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 The ability Sandro had in those years was known as Undead Contract.

Sandro was able to sign a contract with all undead lifeforms, he was even able to ignore the level difference in some cases. It was said that Sandro had a Bone Dragon fight for him when he was a High Mage, an Archmage level lifeform!

When Sandro became an Archmage, his Undead Legion made all his enemies feel despair. That was the most powerful undead army since the birth of Noscent. Sandro had conquered over ten planes with this army, including the famous Undead Plane.

To a Necromancer, an ability like the Undead Contract could only be described as heaven defying.

Even Lin Yun felt that if he came in contact with this ability, he would be unable to resist the urge to become a Necromancer.

Naturally, there was very little chance of this happening.

Sandro wasn't the only one in Noscent history who had been able to enter a Death Garden, but he was the one who had the greatest gains. As for the others, some obtained good abilities, and some only got resources. A Death Garden was like a slot machine, no one knew what they would get.

Lin Yun put the Blood Banshee's Soul Essence into his bag, then took out a bottle of Magic Spring and drank it. He walked to the end of the hallway once he was done. Under the radiance of a Light spell, Lin Yun could clearly see that there was nothing at the end of the hallway beside the painting. It was the same thick stone wall, and there was no difference from the rest of the hallway.

But Lin Yun knew that this place was definitely different.

He knew that this was the place the Rock Puppet had been looking at before its surroundings changed.

Lin Yun carefully examined the thick stone wall for a moment before a smile appeared on his face, 'So it is like that...'

Lin Yun didn't hesitate and started walking to the end of the hallway. It was strange, there was definitely a wall there, but when his foot reached the wall, it passed through. It was as if the wall had never existed to begin with.

'Worthy of a Death Garden.' Lin Yun went straight through the stone wall and reached a verdant and lush garden. Lin Yun had noticed that this wasn't a stone wall, even the hallway might be part of the illusion. This was all an illusion created by the Death Garden.

The Rock Puppet didn't experience this because it didn't have a soul, illusions had no effect on it.

But what Lin Yun saw was the wall at the end of the hallway.

But an illusion was an illusion, it didn't have the same feeling as something real. When Lin Yun stood there, he could see the stone wall, but the mana he emitted wasn't obstructed. As a mage, Lin Yun had the most faith in his mana, this trust even surpassed the trust in his own eyes.

He knew that sometimes, his eyes could deceive him, but his own mana would never deceive him.

Thus he unhesitantly walked over...

He then saw a lush garden.

At this moment, Lin Yun was standing at the edge of the garden, only one step from entering and experiencing everything Sandro experienced.

But Lin Yun stood there for a long time, not taking that final step.

He was recalling everything he learnt about Death Garden.

There was definitely a lot of people who entered Death Gardens in Noscent history, and Sandro was obviously among the most influential ones. This was why Lin Yun thought of him first when he saw the Death Garden.

But the most influential didn't mean the most valuable source of information.

Nothing could be done about it, as for some reason Sandro only left a few sentences about the Death Garden in his notes. Lin Yun thought about it for a bit, but he determined that these sentences had no value. 'What about danger and opportunity co-existing... Everyone know about that.'

Lin Yun went through his memories for quite some time, before finding what he wanted in the notes of Master craftsman.

Compared to Sandro, the conqueror of the Undead Plane, that Master was certainly weak. In fact, if it wasn't for that Master Craftsman participating in the construction of the Shelter Tower, his notes wouldn't have qualified to be put in the library.

Furthermore, the rewards that Master gained from the Death Garden were far from good compared to Sandro.

After all, Sandro not only gained the Undead Contract ability, he also got the Soul Stone every Necromancer yearned for. That was a heaven defying existence that could transform Soul Fire into mana. With the Soul Stone in hand and the support of his Undead Legion, Sandro had close to unlimited mana.

As for that Master Craftsman...

He only gained some uncommon resources in the Death Garden.

They both found a Death Garden, but the differences were huge.

But in Lin Yun's eyes, that unlucky Master Craftsman was far more lovable than Sandro, because regardless of his luck, this kind guy left behind some clues. And it wasn't like the "danger and opportunity" rubbish.

Lin Yun recalled that Master mentioning the Death Garden as being real, yet a dangerous illusion. Every person who entered the Death Garden would meet different illusions. Moreover, after a few years, the Master added some speculations about the Death Garden at the end of the notes. That Master felt that each choice picked in the illusion might decide the final reward.

But even if this was mere speculation, it was hundred times better than Sandro's nonsense.

After making sure he recalled the notes properly, Lin Yun took a deep breath. He drank another Magic Spring before taking the last step.

Just as Lin Yun took this step, a rotten smell assaulted his senses. The originally verdant and lush garden turned into a field of corpses. Rotten bodies everywhere, dried blood covering the ground. A frightening sound resounded as his feet touched the ground.

Above his head was a cold crescent moon, in front of him was a steep slope, and behind him was a terrifying precipice.

And the most frightening part was the group of Skeleton Warriors at the foot of the slope, clumsily charging their way forward.