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 But this time, it wasn't a phantom, but a genuine Rock Puppet!

The Rock Puppet instantly shattered from the bite, but this Golden Behemoth hadn't noticed the five spirit mana crystals covered in golden patterns in the puppet's hands.

These five spirit mana crystals all had a faint layer of mana protecting them.

But those faint layers of magic defense were instantly shattered when the Golden Behemoth bit the Rock Puppet.

In an instant, fierce and terrifying mana fluctuations could be felt as chaotic mana fluctuations surged from the five spirit mana crystals.

After a few seconds, the berserk Golden Behemoth let out a painful roar, its body seemingly inflating.

A loud roar could be heard coming from its abdomen, and following it the Golden Behemoth's body doubled in size!

A large amount of blood spurted out of its seven orifices while chaotic mana fluctuations escaped from its mouth like a storm.

The berserk energy pierced through the sky and no one could see where it ended.

As for the Golden Behemoth, it was like a small mountain continuously rumbling.

Lin Yun sighed in relief and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

That seemed simple, but it had taken a great toll on his mind, and he had used no less than half of his mana on the Magic Array's calculations!

He spent so much effort just to make that Golden Behemoth swallow these five spirit mana crystals...

The Golden Behemoth had a formidable skin and fur, but that didn't mean that his internal organs were as strong as the fur. The five mana crystals had been roused by mana and formed an unstable destructive array, as long as it was slightly damaged, the mana from the five mana crystals would instantly explode!

The power of that explosion could definitely be compared to a 7th Tier Spell. The power would definitely be terrifying when exploding within its body.

But Lin Yun hadn't thought that the Behemoth's skin was so formidable that it even contained the explosion within its body, increasing the might of the explosion to its pinnacle!

After killing the three magic beasts, Lin Yun frowned and stood there. Enderfa called Xiuban and quickly flew to the body of the Golden Behemoth, "Xiuban, scoop that Golden Behemoth's eye for me!"

After scooping out the Golden Behemoth's eye, Enderfa quickly rushed to the Horned Six-Tailed Fox's body and made Xiuban extract the horn.

After getting hold of these two things, Enderfa flew back, satisfied.

"Merlin, if you have no use for the heart of the Rock Giant, let me play with it..."

Lin Yun glanced at Enderfa and frowned, "You are in the mood to run after those things at such a time?"

Enderfa chuckled him, "So it turns out you know about these things..."

How could Lin Yun not know? The 3rd eye of the Three-Eyed Golden Behemoth, the horn of a Horned Six-Tailed Fox, and a Rock Giant's heart.

These three things were the reason those three races' ruling bloodlines had been extinguished so quickly in the early stages of the Nesser Dynasty.

It was because these three things had an extremely rare and valuable use!

They could strengthen Magic Tool's Incarnations!

Especially young Magic Tool Incarnations, it could greatly increase their abilities. As for mature Magic Tool Incarnation, these things could be used to strengthen their True Spirit Magic Tool, and through the strengthening, it would support the Incarnation.

Each of those things was very rare, and three of them appearing at the same time could make any Incarnation reckless.

If it was somewhere else, Lin Yun would would think of any way to get his hands on it. But possessing that thing in here was meaningless.

If they died, they wouldn't be able to use treasures in their life...

Suddenly, Lin Yun glanced at the horn of the Horned Six-Tailed Fox and doubt flashed in his eyes.

He hadn't noticed earlier, but he now remembered something.

Before the Horned Six-Tailed Fox died, it had cast its last compound spell out of rage and its horn had turned red.

And although the horn had returned to its original shape, under careful observation, he could see a faint red trace. But the horn of the ruling bloodline of the Horned Six-Tailed Fox should turn golden when they were enraged...

'How could that be?'

'Three-Eyed Golden Behemoths were the ruling bloodline of the Golden Behemoths. The Rock Giant being able to change shape at will also showed that he had the ruling bloodline of his race, only that Horned Six-Tailed Fox was different.'

'Could it be that it didn't have the ruling bloodline?'

'No, how could it enter the King Arena if it didn't have its race's ruling bloodline?'

"This doesn't look right, let me study these things." Lin Yun mumbled in a low voice and put away the horn and the golden eye.

Enderfa glared, if not for their current situation, he would have loudly cursed.

