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 The momentum of the Firerock Dwarves that had charged into the army was messed up and instantly cut short by the force of the impact.

At this time, a huge amount of black smoke flew out of the Demon Warlocks, turning into a thick pillar of smoke that formed a black cloud with a thick smell of sulfur.

One after another, Fireballs wrapped with a large amount of poisonous smoke dropped down from the sky with long, black trails behind them.

Loud explosions kept echoing as those Firerock Dwarves were inundated with the dark flames and the thick, poisonous smoke. The roars of the Firerock Dwarves echoed as they struggled.

The Demon Warlocks cast many Abyssal Spells and indiscriminately rained attacks down on the Firerock Dwarves, forcibly suppressing them in less than a minute. With the addition of the poisoned javelins, the roars of the Firerock Dwarves became more and more sparse.

After a short moment, the poisonous smoke dissipated and the Wolf Riders wordlessly started their charge.

With a gust of wind, hundreds of Wolf Riders rushed into the clearing smoke, their scimitars flashing, sending the heads of Firerock Dwarves flying. In an instant, the number of Firerock Dwarves had been reduced by more than half.

After making a round trip, not many Dwarves could remain standing.

The surviving dozen Firerock Dwarves loudly roared again and crazily rushed at Lodney. The strongest Firerock Dwarf spun around, creating a storm with lightning flickering within it.

After two seconds, that Firerock Dwarf threw the huge warhammer he was holding.

A loud, cannon-like explosion loudly echoed as the warhammer flew out. The warhammer had at least a few tons of force and flew like an arrow covered in lightning. It affected the Beastman slaves on the way, their bodies exploding on contact with the air waves.

Even a dozen Wolf Riders couldn't resist and were sent flying, and the warhammer reached Lodney in an instant.

Lodney sneered and reached out to grab it. Smoke converged in front of him and turned into a vivid, pitch-black, clawed, demonic hand.

It stopped the warhammer completely. The lightning crackled even harder, apparently wanting to tear the clawed hand to pieces. The demonic hand was slowly pushed back over a meter before it suddenly clenched shut, grabbing the lightning in its palm. A moment later, the pressure in the air lessened.

The demonic hand turned into black smoke, and a lump of iron fell down from it. Lodney waved his hand again and space distorted in front of the remaining dozen Dwarves to form a vortex, and an 8-meter-tall demonic head appeared.

That demonic head was covered in flames, and only a faint shape could be seen. As that demonic head emerged from the vortex, a thick abyssal aura started filling the surroundings.

An uncanny laugh filled with malice echoed as the demonic head opened its mouth, revealing the lava within, before sucking the air in front of it.

The dozen Dwarves didn't even have time to resist before ending up in the demon's mouth.

The mouth closed, and sickening crunching noises echoed. After a few seconds, the demonic head sucked in the corpses of the other Firerock Dwarves, and all of them were eaten.

After a bit, the head belched and turned to glance at Lodney, slowly shrinking while disappearing into the whirlpool.

The Dwarves with huge momentum were dealt with in a few instants.

Cohen's face was grim as he roared with a sharp voice, "Lodney, look what you did, you actually killed so many Firerock Dwarves! What should we do now? You've started a war with the Firerock Dwarves. I have to return and give a detailed report to the Tribal Chief and the Elders!"

Lodney had a calm expression as he ignored Cohen, but one of his subordinates couldn't bear it and intervened. "Cohen, what do you understand? Have you forgotten the tribe's prophecy?"

The malicious Cohen became pious and fanatical when he heard this.

"How could I forget!? The glory of the Ash Beastmen, people would never dare to forget! In the future, we will open a door, and on the other side of the door is a splendid and glorious path. On that path, we will meet a person and he will lead our Ash Beastmen to restore the glory and honor of the olden days!"

After saying these words, Cohen's expression recovered and he disdainfully looked around. "I would never dare to forget about the tribe's prophecy. Attaining the glory of the olden days is the responsibility of every Beastman, but it has no relation to the matter at hand. Look at how much trouble you caused, you even provoked the Firerock Dwarves and killed so many of them! This will definitely infuriate them, and at that time, we shall see who was right!"

