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 Lin Yun had said those words in a low voice.

Enderfa was already having the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel slowly rotate. "Merlin, this is nonsense, anyone can see that these Firerock Dwarves are crazy..."

Elsa was also puzzled. "Is something wrong with them? What's wrong with these Firerock Dwarves? Why is their temper so bad?"

In a few seconds, a Firerock Dwarf let out a low roar and threw a hammer at their group. The hammer flew like an arrow with terrifying speed and appeared in front of Xiuban in an instant.

Xiuban was alarmed and promptly raised Carnage to block. The hammer collided with Carnage and burst out with a dazzling streak of sparks, and there even seemed to be a thunderous force coursing towards Xiuban's body.

Xiuban let out a groan, and blue veins appeared on his arm as he had to take a few steps back, each step making a deep imprint on the ground.

"Good power!"

Lin Yun frowned. This confirmed that there was something wrong with these Dwarves. Even the irascible Firerock Dwarves wouldn't turn hostile so quickly.

After the first Firerock Dwarf made a move, wisps of evil aura leaked from the others as every single one brandished their iron hammers and charged.

Seeing this scene, anyone would understand that something was wrong with them. Firerock Dwarves innately disliked fighting, not to mention killing someone that just gifted them a valuable piece of magic metal over such a random small detail.

In an instant, eight hammers flickering with light smashed into the ground.

These hammers were thrown with terrifying power at a frighteningly high speed, causing tangible air pressure as they flew over.

Eight white auras travelled through the air, cracking sounds echoing in their wake. They rushed forward like lightning, and with incredible momentum.

Lin Yun frowned. Elsa raised the Wood Barrier in front of him, and it was followed by three continuous loud sounds as the hammers smashed into it, forming a bunch of cracks. The Wood Barrier, which could be considered a 6th Tier Spell and Elsa's strongest defensive ability, was smashed to pieces.

Xiuban swung Carnage and met one of the hammers head on, but his hands shook from the impact. The power of that hammer was formidable and was also charged with some lightning power.

As the Firerock Dwarves made their move, the evil aura became even stronger and it looked as if blue flames were rushing out of their eyes. They were all glaring at Lin Yun's group as if they were facing the bane of their race.

"Kill them! We were kind enough to let them go in, but they didn't go in!"

"They are looking down on us, giving us no respect!"

"Kill them!"

These Dwarves were loudly shouting nonsense, each and every one of them going completely crazy. But their shouting made Lin Yun frown.

"These guys are infected by evil power, let's deal with them quickly." Lin Yun quickly took out his Draconic Staff to summon a dozen Meteors.

Reina chanted a spell, and a large amount of ice appeared out of nowhere, shrouding a few Firerock Dwarves in frost.

These Firerock Dwarves were covered in a layer of frost, and seconds later, they turned into frozen chunks of ice.

Lin Yun suddenly shouted, "Reina, move! Quick!"

This puzzled Reina, and that momentary hesitation cost her. Before she could move, she saw the two frozen statues suddenly burst open. The ice dispersed while heat radiated from the Dwarves' bodies. As if they were berserk, they let out loud roars and instantly appeared in front of Reina.

The two hammers smashed onto Reina's body, and she was sent flying ten meters away. She only managed to regain control after turning into a Frost Dragon in midair.

"Don't use any ice spells! These guys have been next to furnaces since their birth, so they have accumulated a large amount of heat within their bodies. It will burst out whenever they are attacked by ice spells," Lin Yun quickly explained.

He had forgotten to warn them, but he also hadn't expected these Firerock Dwarves to attack in the first place. Just now, those hammers had been so fast that nobody could react properly. Fortunately, their target was Reina, a Frost Dragon. Had it been one of the less sturdy members of the party, they would have been smashed to death.

Even so, despite Reina transforming to reduce the impact of the damage, blood was already leaking from her mouth.

This scene made them all sweat. Even Xiuban was a bit startled, as even he couldn't send Reina flying like that.

