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 After finishing his words, Lin Yun led everyone back into the forest. He opened the Book of Death and chanted a word. The Book of Death let out a faint radiance that covered Lin Yun's group. Suddenly, Beta could no longer see them or sense any mana fluctuations.

Beta stood up in fright and touched his belly, feeling a slight pain coming from it, and his teeth shivered from fear.

He raised his head and clenched his teeth when he saw the two approaching Wyverns and did what he had been tasked.

He quickly walked over, and after moving a few dozen meters, the two Wyverns descended and blocked his path.

"Beta? What are you doing over here?" One of the Flying Riders recognized Beta and threw him a disdainful glance.

Beta rolled his eyes and quickly took out two crystals and threw them to the two Flying Riders.

"Powerful Flying Riders, I come looking for our most powerful clansman, Sir Flame Dragon Warlord. Could I trouble you to lead the way?" Beta chuckled while rubbing his hands together, trying to curry favor with these two.

One of the Flying Riders looked at the crystal and put it away while disdainfully looking at Beta. "I know for a fact that you should be patrolling outside with our army, why have you run over here on your own? Did something happen? Why are you looking for our Warlord?"

Beta bowed with a flattering smile and promptly said, "How could something have happened? It's just that that idiot Johan has such poor character, I really don't want to be with him, so I wanted to try my luck and see if Sir Flame Dragon Warlord could let me serve here and lead his Kodo..."

One of the Flying Riders ruthlessly drew his whip and lashed at Beta, saying in a mocking tone, "Hurry up and f*ck off, do you think this is a place for you? Don't let me see you here again or I'll twist your head!"

The other Flying Rider shook his head and said with ridicule, "Hurry up and scram, fool! To think of leading our Warlord's Kodo... At best you can be used as rations for his Kodo."

The two Flying Riders kept the crystals, and after whipping Beta a few times, they led their Wyverns back into the sky.

Beta, having suffered from the whipping, watched them leave while secretly feeling relieved. He returned to the place he had been a moment ago but didn't find any trace of Lin Yun's group.

As Beta was becoming anxious, a few shadows silently appeared in the surroundings. Xiuban casually walked over to Beta and patted his shoulder. "Good work, you didn't disappoint Lord Xiuban. Rest assured, if there is an opportunity, Lord Xiuban will twist those two Flying Riders' heads to avenge you."

Lin Yun threw a bottle over. "This is half of the antidote, this will keep you in good health for at least a month. The rest will depend on your performance."

Beta tightly held the glass bottle and promptly knelt on the ground to thank Lin Yun. "Many thanks, Respected Sir Merlin, you are as dazzling as the sun, your wisdom and kindness are vaster than the Ash Beastman Tribe's Prophets..."

The boot-licking continued up until Xiuban interrupted it with a kick. Then, Beta hurriedly swallowed the potion, and as if remembering something, he saw that there was still some liquid stuck to the inside of the bottle, so he clenched his teeth before eating the glass bottle.

After managing to fool the two Flying Riders, the group followed Beta as they circumvented the army and hurriedly left.

Sure enough, it didn't take long before they saw a group of Flying Riders fly over their original position, continuously checking the surroundings. There were also many Wolf Riders frantically scouring the forest, searching for a trail.

But their tracks, smell, and aura had been completely erased by Lin Yun. These people would be unable to pursue them.

It didn't take long for them to encounter three Dark Elven Souls after escaping the Beastman Army's tracking.

When she saw them, Elsa started explaining to everyone, "These three died defending the clan. At that time, an Earth Dragon attacked the clan, and these three were the captains of the guards. One was an 8th Rank Archmage, while the other two were 7th Rank Archmages. They fell while buying some time, but I truly hadn't expected to meet them here..."

Apart from Lin Yun, they all started to fight. After turning into Souls, two of them were level 36 while the other one was level 37, so there was no need for Lin Yun to make a move.

Enderfa led the others to attack the Souls while Lin Yun was rousing his Magic Array, constantly checking the auras in the surroundings and making some calculations.