Lin Yun held the horn, but before he could research it, he suddenly heard the sound of a fence being raised.

In the distance, a huge fence over twenty meters tall slowly rose up, and a thick and sinister aura started filling the atmosphere.

A green flame slowly ignited in the darkness, and a pressuring roar echoed in everyone's ears.

"Thud thud..."

The oppressing footsteps echoed as a huge five-meters-long sharp and malevolent leg covered in fine scales stepped out of the darkness...

Then, a huge ten-meters-tall colossus slowly came out of the darkness.

The lower half of the monster was similar to a Dragon with four huge Dragon Claws treading on the ground, while its upper body was that of an Abyssal Demon.

On its head were two four-meters-long demonic horns, and its sharp teeth could be seen over its lips, its eyes filled with malice. In between its demonic claws was a spear with two blades at its end with some traces of rust on the pole.

When that monster appeared, a thick sinister aura swept the entire King Arena like a gale. The monster lowered its head and looked at Lin Yun's group, and at that time, everyone noticed the green flames swaying on that monster's head...

"Damned, a Destruction Guard, and a level 39 one with ruling bloodline..." Enderfa's voice was trembling and he let an alarmed sound, closer to a painful groan.

Beta was already hiding in the furthest possible location, holding onto his head in alarm. Zeuss looked extremely bitter, silently caressing his own magic staff. Xiuban foolishly looked at the body of the Destruction Guard, before looking at himself with a stunned expression, not moving for a long time.

Lin Yun frowned and softly said, "Very troublesome..."

Destruction Guards, they were said to have been born in the vilest part of the Abyss and were the progeny of the Abyss' Poison Dragons and Demon Guards. But unfortunately, Destruction Guards' intelligence wasn't very high, otherwise, they would already have their own territory in the Abyss.

That terrifying guy had the formidable body of Dragons and could instinctively use fire magic and abyssal magic, it was even proficient in some unusual spells. They were the favorite choice of guards for the Abyssal Overlords, they were powerful, loyal, and thick-skinned.

Lin Yun's heart sank, he hadn't expected the 2nd round's monster to appear so fast, moreover, it was a level 39 Destruction Guard!

Apart from not having the wisdom of Dragons, that guy's power wasn't inferior to a Dragon. When Noscent's development reached its peak, those powerful mages were conquering plane after plane, and the Abyss was naturally not spared.

It was recorded that many formidable Abyssal Overlords had some powerful Destruction Guards at their side, and even in the army, Destruction Guards were the best choice to lead the charge. Powerful strength, powerful defense, powerful casting ability, as well as huge bodies. They were highly regarded by all Abyssal Overlords.

They could survive under any vile environment, and they were rumored to be the only race able to survive in a destroyed plane!

When it came to Destruction Guards, what left the deepest impression on Lin Yun was when he read about an unyielding Heaven Rank Destruction Guard killing an Abyssal Overlord during a war, but because of its low intelligence, it ended up destroying that Abyssal Overlord's territory while killing it after going berserk.

Ten thousand years later, a plane-conquering-army discovered a slumbering Destruction Guard in a new plane and bombarded it with their magic battleships for more than three days without being able to kill it. In the end, the Destruction Guard went crazy and destroyed the magic battleships, along with the plane.

A few dozen years later, someone discovered that Heaven Rank Destruction Guard in another plane, even the destruction of the plane hadn't killed it!

After discovering it once again, three Heaven Mages acted together to handle it, but two of them died and the last one ended up crippled. The crippled one had to use up three Magic Tools to escape.

Cold sweat started trickling down Lin Yun's back, they were now facing a level 39 Destruction Guard.

'How could one of them appear now?'

'Damnit, that kind of thing with lava in guise of brain can also be sent to the King's Arena?'

'And it's one with ruling bloodline!'

'So troublesome...'

As soon as the Destruction Guard came out, he loudly roared and a large amount of dark red smoke converged together in the sky, followed by thunderous explosions loudly echoing.

Three to four-meter-big meteors fell from the sky, covered in a thick sulfuric aura.

As they hit the ground, the disintegrating meteors turned in lava spreading in all directions. Moreover, due to the shockwaves caused by the impact, the lava turned into waves of lava.

Lin Yun's group converged together, continuously casting at the falling meteors, but the temperature just kept rising while the lava was slowly covering more and more ground.