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 "Aaah!" Elsa let out a miserable shriek after getting attacked. Her bad was immediately covered with blood, and moreover, a strange force infiltrated her body, causing her pale skin to be dyed green.

"Chaos Bolt!"

Lin Yun was angered. He had seen Cohen's casting, but he hadn't had time to block it. Besides a few Demons, only Ash Beastmen could release that spell.

Through fighting, the Ash Beastmen could keep gathering Abyssal power, and once they gathered enough, they could use that Abyssal power to release a powerful spell, the Chaos Bolt!

It had the same speed as an arrow but had terrifying destructive power, and that Abyssal power had extreme toxicity that would easily spread through non-Abyssal lifeforms. Even Dragons didn't dare to be hit by a Chaos Bolt of an Ash Beastman of the same level.

It was fatal without protection!

It was even said that there was no remedy. The Abyssal power was very insidious and also used the target's mana to strengthen itself. Once it absorbed all of the target's mana, it would turn into an Abyssal Flame and burn the target from within.

After fighting for such a long time, Cohen had gathered a large amount of Abyssal power and released all of it at once, hitting the unguarded Elsa. The consequences could clearly be imagined. Elsa hadn't been killed instantly because the Ice Shields had slowed down the Chaos Bolt and slightly altered its path.

Otherwise, that Chaos Bolt would have hit her head!

"You are courting death!"

Lin Yun's eyes turned icy, and the mana fluctuations in the surroundings felt like a volcano suddenly erupted. The earth shook as if something was drilling up from underground.

In an instant, everyone saw a huge vine pierce out of the ground under Cohen's feet and restrict him.

That blood-colored Hell Vine frantically coiled around Cohen. Alarmed, a large amount of black smoke spread from his body, and following the release of mana fluctuations, an Abyssal Flame appeared.

But sharp thorns sprouted out of the Hell Vine, and as the vine moved, the many thorns pierced into Cohen's body.

Suddenly, Cohen could no longer use any spells, as the great pain made him unable to gather his mana. Everyone could hear the sickly sounds as the Hell Vine sucked Cohen's blood.

And this wasn't over... The Hell Vine was still squirming, and from its thicker vines, a few smaller root-like vines coiled around Cohen's limbs and head.

One after another, the sharp thorns pierced every part of his body. It was like a knife was stabbed into his skin before being dragged in a direction, forcing it open.

Blood dripped out of the wounds, so much that even the Hell Vine couldn't absorb everything.

His eyes widened from the pain, his face thoroughly distorting as he crazily screamed, "Ah... Lodney, damnit, help me! You're done for if I die... Aaahhhh! Kill him, Lodney! Kill him quick, save me!"

Cohen's screams stunned everyone. Reina was already carrying the unconscious Elsa. Even Enderfa, who was prejudiced against Dark Elves, used the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and made countless runes emerge.

Lodney had a gloomy expression as he icily glared at the bound Cohen. If he could, he would eagerly let that scoundrel die a miserable death.

Even the surrounding Beastmen all retreated. Even the less intelligent slaves were looking at the screaming Cohen with disdain.

Beastmen respected heroes. They respected the formidable powerhouses and they all despised people like Cohen who would launch a sneak attack after the fight had already ended. This made the sinister Ash Beastmen feel humiliated.

Especially since Cohen mounted a sneak attack after Lodney ordered a ceasefire. This was simply inciting a war to the bitter end out of malice!

Lodney's elite subordinates all had calm expressions as they kept withdrawing in order to be as far as possible from Cohen. No one thought of saving Cohen, especially when Lodney hadn't expressed his stance.

Cohen kept screaming, his body already losing its shape. The sharp thorns kept stabbing his body while the Hell Vine was slowly squirming, leaving terrifying, sinister wounds behind. He might even end up dying from that before the Hell Vine absorbed enough of his blood.

Lodney let out a gloomy sigh before grinding his molars. After a while, he sighed again and looked at Lin Yun. "Powerful Human, it's normal for you to vent, but this guy can't die. He isn't one of my people, he is an Army Overseer dispatched by the tribe. If not for that position, I would have personally killed him for violating my order.

