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 Jers' proud face was full of anger, and his body's magic patterns were shining brightly as one powerful spell after another flew towards Lin Yun.

He had been waiting for this moment all along. 'Let's see what kind of excuse you'll use this time. You are screwed since you dared to attack! The entire Dark Elven Clan is your enemy now!

'Shameful sneaky guy, I'll personally kill you this time in front of everyone... You'll wallow despair!'

Jers couldn't help smiling. He had been waiting for a chance to get revenge ever since he was defeated. He had always felt that he would never have lost in a fair fight and had wanted to wash away that disgrace for a long time.

Countless Wind Blades shining with metallic luster and several kinds of ice spells formed a sharp, freezing storm that flew towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun held his Draconic Staff and softly waved, causing a small light to rise from the tip of the Draconic Staff and creating six layers of Ice Fire Shield around Lin Yun.

Three of them were Fire Shields and three were Ice Shields. The six layers of Ice Fire Shields quickly rotated around Lin Yun and completely stopped spells contained within the freezing storm.

It looked as if a red and blue sphere was enveloping Lin Yun.

After a few seconds, all the spells that Jers had sneakily thrown had been completely intercepted, unable to make Lin Yun have to take a single step.

Lin Yun slowly raised his head and looked at Jers. "You were already lucky the first time, but I really didn't think that you wouldn't even treasure that opportunity."

Jers froze, looking at Lin Yun in disbelief. He was surprised that the spell bombardment he was so proud of would be blocked by a simple Ice Fire Shield.

Moreover, it looked as if the Ice Fire Shield was continuously rotating and intercepting each of his spells.

'This is impossible, how could that sneaky and despicable human block my spells! I used instant magic pattern spells!

'Wait, I still have an Ultimate Spell! I can get rid of that human as long as I use that Ultimate Spell! Using that Ultimate Spell is showing too much respect to that shameful outsider, he might have never seen an Ultimate Spell in his entire life... but it's worth it to get back at him!'

As he thought of this, Jers sneered.

A magic pattern on his arm began to shine, and the earth started shaking in an instant. Sand converged and transformed into a huge palm.

The sand kept being squeezed until it turned into a citrine-like palm. The realistic palm slowly stretched out from the ground and ruthlessly swatted at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun threw an indifferent glance and asked, "Is that the extent of your power?"

A light shone at the tip of the Draconic Staff, and in an instant, an eight-meter-tall Askrim Gate came out of the ground in front of Lin Yun. Casting a spell like this in such an environment only relied on Lin Yun's own mana.

The gigantic palm slammed the Askrim Gate and a fierce power erupted as a result of the collision. In an instant, the Askrim Gate turned into fragments falling to the ground, while the huge palm turned back to sand.

Jers was shocked. He didn't dare to believe that his most powerful spell, an Ultimate Earth Hand that was comparable to a 6th Tier Spell, was so easily blocked.

Then, the sand under Jers' feet faintly shook as the endless sand rushed forth like a group of ants and covered half of his body.

Jers was startled and angry at the same time. His mana surged and scattered a large amount of sand, but even more of it rushed from the ground. It only took an instant for the sand to cover Jers up to his neck.

The other Dark Elves were pale and sweating as they watched this.

Jers was their clan's number 1 genius. He was the strongest person apart from the powerful Elders. He had the power of an 8th Rank Archmage, but he couldn't even withstand a single blow in this direct confrontation.

That Mafa Merlin hadn't even incanted, nor had he used his True Spirit Magic Tool to make Jers suffer.

Was that Mafa Merlin really a 9th Rank High Mage?

How could he be so powerful?

The group was completely shocked, but they didn't dare to make a move. Jers had already been defeated, so they certainly wouldn't be able to change the outcome if they went.

It looked as if Jers' head would soon be completely covered by the sand, and the 2nd Elder soon couldn't endure Jers' miserable screams any longer.

"Mafa Merlin, release Jers."

Formidable mana fluctuations rose as the power of a 9th Rank Archmage spread in the surroundings, making Lin Yun frown.

The 2nd Elder released some pressure, but as he saw that Lin Yun didn't give up, a magic pattern shone on his body and a dozen Wind Blades charged towards Jers. He wanted to use the power of the Wind Blades to break apart the layer of sand around Jers' body.

But then, Frost Spikes that numbered the same as the Wind Blades appeared out of nowhere and struck them down.

By that time, the sand had already thoroughly covered Jers' body, and countless grains of sand kept converging together. It took less than two seconds for the sand to turn into a huge sphere, trapping Jers inside.

Lin Yun extended his hand towards the sphere of sand before clenching his fist. The three-meter sand sphere shrank as if all the sand was being squeezed towards the center.