The two somewhat weaker Dark Elves were submerged by a large flood of spells while Lin Yun still hadn't found anything useful.

Only when the last Dark Elven Soul was pierced by half a dozen Fire God Spears, causing it to dissipate, did Lin Yun's Magic Array catch some special aura.

In an instant, Lin Yun's Magic Array revolved at full speed as everything in the surroundings, the growing plants, the airflow, the manaflow, everything was broken down and turned into small pieces of data.

After a while, Lin Yun opened his eyes and pointed in a direction. "What's there?"

Beta promptly answered, "Respected Sir Merlin, it turns out you already know! The ruins are in that direction."

Lin Yun had a flash of understanding. 'Sure enough, the ruins Chris mentioned. And now I caught a wisp of the Incarnation's aura, it's indeed in the depths of the forest. No wonder it was fuzzy, it's in the ruins!

'Those ruins are protected by many defensive arrays, and most of them are hidden in the space. The ruins won't appear until that concealing power is used up. In the boundless space, without coordinates, even a God wouldn't be able to find anything hidden.'

The ruins now appeared, but there was still some power operating and impeding the calculations of the Magic Array.

But it was enough now that he knew the Incarnation was in the ruins!

Having found the direction, Elsa was elated, while Lin Yun also smiled.

With the Incarnation being found, Lin Yun could borrow the Dark Elves' path to reach the Wisdom Tree's treetop!

This time, everyone was moving much faster. They occasionally met some Dark Elven Souls, but Lin Yun was now getting involved, doing his best to move them along as fast as possible.

But when they reached the outside of the ruins, they discovered some changes.

The entrance of the ruins was a huge stone gate seemingly embedded in the Wisdom Tree.

There were already a lot of fortifications built outside the gate, with all kinds of complex, large-scale tools and many tents. It looked like someone had already come here.

The traces of the years passing could be seen on the door. It was a dozen meters tall and thirty meters wide.

A group of Dwarves less than 1.5 meters tall with thick and muscular bodies were in the surroundings. They had dark red skin and had some withered traces similar to cracks in rocks.

Elsa approached Lin Yun and softly told him, 'These are the Firerock Dwarves, they are natural blacksmiths and craftsmen. Because they always work close to furnaces for long periods of time, their skin had turned dark red and dried up, filling with cracks. But these guys are extremely powerful. Even Ash Beastmen might not necessarily have the power to contend against them.

"Furthermore, they have very powerful equipment. They have the best gear of the three great races. Whether it is the Ash Beastmen or the Dark Elves, all of us want to have weapons or armor crafted by them, but they rarely sell anything.

"They are only interested in forging and building. When the Dark Elves and the Ash Beastmen were having major wars, the Firerock Dwarves rarely participated, so over the years, they became the strongest Clan. And even as they became more and more powerful, they still rarely joined the wars."

Beta quickly added, "Respected Sir Merlin, I truly didn't know these red-skinned Dwarves had already started unearthing the ruins..."

Lin Yun didn't say anything, the corner of his lips raising in a grin.

'Turns out the Ash Beastmen weren't the first to get the information. The Firerock Dwarves have already started excavating the ruins, and it looks like they've made a fair amount of progress. It would have been troublesome if the Ash Beastmen were here, but the Firerock Dwarves are a lot easier to deal with.'

Lin Yun had a good understanding of the Firerock Dwarves.

This was a race of blacksmiths and craftsmen. As they were all craftsmen, they would inevitably have some crafters that other races couldn't compare to.

The craftsmen of the Firerock Dwarves were very popular in the future. The most accomplished ones had the same status as powerful Heaven Mages, and even the most powerful of those mages would remain very polite with the Firerock Dwarves.

At the end of the Magic Era, the Firerock Dwarves were the driving force behind the construction of the main body of the Shelter Tower!

During the era of excavations, many valuable resources and treasures were lost due to poor excavating methods.

The place where the Firerock Dwarves were the most appreciated was in the excavation of ruins. With minimal costs, the Firerock Dwarves could unearth ruins without damaging anything.