"It'll be very troublesome if you kill him. As an Army Overseer, his death is equivalent to offending the Elder Council's prestige, and the entire Ash Beastman Tribe will end up chasing you. It really isn't wise to offend the Ash Beastman Tribe for that trash.

"There is no big conflict between us, just a small misunderstanding. Our goals are also different, so there is no need for a clash to happen because of this trash. We can also try our best to treat this Dark Elf, so I hope you won't kill Cohen.

"After returning to the Ash Beastman Tribe, I'll use my identity as the Flame Dragon Warlord to pressure the Elder Council to severely punish Cohen. I will charge him with the crimes of violating an order, making an enemy for no reason, and obstructing our Tribe's mission. Cohen's best end would be expulsion from the tribe, so killing him now is unwise.

"When the time comes, I'll send someone to notify you of the outcome. This Dark Elf was hit by our Chaos Bolt. Although it is critical, it isn't without cure..."

Lodney tried his best to persuade Lin Yun to not kill Cohen, but Lin Yun's cold expression didn't change.

Lodney sighed, he hated Cohen to death, but he had to save him.

"I advise you to think about it carefully. No one can predict what will happen in a war. I admit that you are powerful, stronger than anyone I have ever encountered. You are clearly a 9th Rank High Mage, yet you can hold your own against me. I'm not certain I can defeat you, but it is also unlikely that you'd defeat me.

"Although I can't kill you, you won't be able to complete your goals. Do you think this trash is worth so much?"

From the clash they had earlier, Lodney already felt that both sides hadn't revealed all their cards. The battle had looked dangerous, but none of them had been going all-out. It would ultimately end up in a battle of attrition, to see who would make a mistake first.

After confirming that they had no prior conflicts and different objectives, he was even more unwilling to fight a meaningless battle.

'But that damned Cohen... It's not a big deal if he usually doesn't listen to the orders, but this time he actually did something so outrageous. Let alone that human, even I want to choke him to death.'

The screaming Cohen still sounded as if he was full of vitality. Beastmen were physically stronger than humans, after all.

So much blood had flown out, yet he still hadn't lost consciousness. The pain already made him lose reason. Hearing Lodney saying so many words while the human remained silent, Cohen loudly roared, "Damned Lodney, hurry up, kill, kill that damned wretch!"

Lodney frowned and glared at Cohen with a cold expression before turning his head back towards Lin Yun. "Have you made your decision?"

Lin Yun indifferently glanced at Lodney, a cold expression on his face. "Are you done speaking?"

Then, everyone saw the Hell Vine on Cohen's body violently squirm.

In an instant, the surroundings turned silent.

Only the sound of crunching bones could be heard, echoing loudly.


The miserable shriek in Cohen's mouth was immediately muffled as the vine coiled around his head made a full rotation. The skin was ruptured and the vertebra turned into bone shards piercing out of the skin.

Lodney looked at Lin Yun with shock.

He completely didn't expect that this human would be so unyielding. He didn't care about the rest and made Cohen die such a miserable death.

The surrounding Beastmen were also shocked. Cohen was killed in such a horrifying way in front of so many people, with no regard for the consequences.

But Enderfa and the others felt that this was quite normal... This was Lin Yun's usual style. He would either do nothing, or he would go all-out until his target was beaten to death. As for guys like Cohen, he wouldn't bother to speak with them; killing was the only outcome.

Zeuss looked at Lin Yun, and remembering his previous achievements, he looked as if it was to be expected.

'How could someone like Merlin be threatened? That damned Beastman touched Merlin's bottom line, he definitely couldn't survive.'

Shock could be seen on Lodney's face, as well as some helplessness. After a while, he looked at Lin Yun and slowly said, "You forced my hand. He was my Army Overseer. Even if I wanted to kill him, I'd have to give an explanation to the tribe. As long as you can defeat me, you can take your people and leave, we won't stop you. My people also won't set themselves against you because of this matter."