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 "Fuck! How come there are so many of you!" Lin Yun was startled. That amount of Skeleton Warriors far exceeded what he could have imagined.

In contrast, the gathering of Skeleton Warriors at the Bone Plane's Nether Iron Vein was not worth mentioning, it was just a small amount of a hundred Skeleton Warriors... What he was facing now was a sea of Skeleton Warriors, a thousand at the very least!

'What should I do...'

The first thought in Lin Yun's mind was using Lighten to jump off the cliff.

But just as he was about to chant the spell, he recalled the Master's notes. This was a true and dangerous illusion.

This sounded like a contradiction, but Lin Yun knew that the important part of this sentence was the word "true".

What did a true undead army look like? Sandro's notes taught Lin Yun this part. Lin Yun was certain that if he used Lighten to get down the cliff, what would await him would most likely be a large group of Gargoyles, or a dozen Obsidian Statues, or even some Bone Dragons.

A place like a Death Garden wasn't something that could be explained with logic. It was a place where a huge amount of death energy was continuously converging, transforming into an extremely strange Death Garden. The Death Garden itself was the embodiment of death power. On a certain level, there was also the trace of the Shadow Law. Facing such a strange existence, how could he get what he wants with a cheap trick?

The first wave of Skeleton Warriors were already rushing up the slope, raising their rusted scimitars.

Lin Yun didn't have much time to think, he chanted a few sentences and a Flame Barrier was quickly erected at the bottom of the slope. Lin Yun was a Great Mage now, his strength was ten times higher compared to when he had entered the Bone Plane. That Flame Barrier rose up in the middle of the first wave of Skeleton Warriors, blossoming with terrifying might. A dozen Skeleton Warriors turned to ashes before they could even react.

Moreover, the appearance of that Flame Barrier also gave rise to chaos among the Skeleton Warriors. The fear of flames was instinctive in all undead lifeforms, cannon fodder-like lifeform like the Skeleton Warriors weren't an exception. The Skeleton Warriors facing the Flame Barrier wanted to retreat while the one behind them tried to rush up.

Chaos ensued.

Lin Yun took advantage of the chaos to complete his Flame Storm incantation. He only heard a bang before commotion appeared amidst the Skeleton Warriors. A sphere of flames appeared among the Skeleton Warriors, spinning frantically as the temperature instantly rose up. It was like a tornado made up of flames swallowing everything on its path. Only ashes were left in the path of the Flame Storm. The spell lasted ten seconds, reducing over a hundred Skeleton Warriors to ashes. Almost the entire first wave of Skeleton Warriors was decimated.

But he knew that this was only the beginning.

Sure enough, as the first wave was cleared by Lin Yun, the remaining Skeleton Warriors started climbing the slope. The closest one was less than a hundred meters away, and there were ten times more than the previous wave.

Lin Yun knew that once surrounded by this amount of Skeleton Warriors, not even a High Mage would be able survive. No one beneath the Archmage rank would be able to survive a siege of a thousand Skeleton Warriors, that was a sea of undeads. If one tried to surrender... Well... They would be drowning.

The only thing Lin Yun could do was to raise his casting speed to its pinnacle and overwork his Magic Array to keep casting Fire Magic continuously. It was a method Lin Yun wasn't completely clueless about as he recalled the knowledge he had on Flame Tyrant Max.

If not for the Skeleton Warriors being too numerous, Lin Yun would have considered this fight to be a good opportunity. Every fire spell gave him more understanding of the Flame Tyrant style. In the end, Lin Yun even felt that he had fallen into Max's shoes. It was like that fight between the Flame Tyrant and the undead army at Ghost Town.

Skeleton Warriors falling one after the other, quickly being replaced by their brethren.

The entire fight felt like a battle of patience and willpower to Lin Yun. He didn't even remember how many spells he had cast, nor how many time his mana had been exhausted. He only remembered extracting mana from the Blood Banshee's Soul Essence every time he ran out.

Fortunately, the Blood Banshee was a ghost lifeform, the mana contained within her Soul Essence was far more pure than a similar mana crystal. Lin Yun actually had an easy time absorbing mana from it, except for one problem. Alongside replenishing mana, it caused some nauseating negative feelings. His mind would become restless every time.

But he couldn't deal with that right now.

If the Blood Banshee was the most troublesome enemy he met since coming to this era, then this fight was the longest fight he experienced.

The icy crescent moon already fell quite a bit as the first ray of sun started peaking from the eastern sky.

The greater part of the night passed.

Lin Yun was still slaughtering endlessly, the entire slope filled with ashes and burnt broken bones. A fire spell came out of Lin Yun's hand, followed by a Skeleton Warrior falling to the ground. This felt like an endless battle.

Lin Yun was still casting another spell just when the sun had reached its peak, but after releasing the spell, Lin Yun discovered that there were no more Skeleton Warriors standing on the slope.

'Finally over...' Lin Yun was panting. He took out the Soul Essence from his pocket and absorbed mana from it one last time. His legs shook as he stumbled and then sat on the floor.

That fight had been too long, at least half a day. Lin Yun had been continuously casting, continuously fighting. No other Great Mage would have been able to handle it, this was far from what a 1st Rank Great Mage could handle.

Thankfully, it was finally over.

The surroundings changed just as Lin Yun sat, the rotten corpses disappeared, the dried up blood faded away, both replaced by a verdant and lush garden once again. Lin Yun knew that he passed the Death Garden's illusion.

He was anxiously looking forward to the imminent reward.

That Master wrote at the end of his notes that it was likely that every choice made in the illusion might influence the rewards.

Lin Yun thought about it carefully. He didn't make any choice in the illusion, he simply fought from the beginning till the end. What kind of reward would he get?