Ten Dwarves were gathered there, suppressed by a large number of spells, but not receiving any injuries. The fire spells barely injured them. They could even stand right in the middle of the flames for a short time without any problems. And ice spells would stimulate an instinctive reaction from their bodies.

Fire spells and ice spells could be considered thoroughly useless here.

Thus, at this moment, they all summoned large trees, Earth Spikes, or even some wind-attributed spells to suppress these Firerock Dwarves.

But it was only holding them back...

The Firerock Dwarves didn't even need to dodge as the meteors fell. They swung hammers half the size of their bodies and shattered the meteors before they hit the ground.

The huge rocks from the Rock Fall spell were also hit by that terrifying power.

Only Wind Blades and such spells could leave wounds on these rather slow guys.


The leading Firerock Dwarf was brandishing a sledgehammer and ruthlessly hit the ground with it, creating a shockwave visible to the naked eye that spread in all directions, crushing the Earth Spikes that were stabbing out of the ground.

It was like there were explosives hidden under the ground as a series of loud sounds kept echoing, turning fragments of earth into sharp projectiles that shot in all directions.

The fragments that struck the Firerock Dwarves didn't even leave any marks, but they caused ripples on their opponents' shields.

One Firerock Dwarf wasn't much of a threat, but when ten of them did the same attack, it felt like Lin Yun's group was being surrounded by explosions.

Lin Yun's Ice Fire Shield quickly revolved, blocking all the fragments coming his way.

The ground was constantly shaking as these Firerock Dwarves were going crazy.

"They aren't going in, not showing any respect, must die!"

"They dare to resist, must die, they must die!"

"This great magic metal wasn't discovered by the Firerock Dwarves, they must die!"


The group of Firerock Dwarves was shouting and flailing wildly, completely disregarding their injuries as they charged towards Lin Yun's group like mad dogs.

Lin Yun observed that in addition to wearing normal armor, these Dwarves were also covered in a layer of fiery red Aura Armor. Low Tier Spells couldn't really cause any damage with those on.

"Let them come," Lin Yun said in a low voice with a frown.

When the others heard those words, they slowed their casting, and sure enough, the Firerock Dwarves didn't notice anything as they suddenly drastically closed the gap.

The dozen Dwarves were already raising their hammers when they were ten meters away, and at that time, Lin Yun chanted a few incantations.

In an instant, a black Wind Blade appeared in front of every Firerock Dwarf.

The Wind Blades formed by Lin Yun were very thin, looking just like black threads emitting spatial fluctuations.

The legendary Space Rending Blade that could even split space open, using a Wind Blade to forcibly create a spatial rift, had the sharpness of an artifact.

But these Firerock Dwarves didn't even give them a glance. They didn't care about the black threads appearing in front of them and only roared as they rushed forward.

A second later, all the Firerock Dwarves stopped moving, awkwardly standing there with their weapons raised.

Then, a thin, bloody line appeared on their necks as their heads were severed by the Space Rending Blade.

They all died in an instant...

Lin Yun frowned and looked at the corpses. The evil aura leaking from the bodies of those Dwarves started dissipating, and their blue eyes also recovered their usual fiery color.

"They really were being controlled by an evil force!"

After losing their reason, only the thought of killing them remained, and they didn't even hesitate to rush through the Space Rending Blades that were in their way.

Had they been lucid, these Firerock Dwarves, who were about level 35 on average, would have been very troublesome to deal with. They had outstanding magic resistance and terrifying power. Especially after being frozen, their bodies could instantly burst with power exceeding their limits.

In the future, there had been a level 39 Frost Dragon that used his Frost Breath to freeze a level 39 Firerock Dwarf. He originally thought that the Firerock Dwarf was dead, but hadn't expected that after a short moment, the power gathered within the Firerock Dwarf's body would burst out, instantly breaking out of the frost. Using that gathered power, he did an attack comparable to a Heaven Rank Swordsman!

He smashed the Frost Dragon's head in one attack!

As long as their blacksmithing or craftsmanship skills weren't slandered or questioned, they didn't really care about most matters and were very easy to interact with.