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 Hearing these words, Xiuban beamed with joy. He hadn't helped during the battle earlier. In order to increase its power, the Gravity Array Formation couldn't differentiate between friend and foe; even Lin Yun would be affected if he walked in. Only the area where the group was standing wasn't affected by the gravity field.

Xiuban was standing and watching the exciting scene for a while and could at best be used as a meat shield to block an arrow or a javelin, nothing more.

Xiuban raised Carnage and walked to the side of that Kodo's corpse, spitting on the ground before swinging Carnage down, knocking the corpse away to reveal two battered and exhausted Beastmen.

"Stand up for Lord Xiuban! If you dare to do anything, Lord Xiuban will smash your heads!" Xiuban bared his fangs with a threatening expression, glaring at those two burnt Beastmen as if he was looking forward to them attacking.

The two Beastmen covered in burns actually seemed to be lightly wounded. With a glance, Lin Yun recognized the two leaders and asked with an indifferent tone, "Say, why did you attack us?"

The eyes of the Beastman on the left opened wide, glaring at Lin Yun as he spat, " Pthew! Humans are truly despicable lifeforms! Trash like you ought to be killed and fed to Kodos..."

Lin Yun laughed at that Beastman's words.

Enderfa also laughed. "That guy doesn't seem to understand his circumstances. He is a prisoner, yet he remains unyielding?"

That Beastman glared angrily, seeming ready to attack.

Without a movement from Lin Yun, a Flame Chain suddenly appeared on the Beastman, locking him on the spot.

"Damned Outsider, you are dead meat, release me now..."

At his words, Xiuban heavily slapped him twice.

"Scoundrel, how could you speak that way to Lord Merlin? Apologize!"

Lin Yun saw that this Beastman was still unyielding after being slapped twice, still glaring as if he hadn't realized that they had lost the war, while the other Beastman was shivering in fear, his eyes darting around and his legs trembling.

Lin Yun glanced at the left Beastman and casually ordered Xiuban, "Kill him."

Xiuban was overjoyed, nastily laughing as he swung Carnage onto that Beastman's head, thoroughly smashing it.

"Damned b*stard, to dare speak to Sir Merlin like that. Death was too light of a punishment, he should have been beaten up by Syudos until he regretted being alive!"

Xiuban was cursing while his hammer was smashing that unyielding Beastman's head. He then kicked the Beastman's body a few times.

'He was killed with two words...'

The remaining Beastman was terrified. Blood had splashed on his face, as well as some unknown sticky thing. His legs went soft and he almost fell on his butt.

Lin Yun slowly turned his head and looked at him. That Beastman was instantly scared and fell to the ground in fright, unhesitantly kneeling while loudly weeping, "Sir, Great God-like Lord, I, I, ask me anything! I won't hide anything as long as I know..."

That Beastman's antics stunned everyone.

Then, everyone glanced at the mangled corpse on the side, before looking back at that Beastman, and then at Xiuban.

Xiuban was also stunned as he looked at the kneeling Ash Beastman. How could he not feel strange after hearing that Beastman's flattery?

After seeing Lin Yun's strange expression, Xiuban instantly understood.

'Damnit, that guy is actually boot-licking Sir Merlin! I haven't done it yet, yet you dare to?'

Xiuban's intelligence instantly rose up as he felt threatened. Seeing Lin Yun's expression, he was able to deduce that he wasn't planning on killing that greedy and repulsive Ash Beastman. 'Does he want to keep it? No! I shall be the only Beastman at Sir Merlin's side. If there is one more, wouldn't it be fighting over my benefits?

'Damnit, what if we find more Three-Headed Golden Dragon Blood later? I already fused with a drop, wouldn't that damned Beastman snatch it away?

'Damnit! Damnit! That's no good! I can't let this Beastman steal my rewards!'

Thinking of this, Xiuban looked at Carnage in his hands, and hesitated...

'If I use my weapon, that cowardly Beastman would be instantly killed, wouldn't he?'

As he thought of this, Xiuban threw Carnage to the side and grabbed the kneeling Beastman and slapped him twice.

"Damned b*stard! Is Sir Merlin someone you can flatter? You filthy Beastman, aren't you trying to change the topic? I can see that you don't want to tell Sir Merlin the truth, scoundrel! Lord Xiuban has seen through your plan!" After saying that, Xiuban clenched his fist and brandished it, ready to beat up that Ash Beastman.

