.

Disdain flashed on Lin Yun's face as he looked at the Dark Elves who had lost their reason and wanted to kill him out of despair. 'These Dark Elves didn't even understand their race's foundation... Really now...'

"Have you ever heard of a Black Phoenix? Don't you know about rebirth? Really a bunch of fools," Lin Yun casually said before holding the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel that was violently shaking. The bright light it hosted couldn't be suppressed. The Incarnation was going crazy as he sensed what was happening outside.

His escape wouldn't be a problem at this time. His connection to the Life Pattern Crystal was very weak outside, especially in places with great interference like that door. The distance when outside this world was incomparable to the ease of access when actually in this world.

But since it was in this Life Pattern Crystal's small world, if the world collapsed, the first to die would be the Magic Tool Incarnation!

The world was already showing signs of collapse and the Incarnation was frantically struggling. Unfortunately, it wasn't just Enderfa and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel; even Lin Yun was personally suppressing him, giving him no chance to resist.

More and more pitch-black spatial cracks appeared in the sky, absorbing the berserk mana like a flood. The light in the center of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel chose this time to suddenly burst with power.

In an instant, a beam of light rushed towards the sky.

After a few seconds, everyone could see a glaring light suddenly exploding and scattering in the sky like fireworks.

Light bathed the entire world as countless drops of light fell down from the sky.

Those continuously widening cracks slowly closed, and, as if the dusky sky was being pushed aside by a big hand, a blue sky replaced it.

The power of the berserk elements also hurriedly stabilized, and as those drops of light hit the ground, the desert started to undergo great changes.

The sand within five thousand kilometers slowly changed back into soil, and emerald-green sprouts drilled out from that soil, growing fast enough to see with the naked eye. It only took a few seconds for saplings to turn into tall trees that further grew until they towered over all of them. The ground was covered in grass and five-colored flowers bloomed all over.

In less than a minute, the entire world had changed.

The originally desolate desert had turned into a bright place... The flowers and grass felt like a dream.

The originally withered and silent world was now transforming into a thriving place full of vitality and rich in mana.

And in front of everyone, an altar of trees and flowers slowly rose up from the ground.

Countless rays of light converged from across the entire world towards this altar, and from a fist-sized glimmer, it turned into a glaring light the size of a man.

After all the rays of light converged, the glaring radiance slowly scattered, only leaving behind a crystal that was over a meter tall in the center of the altar, overflowing with radiance and full of illusory reflections.

The 2nd Elder was sitting on the ground, blankly looking at the world in front of him. He hadn't even recovered from the blow he had suffered before such a shocking transformation happened, he couldn't even react.

Those crazily weeping Dark Elves that had wanted to kill Lin Yun were dumbfounded, completely forgetting about the fact that they were bound in midair.

After a while, the 2nd Elder jumped out from the ground while crying out in fear and crawled in a mad dash towards the reborn Life Pattern Crystal.

The 2nd Elder trembled as he nervously touched the Life Pattern Crystal and couldn't help shedding a tear after feeling that familiar power.

They had been looking forward to it for a century. They were helpless about what happened during that time, but this day, they finally solved their issue.

After some time, the 2nd Elder walked down from the altar and approached Lin Yun. He was extremely respectful and deferential as he bowed to him.

"Mafa Merlin, I don't know how to express my gratitude. I represent the entire Dark Elven Clan to thank you for this matter. As for what happened just before, I sincerely apologize. You can ask for anything, even if it's my death, I will accept it without the slightest bit of complaint."

The 2nd Elder looked ashamed. If he'd really stopped Mafa Merlin, then he would have been the biggest sinner of the Dark Elven Race, and dying a thousand times wouldn't have been enough to make up for it.

As for the other Dark Elves, they recovered from their shock and all looked at Lin Yun with very complicated expressions. No one had expected that shattering the Life Pattern Crystal would restore everything.

Lingering fear could be seen in many of them. If not for Merlin, then even if they found the Life Pattern Crystal, they might have been unable to restore it to its original state.

Lin Yun set down the few Dark Elves that had wanted to kill him, and the first thing they did was to apologize profusely. It looked like they would happily be killed in exchange for forgiveness.

Lin Yun ignored these overjoyed Dark Elves and let them continue their raucous cheers.

After a while, these people recalled that this good news should be spread through the entire Dark Elven Clan.

The small group left the crystal's world to return to the clan, only to discover something wrong.

The clan was too peaceful... The excited Dark Elves shouted that the Life Pattern Crystal was restored, but they didn't get any response.

There was not even a single Dark Elf at the gates...

Lin Yun frowned, but he didn't say anything.

The group went towards the center of the clan, but they couldn't see anyone moving about, and the people that should have been on guard duty were missing.

After walking for a bit, they discovered the silhouette of a Dark Elf not far from there, so the 2nd Elder shouted, "Come over, what happened to the clan and our people?"

But to their surprise, that Dark Elf remained in the distance and only coldly looked at them, completely ignoring the 2nd Elder's words.

The 2nd Elder was a bit surprised, and he didn't understand what was going on. As the clan's 2nd Elder, he was the one in charge when the Great Elder wasn't there, yet there was a Dark Elf ignoring him.

With that added to the strangely calm surroundings and the missing people, even a fool could see that something was off.

Suddenly, a few spells aimed at the 2nd Elder rushed out from some treehouses in the surroundings, clearly carrying the power of Ultimate Spells. They were obviously aiming to kill him.

Fire and ice spells instantly arrived in front of the 2nd Elder.

Shock could be seen on the 2nd Elder's face, but he instantly cast a Mana Shield blocking all those spells as his mana was roused, summoning several dozen Wind Blades at the same time.

In an instant, a few blood-curdling screams echoed before coming to an abrupt end in those treehouses, but one of them kept echoing.

A Dark Elf next to the 2nd Elder rushed into the treehouse and brought back a Dark Elf with a huge wound on his chest that was caused by one of the Wind Blades.

"To dare ambush the clan's 2nd Elder, you are simply courting death!" a Dark Elf angrily shouted from the side.

The injured Dark Elf was strong-willed and kept taking deep breaths as cold sweat dripped down his forehead, but he didn't say anything.

The 2nd Elder had a cold expression. After that ambush, he felt that things were more serious than he imagined.

"2nd Elder, I'll interrogate him." The one saying those words was a Deacon in charge of the prison. The 2nd Elder knew what that interrogation entailed, but the situation was too serious and he couldn't hesitate, so he could only nod.

That Deacon sneered at the ambusher, and after a few seconds, the mournful screams of that Dark Elf kept echoing.

Less than a minute later, the screams came to an abrupt end.

The Deacon then came back with an extremely unsightly expression.