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 His body was squeezed and deformed, and after letting out a cry of despair, he turned into a ball of light that frantically struggled, slightly deforming the runic cage in multiple spots as it kept shrinking.

At that time, Enderfa turned into smoke and entered the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, letting Lin Yun take over.

The flickering runic cage instantly stabilized after Enderfa flew back into the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. With Lin Yun personally controlling the Spell Wheel, the runic cage kept shrinking while slowly being dragged into the Spell Wheel.

After a dozen seconds, the Incarnation let out his last despairing roar as the countless runes returned into the Spell Wheel.

At that moment, the runes slowly moved, and in the center, a bright ball of light was constantly flickering.

Lin Yun maintained control over it all as he sneered, "An Incarnation that has disconnected from its main body for such a long time thinks it can escape?"

The Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation had left his Magic Tool for over a hundred years. Without the Incarnation, the Life Pattern Crystal could no longer be used, and most of its power was gone.

But, the Incarnation was affected just as much. The most direct effect was that the Incarnation had nowhere to rest. If he was wounded, the wound might even become deadly over time.

That Incarnation was a few times weaker than when it was at its peak. His strength was only at level 35, so how could he escape the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and Enderfa's suppression?

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was an advanced True Spirit Magic Tool and had Enderfa as its Incarnation. Moreover, Enderfa wasn't a young Magic Tool Incarnation. He was a mature Incarnation with extensive knowledge, and his original True Spirit Magic Tool wasn't inferior in the least.

After such a long time, Enderfa had total control over the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and was inseparably close to it, he simply had no issue controlling the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation.

He hadn't known that it was an Incarnation last time and had let him use his foresight to escape, but how could he let him escape now?

Lin Yun speculated that the Magic Tool Incarnation could predict what would happen two seconds ahead of time at most, so he trapped him step by step until the Incarnation discovered that it was too late even two seconds later.

The others were a bit surprised at how smoothly the capture of the Incarnation had gone.

Reina was still holding the unconscious Elsa as she asked, "Merlin, what about her? She has yet to wake up, and the effects of the Health Potions are weakening..."

Lin Yun sighed. "Her mana has already been infected, both internal and external. The simplest method to save her is to expel all the mana within her body, and she would wake up by the time her mana completely dissipates. Unfortunately, to Dark Elves, mana is just as important as their own lives. Doing so would no different from killing her. Now we can only help her save herself."

After saying that, Lin Yun took out some tools, a crystal pen, Star Ink, as well as some special materials.

He carefully handled those materials, and after inspecting three times, Lin Yun calmed down. He was very careful and deliberate as he arranged the array. That speed was not even 10% of his normal speed.

Lin Yun was very cautious because the array he was arranging was said to be able to activate the Sky Bloodline. It had very strict requirements, and if a very small part wasn't up to par, it could make the entire activation process fail.

An ordinary array only needed the bare minimum to be able to work, but this special array needed to be Outstanding to work!

In the future, when that array appeared, it didn't reach the Outstanding level and thus failed to activate the Sky Bloodline. Even after a few hundred years, the array was still called a failed work, up until someone figured out the true reason for its failure.

When Lin Yun found out about Elsa's Sky Bloodline, he had planned on using the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation to activate it. He had been wondering how to ask the Dark Elves to lend him the Life Pattern Crystal, when he suddenly learnt that the Incarnation had escaped.

That made things easier for him. As long as he found that Magic Tool Incarnation, he could borrow a path from the Dark Elves and use the Incarnation more easily. The success rate was even higher than with the Life Pattern Crystal!

Moreover, Elsa's injury was too serious, and because of the nature of Dark Elves, the few methods Lin Yun had couldn't save Elsa's life and preserve her power.

The best method was activating the Sky Bloodline. If it was activated, that heaven-defying power would take the initiative to cure her injury from inside and outside, and it would also increase her power.

When the array was set, Lin Yun placed Elsa in the center before putting the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel as the array's core source of energy.

Enderfa flew out of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and was now outside the array, snickering as he looked at it.

Without Enderfa's suppression, the Spell Wheel couldn't suppress the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation on its own.

Soon, a small light slowly spread out from the center of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel as if probing around.

Lin Yun didn't do anything for over a second, only sneering as he glanced over.

But then, the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation seemed to react to something, and the spreading light instantly wanted to return to the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

But the entire array shone instantly and all the runes seemed to come alive. The small amount of light was like a thread spun from the Spell Wheel as it was instantly fixed in the air, unable to move back to the Spell Wheel.

Then, as the array activated, the flickering thread of light kept expanding from the Spell Wheel, seemingly endless.

The countless rays of light scattered throughout the array and completely activated it!

A power containing obscure fluctuations filled the array before converging towards Elsa in the center.

Elsa's body was instantly shrouded in a layer of light, and her greenish skin slowly recovered.

The Magic Tool Incarnation's mournful scream echoed, but he couldn't prevent his power from being drained.

The array had grabbed that thread, and that was all it took for his power to be forcibly dragged out.

Over an hour had passed, but the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation had yet to make sound, and the light in the center of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel had become a lot weaker.

At this time, the array didn't continue absorbing the power of the Incarnation and instead poured all the power of the array into Elsa.

A large number of shining runes followed that power and entered Elsa's body as she absorbed the entire array.

Only then did Lin Yun sigh in relief. That array being absorbed meant that it had reached the Perfect level, maximizing the probability of Elsa's Sky Bloodline being activated.

The Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation was the origin of Dark Elves, so using it to supply the energy was the method with the best success rate.

Enderfa floated over and watched the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. The Incarnation within had become extremely weak, and the Spell Wheel alone was enough to suppress it.

Lin Yun watched Elsa and felt the power flowing within her body. With the activation of that new power, her skin had already recovered the paleness of the Dark Elves and she could rely on her own power to deal with the rest.

There was nothing else to do. After returning to the Dark Elven Clan, he would borrow the path leading to the peak of the Wisdom Tree, as this was the most important thing at the moment.

Then, Lin Yun stood in front of the huge gate and sank into contemplation, only recovering after a while and telling everyone, "We are leaving..."

Beta also followed behind Lin Yun and stood in front of the gate for a while, unexpectedly restraining himself from opening the gate to check it. With an expression of surprise, he suddenly said, "Sir Merlin, this is the gate mentioned in the Ash Beastman Tribe's prophecy. It was said that one day, the Ash Beastmen would find a gate, and after opening it, the Ash Beastmen would regain their glory. This gate is so strange, it must be the one mentioned in the prophecy..."

Beta quickly explained the prophecy of the Ash Beastmen and recalled the glory of the Ash Beastman Race. He said everything he knew in one breath, as if to encourage Lin Yun to open the gate.

Lin Yun shook his head and smiled, keeping his words short. "Let's go..."

Beta turned to look at the gate. He hesitated, but he couldn't muster the courage to touch that door.

'Forget it, Sir Merlin didn't even touch the door, so there must be something special about it. Sir Merlin never made a mistake until now, so if he didn't touch it, I won't do it either...'

The cowardly Beta gave up on the door and rushed to Lin Yun's group.

The Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation had been grabbed, so the return trip should be extremely smooth and without danger.

But not long after leaving this place, they encountered Lodney and his army blocking their path. Over a hundred Wyverns were circling in the sky, the Beastman slaves and the Wolf Riders were ready to battle, while black smoke was leaking from the Demon Warlocks.