"I'll make you behave, I'll make you speak the truth!"

Punching sounds echoed, and after a few punches, the Ash Beastman started spitting blood, continuously screaming.

After a while, Lin Yun, who didn't know whether to laugh or cry, said, "Xiuban, enough."

Xiuban wished he could kick him once more, but only settled for fiercely shouting, "B*stard! Behave!"

The miserable Beastman was covered in black burns and green and purple bruises. He was continuously coughing up blood, seeming extremely miserable.

"Respected Sir Merlin, I'll talk, I'll say everything."

Lin Yun saw with a glance that this Ash Beastman was like Xiuban, extremely cowardly and with no bottom line.

"Tell me everything you know."

The Beastman knelt on the ground, trembling with fear as he immediately started talking. "Respected Sir Merlin, your servant Beta shall report to you..."

Xiuban's eyes opened wide and he took a step forward. "Damned b*stard, you are still not behaving!"

Beta screamed and rolled to the ground, shivering.

Lin Yun waved his arm, dumbfounded. "Keep talking."

The cowardly Beta quickly talked about what he knew. "Respected Sir Merlin, it is like this. Our Ash Beastman Tribe, oh, no, their Ash Beastman Tribe recently discovered the traces of ruins here, and they sent people to unearth it. And from the information we recently received, the ruins didn't look that simple. I heard there is a high possibility they were left by the Wisdom God, and thus, it is highly valued by the Ash Beastman Tribe..."

After hearing a few words, Xiuban the opportunity to kick that guy a few times and bark, "Respected Sir Merlin is asking why you attacked us!"

Beta didn't dare to retort and promptly said, "After coming out, the Ash Beastman Tribe's leader personally instructed that this information couldn't be leaked, and no matter which lifeform approached the place, they had to be killed. So when we saw Sir Merlin, there was no need to reconsider and the order was given. But that order didn't come from me, it came from the other guy. I said that you guys didn't know about it and that we shouldn't bother, but he didn't listen and still wanted to make a move..."

Lin Yun contemplated for a bit. 'This information is a bit unexpected. There are actually ruins here, and the Ash Beastman Tribe even came here. I wonder if it's related to the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation...'

"Besides you, how many Ash Beastmen came?"

Beta didn't conceal anything and directly sold out the Ash Beastman Tribe. "Several squadrons, but we don't have the same task. We were only in charge of tidying up that area. The troops in charge of the ruins are several times more powerful than this army. The powerhouses of the Ash Beastman Tribe are there, and moreover, I heard that a true powerhouse of the tribe was there...

"The strength of our team is considered the weakest. We didn't even have the qualifications to stand guard outside the ruins, let alone participate in unearthing the ruins. Respected Sir Merlin, you must be careful, there are many powerhouses of the Ash Beastman Tribe in here. Naturally, the true powerhouses aren't a match for Respected Sir Merlin, they are far lacking.

Beta started frantically flattering Lin Yun, completely selling out the Ash Beastman Tribe, and even sharing all information concerning the ruins.

Lin Yun lowered his head in contemplation. On the way, he noticed that the number of Dark Elven Souls had kept increasing. He had been following Chris' notes for far, and if he kept following that itinerary, he would end up not far from the ruins. Furthermore, Chris' notes did mention some ruins too

"Alright, lead us there and you shall be spared," Lin Yun told Beta after contemplating for a while.

Beta was overjoyed and loudly said, "Many thanks, Respected Sir Merlin, your benevolence can illuminate the entire God Nation, your light is more dazzling than the sun itself..."

Xiuban's mouth twitched.

The group then followed Beta, and although the route was a bit different from Chris' notes, the general direction was the same.

But Beta displayed ultimate cowardice. Whenever they met danger, Beta would immediately hide behind Lin Yun... He obviously knew that being near Lin Yun was the safest.

Because of this, he was beaten up by Xiuban a few times out of nowhere without understanding the reason. Because of that, he eventually switched to following Xiuban and calling him Lord Xiuban.

This way, Xiuban didn't beat him up. Although Xiuban took on a little brother, he still wasn't happy. As long as Beta went above his head and fawned over Lin Yun, he would end up beating him immediately.

If Xiuban was forgotten while boot-licking, he would look for a pretext to beat him up...