Lodney sighed and couldn't help but think of the formidable Ash Beastmen of the past.

At that time, they served a formidable master, the only God below the Godking Yashan, the Wisdom God, Constance!

The Ash Beastmen were dozen to a hundred times stronger than they were now. Back then, one would have to be level 30 just to enter the slave army. All adult Beastmen under level 30 could only be slaves that weren't even in the army.

Powerful Demon Warlocks could just rely on their names to make the Demons of the Abyss bend their heads, and more than a dozen Abyssal Demon Overlords even agreed to sign contracts with the Ash Beastmen.

When the Ash Beastmen's Flying Riders flew in the sky, they could block out the light as if a black cloud was covering the sky.

Even Dragons would make a detour when they saw an army of Flying Riders, and the Flying Riders even dared to hunt Dragons. All races, apart from the Ash Beastman Race itself, were on their hunting list.

At that time, the mounts of Wolf Riders weren't those Flame Frost Wolves, but rather the legendary Dark Wolves with God bloodlines!

The weakest Beastman in a Wolf Rider Army was at least level 38, and the leader would be a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

At that time, the Tribal Chief was a first-rate powerhouse among Heaven Ranks, and when the other races saw the Ash Beastmen, they would instinctively be afraid.

Glory, or as it might be better to say, past glory, was already deeply engraved in the souls of the Ash Beastmen. Restoring it was a mission that they would all do their best to accomplish.

Lodney turned back and heard Cohen still chattering, and with a cold expression, he glared at him with soaring killing intent.

"Cohen, the time for the prophecy has arrived. These ruins fortunately appeared now, and they are related to our former master, the Wisdom God. That legendary door is definitely in those ruins. As an Ash Beastman, we should spare no cost to find it. Not just Firerock Dwarves, nothing can stop us!

"If I hear you say something that will stop me from looking at that door once more, I'll definitely kill you."

Cohen opened his mouth but didn't say anything, only snorting disdainfully.

The army rushed to the gate of the ruins, and when Lodney saw it, he couldn't help frowning.

"Looks like someone entered before us," he mumbled to himself.

A subordinate was in a daze next to him. "Warlord, have the Firerock Dwarves already entered?"

"It's not the Firerock Dwarves, it looks like the Dwarves have been digging here for some time. I'm talking about someone else, they entered not long before us. The group of magic beasts we encountered before reaching the ruins didn't have a leader. Moreover, that group of magic beasts had recently been in a fight. They were disorganized after having lost their leader, and the slave army was more than enough to deal with them.

"You should know that this kind of magic beast pack would decide on a new leader in a day after losing their leader! That group only killed their leaders and scattered the pack, which means that there aren't many of them, and there are traces on the gate showing that they entered not long ago."

Lodney immediately made the army proceed forward after discovering this, rushing towards the ruins at the fastest speed.


On the other side, after going through some hardships, Lin Yun's group had made it deeper into the ruins.

These ruins were like an ever-changing world with dangers continuously emerging. Just as they entered the ruins, they fell into a forest that reeked of blood with a large amount of Vampiric Vines crazily attacking them.

The countless vines even covered the sky, apparently wanting to rely on numbers to submerge them, and even a wave of fire spells couldn't suppress them. In the end, Lin Yun opened the Book of Death and used the Element Chapter to summon a Hellfire to burn the entire blood-reeking forest to ashes.

After leaving the forest, they arrived in a swamp filled with poisonous gas that was so heavy that it even congealed raindrops.

Furthermore, a group of highly venomous Python Alligators were living in the swamp, squeezed into the mud. Even Lin Yun couldn't find any trace of these Python Alligators, and Xiuban was almost dragged in. If Lin Yun hadn't reacted fast enough, Xiuban would have been completely pulled under.

And even Xiuban, with his outstanding physical body, got poisoned. The poison only slowed down after he drank three bottles of antidote.

They encountered all kinds of terrifying magic beasts, all of which were expert hunters, as well as many dangerous environments that even Lin Yun took the initiative to avoid.

But now, because they were trying to escape corrosive rain, they actually arrived in an area that seemed like an arena.

Lin Yun frowned as he stood in the center of the arena, while everyone was on the side, looking around the place.