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 The arena looked incomparably huge. The central space was over ten thousand meters wide, and there were viewing platforms all around it. Each layer of those was at least ten meters tall, and the platforms were like a flight of steps rising up, with the tallest layer being over a kilometer high!

And the construction style was extremely old and imposing. Whether it was the style or the structure, everything was from the Mythological Era.

Those buildings were made out of a certain kind of stone which was also the hardest material to find, the magic whetstone. This stone wouldn't be corroded by magic and had great resistance against the passage of time. It wouldn't change at all in ten millennia.

But now, this ancient arena had many traces of wear and tear, seemingly filled with an ancient and desolate aura. Lin Yun's group stood at the center of the arena, but they looked like ants in an arena for humans.

As he looked around, Lin Yun felt that this place was a little familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before...

After a short moment, Lin Yun suddenly shook in disbelief as he turned towards a wall.

On that wall was carved an Ox Beastman with a broken horn who was holding a crude war axe.

On another side was an emaciated, crooked mage with bony outgrowths on his spine...

After seeing a few, Lin Yun cried out in alarm, "How could this be!?"

Enderfa heard Lin Yun's shout and looked around, his three faces showing fear. "Merlin, you know this place?"

Lin Yun just kept looking at the surroundings, but the things he saw were the same as what had been written on the records. Even the carved images were the same.

"This is the King Arena!"

He thoroughly confirmed that everything was the same as in the records. Even compared to some of the pictures he remembered, the small details were exactly the same, so it was impossible for him to be mistaken.

The King Arena came from the Mythological Era and was constructed by the ancestors of all the races in order to please the Gods.

During the Gods' Era, those ancestors would choose the strongest member of their race as a gladiator and send them to the King Arena. Countless rulers of the races fought all-out in order to please the Gods.

The people who came here weren't just the ancestors of those countless races, as even Gods personally came to watch. If the fights happening in the arena pleased the Gods, they would sometimes personally give blessings.

There once was a legend that a winged man with divine power won eight times in a row before meeting a formidable opponent on the 9th battle, when his wings were torn apart.

In the end, the winged man relied on strategy to take down his opponent with him. His opponent's weapon stabbed the winged man's heart as he beheaded his opponent.

That winged man's body carried divine power, but he didn't give a feeling of being righteous and upright. During the fight, he was like the most treacherous Undead Mage, and this pleased the watching Death God.

The King Arena had a rule: Once one joined, they would have to fight nine times. If they were still alive after the nine battles, they would be able to leave.

As the Death God was pleased with that winged man, he felt that him dying in the last battle was a bit unfortunate, so he blessed him at this critical time.

The winged man who was on the verge of death received the blessing of the Death God, Undying Reincarnation.

The weakness of the Winged Race was their heart, which was their source of power. As long as the heart was shattered, they would undoubtedly die. And the Death God's Undying Reincarnation blessing made this Winged Man turn into one of the Undead at the time of his death.

His greatest weakness, his heart, had naturally disappeared after turning into a skeleton, and he also had the characteristics of Undead lifeforms. Even if his body was torn to pieces, he wouldn't die. As long as he still had power, he could turn back into a skeleton. He just couldn't be killed!

Moreover, he didn't have the soul fire weakness!

Although that blessing could only activate when meeting a deadly attack, it allowed that winged man to live and become a member of the Winged Race without the usual weakness.

But there were very few cases of such matters. Even in the countless years of the King Arena, very few people ended up coming out alive, and almost all of them received a God's blessing. Some were even recruited by Gods, becoming some of their military officers.

In those days, the ancestor of the Dark Elves had walked out of this arena, this was also why Wisdom God Constance had provided them with mana and a shelter.

But this was a lucky ending. Most... No, almost all gladiators would die in the arena!

Because you would hardly fight someone weaker than you in the King Arena. The opponent would be stronger after every win, up until the 9th battle, where the opponent would be incredibly formidable!

During the era ruled by Gods, all those who could walk out of the King Arena were at the Heaven Rank.

Because those at the Archmage level definitely couldn't win nine times in a row!

Every opponent would be one rank higher than the previous one. Even a 1st Rank Archmage would have to face a Heaven Rank powerhouse on his 9th battle.