The struggling Jers had disappeared and the sand sphere seemed to have condensed into a rock. After a few seconds, blood started percolating out of the sphere.

The 2nd Elder had an angry expression as he shouted, "Mafa Merlin! You are going too far!"

Then, the 2nd Elder's body shone with three magic patterns, and in an instant, thirty to forty 3rd and 4th Tier Spells flew over.

As a 9th Rank Dark Elf Archmage, the 2nd Elder's burst of power forced Lin Yun to go all-out.

He took the Book of Death with his left-hand and roused the power of the Element Chapter, and a light also radiated from the Draconic Staff.

The Magic Array frantically started doing calculations on the 2nd Elder's spells... Their power, characteristics, paths, it captured everything.

At the same time, Lin Yun started his own casting, creating a flood of spells that collided with the 2nd Elder's spells.

Gales suddenly rose as the violent mana fluctuations turned into shockwaves that spread in all directions. The sand sprayed out like arrows that attacked the surface of the Life Pattern Crystal.

The expression of the 2nd Elder changed and the power of the spells he cast was greatly reduced, the amount halved in just a few seconds.

This made cold sweat trickle down the backs of the spectating Dark Elves.

The 2nd Elder was a genuine 9th Rank Archmage, and even though he was quite old and wasn't comparable to his heyday, he was still powerful, far more powerful than an 8th Rank Archmage!

Yet that Merlin was so formidable that he could match him. With the two going all-out, the aftermath alone would be enough to shatter the Life Pattern Crystal which was so close to them...

After the 2nd Elder also discovered that point, he was fearful and nervous as he threw his spells. His strength had dropped because he had been managing the clan for so long, and now, he just kept hesitating as he cast spells, only fighting Lin Yun to a standstill.

Lin Yun was casting but didn't have these misgivings, as he knew that it would be for the best if the Life Pattern Crystal shattered.

It was really awkward with his current strength. With a True Spirit Magic Tool, he could win against ordinary 8th Rank Archmages without too much issue, and only the strongest 8th Rank Archmages could make him display his full power.

But he still couldn't handle 9th Rank Archmages, as the gap between those ranks was too large. However, his current opponent was holding back because of their nervousness about the Life Pattern Crystal while Lin Yun could go all-out. Where else could he find such a good opportunity?

After a few minutes, the 2nd Elder was visibly becoming even more hesitant while Lin Yun wasn't too far from the Life Pattern Crystal, releasing spells against it. The 2nd Elder was using his experience to block those spells while not even daring to use offensive spells of his own.

Lin Yun didn't use his Draconic Staff's Incarnation, and he didn't summon an Elemental Dragon, either. He only used the Element Chapter and the Magic Array to fight.

The result of the battle satisfied Lin Yun

"Alright, finished," Lin Yun mumbled in a low voice as a rune emitting strange mana fluctuations appeared within his palm.

As Lin Yun poured his mana into that rune, countless spinning runes appeared above the 2nd Elder. All the runes condensed into a new rune that flew towards the 2nd Elder's forehead.

The 2nd Elder was frightened and quickly retreated, casting a dozen defensive shields to block the rune, but they ended up being useless as it went straight through his defenses.

In an instant, the 2nd Elder felt as if he had lost contact with the surrounding elements as if he had been sealed. The mana within his body was disconnected from the outside world and couldn't even spread to the surface of his body.

"Magic Sealing Rune!" the 2nd Elder exclaimed in alarm.

He then extended his hands and pleaded to Lin Yun, "Mafa Merlin, please don't be reckless, we can still talk about it..."

Lin Yun didn't try to attack the 2nd Elder while the Magic Sealing Rune was in effect.

Although it disconnected the 2nd Elder from external mana and kept his own mana inside, it also sharply reduced the damage that the target would receive from spells. The greatest value of that rune was for buying time or interrupting a spell.

The Draconic Staff aimed at the Life Pattern Crystal, and in an instant, a dozen flaming meteors fell from the sky, followed by a dozen Bursting Flames, all with the same target, the Life Pattern Crystal

In one second, Lin Yun surpassed his limits and cast several dozen spells, each of which was no lower than the 5th Tier!

All of these powerful spells converged together into a berserk spell wave and flooded the Life Pattern Crystal.

And at this time, the Magic Sealing Rune's effect disappeared from the 2nd Elder's body.

The 2nd Elder didn't have time to move. He only saw the Life Pattern Crystal suddenly exploding into countless fragments and spreading in all directions.

The 2nd Elder, as well as the other Dark Elves, became lifeless.

The group foolishly watched as the Life Pattern Crystal was shattered to pieces.

The 2nd Elder was lying limply on the ground while everyone remained stunned.


'It shattered...'


'We are really doomed...'