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 Lin Yun knew that everything here was caused by the disappearance of the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation. The foundation of that small world was the complete Life Pattern Crystal, especially the Incarnation.

Without it, that world would keep falling apart over time, and if it continued at this pace, it wouldn't be long before it died off completely. At that time, the Dark Elves would have lost their foundation, and they would die one after another.

When the Life Pattern Crystal disappeared, the Dark Elves could practically be considered extinct.

They reached the center of the desert after walking for a long time. At that time, the 2nd Elder pointed with a trembling finger and slowly chanted a rhythmic incantation with emotional eyes.

The silent and windless desert suddenly shook as the sand in the center started moving, forming a thousand-meter-wide sand whirlpool.

The center of the desert started caving in until a pitch-black abyss could be seen, and a small light came floating up from it.

With the appearance of that faint light, the light within the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel fiercely shook.

A few seconds later, they were able to see what that floating light was.

It was a crystal that was half a man's height, and needless to say, Lin Yun knew that this was what the Dark Elven Clan viewed as their foundation, the Life Pattern Crystal.

At this moment, the Life Pattern Crystal didn't have its original shape. The surface was full of rough marks, and it looked like the most inferior type of quartz. It wasn't dazzling at all, and if it weren't for the faint, crystal-like luster, people would likely believe it if they were told that it was just a piece of limestone.

With the appearance of the Life Pattern Crystal, the whirlpool's rotation slowly disappeared and the desert once again regained its peace. There was just an extra piece of crystal in the desert.

The Dark Elves following behind them were looking at the Life Pattern Crystal with complicated expressions. The Dark Elves' rise and glory, as well as their talents... Everything was linked to this Life Pattern Crystal.

But that connection was so close that even their lives were linked. If there was a problem with the Life Pattern Crystal, the Dark Elves would meet a disaster.

Lin Yun looked at the Life Pattern Crystal in front of them and couldn't help recalling those future powerful mages, especially those that were comparable to Gods. In the end, they fell one after another when Noscent's mana dried up.

They were just like these Dark Elves.

The changes that happened to Noscent at that time remained secrets and weren't even recorded in the decaying library.

"Merlin, since you have retrieved the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation, can you take him out and hold him in place?"

The 2nd Elder's words pulled Lin Yun out of his contemplation.

Lin Yun's expression became a bit strange as he looked at the 2nd Elder, "This Incarnation already gained sentience of his own... You want to put him back, but do you think he'll patiently wait in there?"

Worry flashed on the 2nd Elder's face. He didn't know what to say, and even the surrounding Dark Elves looked at each other in dismay.

No one had thought about that problem before, because let alone capturing the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation, they couldn't even find clues about it, so no could have known how it had developed or thought about what to do after they caught it.

Everyone was stunned at this moment.

Yes, the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation was able to think by itself, so it definitely wouldn't remain in this small world like before. Wouldn't it run away again?

Now that they'd caught it, would it be enough to have one person guard it? As the Incarnation of the Life Pattern Crystal, it had absolute authority in this place, so hiding something from its guard was too simple.

What about sealing it in the Life Pattern Crystal?

There was no need to think about it. The Incarnation could enter and leave the crystal as if it was its own home. Furthermore, the foundation of this world was the Life Pattern Crystal. To trap the Incarnation inside, they would have to seal the Life Pattern Crystal, which would sever the connection between the Life Pattern Crystal and the Dark Elves.

This was simply not an option.

All the Dark Elves looked at each other in dismay, not knowing what to do.

Lin Yun had a deep gaze as he looked at the Life Pattern Crystal that was already transforming into limestone.

"Shatter it."

The 2nd Elder looked at Lin Yun blankly, thinking that he had misheard. "What did you just say?"

Lin Yun remained expressionless as he repeated, "Shatter it. If you want this world to recover and help the Dark Elves recover, you have to shatter this decayed Life Pattern Crystal."

These words shocked the Dark Elves that were listening.

Jers' eyes were wide open as he shouted, "Impossible! You are insane!"