The difference between the two was great enough to make an Archmage despair. The difference between an Archmage and a Heaven Rank powerhouse was like the difference between a mortal and someone who had transcended mortality!

Only Heaven Rank powerhouses might have a shot at leaving the King Arena alive...

And in the era of the warring Gods, the races strove to please the Gods in order to be offered shelter and blessings. Every race's ruling bloodline would be dispatched there to enter the Arena, as they were the most powerful members of the races.

And in that era, the Gods' wills represented everything. The most formidable member of the countless races was only a weak ant in front of a God, they could be crushed by the twitch of a finger.

Obtaining a God's blessing was key to the continuation of the race.

Countless powerhouses died tragically there, and the ruling bloodlines of many races were severed, their races lost through the river of time.

There were also many smaller races that slowly developed after obtaining shelter from a God, becoming more and more powerful.

During the peak of the King Arena, even Gods would suddenly get in the mood to battle!

If this really was the King Arena, then they were dead...

Nine continuous fights...

The last one facing a Heaven Rank powerhouse!

Cold sweat trickled down Lin Yun's back...

On the side, Enderfa had quickly explained a bit about the King Arena, and besides the uncultured Xiuban, everyone had heard some things about the King Arena before.

Discovering that they were in that arena, everyone was pale from fear...

Enderfa was so anxious that he couldn't help saying, "Merlin, let's hurry up and leave. Whether this is the King Arena or not, I don't have a good feeling about this place."

But Enderfa's words had just left his mouth when a metallic sound echoed. The ear-piercing sound of metal made everyone's hair stand on end.

On the edge of the arena, there were three metal fences slowly rising, exposing three pairs of cold eyes.

"Boom... Boom... Boom..."

The heavy footsteps made their hearts stop, and even Lin Yun couldn't help gulping.

Slowly, three huge monsters walked out from the darkness.

The one on the left looked similar to an orangutan with steel-like golden hair and three eyes, two of which were scarlet, while the one on the forehead was a cold vertical golden eye. It also had four arms and was over ten meters tall!

The middle one was a long, six-tailed fox whose tails had six different kinds of colors. Its body was over a meter long, and a spiral horn was growing on its forehead.

The one on the right looked like a Rock Puppet, yet it looked different at the same time. It was bigger and sleeker and was over eight meters tall. The surface of the body was covered in complicated patterns, which were natural magic patterns!

After seeing these three magic beasts, their expressions turned terrible.

Enderfa's three faces were somewhat distorted and he said with a trembling voice, "Golden Behemoth, Horned Six-Tailed Fox, Rock Giant... Damned, those are level 38, this is really the King Arena..."

Lin Yun was also feeling unsettled. Golden Behemoths had already gone extinct during the start of the Nesser Dynasty.

Golden hair, a 3rd eye, four arms. These kinds of characteristics couldn't be faked...

In the legends, the Golden Behemoth was the most powerful land beast. No matter how powerful it was, it couldn't fly, but on the land, it was the most powerful magic beast!

It was recorded that Noscent's last Behemoth was killed by the most powerful Three-Headed Golden Dragon of the Chromatic Dragon Race. Because of how strong they were, they couldn't even support their own bloodline power, and it was very difficult for them to reproduce. Most descendants would die young because they couldn't handle the excessive bloodline power.

It was said that the last Golden Behemoth had torn apart over a hundred Chromatic Dragons, preparing them as nourishment in order to train its progeny! In the end, he provoked a Three-Headed Golden Dragon. At that time, the Three-Headed Golden Dragon fought the Golden Behemoth in a bloody melee for three months!

In the end, the Three-Headed Golden Dragon still used magic to kill the last Golden Behemoth of Noscent.

The most powerful magic beast on land deserved its name.

And now, a Golden Behemoth appeared before them, and it was level 38! Once it broke through the Heaven Rank, it would grow another pair of arms.

As for that Horned Six-Tailed Fox, it was also an extremely rare magic beast. In the legends, a peak Horned Six-Tailed Fox would become a Horned Nine-Tailed Fox and be able to release any kind of magic.