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 Lin Yun landed on the ground and carefully checked Elsa's injury with a gloomy expression. Elsa was already unconscious and couldn't wake up. The Health Potion barely let her keep her life.

The mana within her body had already become chaotic and was mixed with that dense Abyssal power. Its toxicity had already dyed Elsa's mana and saving her was impossible.

Lin Yun stood up and flew into the air before looking at Lodney.

After a while, the two tacitly made their moves. Lodney's entire body was covered in black smoke. This smoke with dense Abyssal power spread into the horizon.

Several dozen arc-shaped flames converged from multiple directions to swallow Lin Yun.

Lin Yun's right hand held the Draconic Staff while he opened the Book of Death with his left hand. Mana surged and turned into a blue halo covering him.

In an instant, an icy blue light covered Lin Yun's body and quickly expanded to be three to four meters in diameter. Countless decorative patterns were also on that shield, resembling the convergence of multiple snowflakes.

When the flames rushed over, this protection suddenly exploded and sent countless snowflakes flying into the surroundings.

The snowflakes spun and collided against the flames, immediately forming steam. All the flames were scattered apart after colliding with the snowflakes, transforming into black smoke drifting in the surroundings.

And when the snowflakes scattered, Lin Yun Yun's silhouette was exposed. He raised his Draconic Staff and four rays of light flickered on it, and four rays of light also flickered on the Book of Death, seemingly mirroring the staff.

Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth... The four types of spells formed a four-colored vortex in front of Lin Yun.

The vortex was filled with berserk and unstable power, and as Lin Yun gently touched the center of the vortex with his magic staff, that berserk energy had a path to leak out.

In an instant, countless spells of the four attributes flew out of the vortex before colliding in the air. The complex elemental collisions made these spells unable to move forward.

All the spells turned into the purest elemental power, and the originally eight-meter-tall wave of spells turned into a dozen-meter-thick elemental flood. The purest chaotic elements created the fiercest destructive power.

As the flood spread across towards him, the six skulls spinning around Lodney suddenly sprouted six green rays of light.

But the addition of these rays of light made this chaotic flood even more berserk. The elements kept colliding and devouring each other, and the six rays of light ended up also getting destroyed, turned into the purest elemental power, and sent back alongside the flood.

Lodney's expression changed, and wind rose around his body as he suddenly withdrew. He made a gesture and the black smoke converged, turning into a pitch-black Abyssal Gate from which a huge, flaming hand appeared.

That enormous hand came out and blocked the elemental flood. On impact, the elemental flood also drew in the flames swaying on the hand.

It barely took three seconds for the fingers of the demonic hand to disappear completely, turned into pure elemental power by the elemental flood.

The hand was only half as large as its original size now, and as the arm slowly extended out of the Abyssal Gate, the power of the elemental flood also started weakening.

After a few seconds, a torso forced its way out of the Abyssal Gate.


A furious roar echoed as the flaming demon's hands ruthlessly tore at the elemental flood, its powerful force sundering it apart.

The dense flood turned into two streams flowing on both sides.

Seeing this scene, Lin Yun slightly frowned. He knew that Lodney had signed an agreement with an Abyssal Demon before, but he hadn't expected it to be something like a Flame Demon that had an elemental lifeform's characteristics. As long as the flames weren't extinguished, the Flame Demon wouldn't die.

Even if he was injured, he would quickly recover in a place with a high concentration of fire elements, just like elemental lifeforms could.

With Lodney on the side, killing the Flame Demon before he completely exited the Abyssal Gate was impossible. Taking advantage of the fact that the Flame Demon wasn't all the way through the gate yet, Lin Yun decisively poured a large amount of mana into the Book of Death.

The Element Chapter let out a glaring four-colored light before three of the colors disappeared, only leaving the blue radiance behind.

The light started shaking, but Lin Yun didn't stop, continuously pouring more mana inside, until a sphere of light appeared in Lin Yun's hand.

Once that sphere of light fiercely shook, as if ready to explode, Lin Yun stopped pouring mana in.

In an instant, a blue pillar of light streaked into the sky, making thick clouds suddenly appear, from which lightning kept falling.

The temperature in the air kept dropping as a large number of snowflakes fell from the sky. The clouds swiftly rotated, forming a vortex covering over a kilometer.

Then, a layer of blue light flashed as the clouds turned into ice fragments. In the center of the vortex, another dark blue vortex was slowly rotating.


A Dragon's roar echoed as a Frost Elemental Dragon seemingly carved out of ice rushed out of this vortex.

Dense ice elements burst out as the Frost Elemental Elemental Dragon appeared, and the activity of the ice elements in the surroundings kept increasing.

This was the most powerful Frost Elemental Dragon that Lin Yun could summon at this moment. It was at the peak of level 38 and could compare with that Flame Demon.

The Frost Elemental Dragon was immediately attracted by the Flame Demon. Fire was something that Frost Elementals disliked the most, while the Flame Demon couldn't help attentively watching his counterpart.

The two instantly started their magical offensive.

The movements of the two colossi were simply devastating. Spells fell down like rain, forcing the Beastmen below them to hide far away.

Ice and fire collided in the air, and the weaker Beastmen simply couldn't handle the sounds of these explosions.

The Purple Dragon Incarnation flew out of Lin Yun's Draconic Staff and turned into a huge shadow behind Lin Yun.

The Incarnation's support greatly increased the power of Lin Yun's elemental spells.

And the four-colored radiance of the Book of Death flickered and increased the power of Lin Yun's elemental spells.

At that moment, Lin Yun's mana fluctuations had already greatly exceeded the limits of a High Mage!

Countless cyan Wind Blades turned into whirlwinds that flew towards Lodney. Faint spatial fluctuations warned Lodney that these weren't ordinary Wind Blades.

Lodney summoned a large amount of green fire and hid his body within it. The countless Wind Blades sliced through the sea of flames but weren't able to injure anything.

The Space Rending Blades were unobstructed as they entered the sea of flames, Lin Yun's line of sight blocked, and he couldn't even investigate Lodney's location with his mana.

And this seemed to be the prologue to an all-out fight.

A large number of green Fireballs flew towards Lin Yun, while the latter started displaying his formidable casting ability.

Each second, over a hundred spells collided between the two of them. The endless collisions created a chaotic elemental storm in the sky.

After a few minutes, they knew that they were headed towards the conclusion. The battle had turned into a war of attrition. The mana consumption was huge, and whoever made the first mistake would lose.

Lodney pushed himself to form his spells carefully so he had yet to make a mistake, but that also meant that he would consume more mana.

His expression was quite heavy, and a few minutes were enough to see that his opponent was casting in a mechanical manner and wouldn't make a mistake. Moreover, the human didn't seem to care about mana consumption when casting his spells and it didn't look like he even used mana. Lodney was truly at a loss, now knowing what he should do to prevail.

But the battle was too fierce, and no one could stop. The frantic mana fluctuations had already made all the elements within kilometers go berserk. The density of the elements was rising with every spell and even space started faintly shaking.

At that time, the earth quaked and ruptured as fierce spatial fluctuations swept the entire area.

Lodney and Lin Yun had no choice but to return to the ground.

The Beastman army was in chaos.

Peaks crumbled and the ground split open as if the world would be overturned once again.

Lin Yun reacted extremely quickly, not at all flustered when the spatial fluctuations appeared. "I've been waiting for you for a long time!"

He instantly flew to his group's side and a light flashed, making Lin Yun and his group disappear...

The surroundings had thoroughly changed once they reappeared.

The light was dim, and the most conspicuous thing was an eight-meter by ten-meter gate with countless runes and ancient lifeforms carved on it.