After that loud scream, Jers was hysterically roaring at Lin Yun with anger. "Damned Outsider! I knew you were scheming something! Turns out you want to destroy our entire Dark Elven Clan! Damnit, I knew you were despicable, crazy, shameful, and full of malicious intent! You want to shatter the Life Pattern Crystal? No way! Hell, as long as I'm alive, no one can shatter the Life Pattern Crystal!"

Jers ruthlessly glared at Lin Yun with mana surging from his body, seemingly ready to make a move.

'Damned Outsider, so what if you retrieved the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation? You want to shatter the Life Pattern Crystal! I shall see how you'll die this time!'

The 2nd Elder looked at Lin Yun in shock, trying to make something of Lin Yun's expression.

If Lin Yun had said so at that start when they first met, the 2nd Elder definitely wouldn't have just stood there. But now, Lin Yun had already recovered the Incarnation of the Life Pattern Crystal, so his words held some weight and made the 2nd Elder hesitate.

'Shattering the Life Pattern Crystal is definitely a no-go, but that Mafa Merlin is very knowledgeable, knowing things that even I don't know. Could it be true?

'No, the Life Pattern Crystal is too important for our clan, I absolutely can't let it be shattered. Is it really Mafa Merlin's scheme? Does he really want our Dark Elven Clan's destruction?

'No, he wouldn't have needed to do this much if he wanted our doom. We looked for so long without finding that Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation, not finding any trace of it. If that continued, the Dark Elven Clan would have been destroyed in the upcoming years...'

The 2nd Elder was a bit skeptical, but he also didn't have much faith in that doubt. He couldn't help doubting the matter of shattering the Life Pattern Crystal.

As the 2nd Elder didn't say anything, the other Dark Elves all started being skeptical, each of them extremely shocked. But once they recovered, they tacitly scattered, trying to surround Lin Yun's group to guard against him.

Shattering the Life Pattern Crystal... This idea was unheard of in the Dark Elven Clan, and nothing like it had ever been proposed over the countless years. Even their enemies, the Chromatic Dragons and the Pureblood Elves, never dared to say that they would shatter the Dark Elves' Life Pattern Crystal. Such a declaration would surely result in an all-out war that would never stop until one side was completely exterminated.

If Lin Yun had said those words when the Life Pattern Crystal was fine, or a few years before the Incarnation was lost, he would have definitely been immediately attacked by enraged Dark Elves.

But now, the Dark Elves were already on the verge of extinction and Lin Yun had brought the Incarnation back. Although everyone was shocked and skeptical, they didn't directly attack yet.

The Dark Elven Clan had been suffering for a century

The group of Dark Elves discussed with each other, and the chaos made it impossible for Lin Yun to see who said what, but he knew that this group of people didn't like the idea of shattering the Life Pattern Crystal.

"This is the only choice if you want to recover," Lin Yun conscientiously explained. Unfortunately, these guys weren't listening. Jers kept loudly denouncing Lin Yun of scheming to exterminate the Dark Elven Clan.

Doubt could be seen on the 2nd Elder's face, but he didn't say anything.

Lin Yun impatiently waved his hand and a blue flame appeared above the Life Pattern Crystal and struck it in an instant.

Two explosions echoed loudly and sent a large amount of sand flying. The Life Pattern Crystal shook, causing a crack to appear on its surface.

All the Dark Elves were stunned by how suddenly he'd acted.

Jers loudly screeched, "B*stard! You brought about your own destruction! You are screwed! Let's see who will save you now!"

The 2nd Elder also frowned, instantly appearing in front of the Life Pattern Crystal with a dissatisfied expression. "Mafa Merlin, stop while you can! Shattering the Life Pattern is not an option! This is the entire foundation of the Dark Elven Clan. We can discuss other things, but this is absolutely impossible. You are our clan's most respected friend since you brought back the Incarnation, so I won't bicker about this action, but if you attack the Life Pattern Crystal again, don't blame me for having to fulfill my duty!"

The expressions of the other Dark Elves weren't good, but they restrained themselves and didn't attack. They only went in front of the Life Pattern Crystal to guard against Lin Yun.

They didn't make a move, but someone was impatient.