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 Something like that happened and they barely managed to see some hope. Even the most ordinary clansman was willing to grab that last straw. Whoever dared to make a move against the outsider now wouldn't just be expelled, the best outcome would be being burnt to ashes...

They couldn't make a move against that person for the time being, they absolutely couldn't.

The 3rd Elder clenched his fists, his heart aching from hatred, wishing he could lash at that outsider's body, torturing him to death. But he didn't dare to do anything at the moment.

However, Jers had already become muddle-headed from anger and simply didn't listen. Up till now, he still believed that his first defeat had been due to his carelessness, that he had been sneak attacked.

"Father, that damned outsider is definitely a spy, that sl*t Elsa definitely fed him all those pieces of information. Our clan hasn't been able to find the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation for so many years, how could an outsider like him find it? The God Nation is too vast, and the environment is very complicated. No one in our clan has been able to find it for the past hundred years...

"He is just an outsider, how could he find it so quickly? He is definitely stalling for time! If he can't find it in two decades, he will just say that it was normal, since even we couldn't find it for a century. Once our clan suffers from a great disaster, he'll be able to smoothly escape, and Jeremy won't be able to get his revenge!

"Father, don't you see how that damned outsider treats you? And Uncle went into the Lightless Dreamland. What would he think of you when he learns about it when he wakes up?

"An outsider who is only a 9th Rank High Mage, a piece of trash that only knows how to shamelessly sneak attack. After injuring Jeremy, he actually swaggered his way into the Dark Elven Clan. And you, you ignored Jeremy's biggest foe and didn't even avenge him!" Jers was going out of control, harshly criticizing his own father.

The 3rd Elder shouted with a deep voice, "Enough! What do you know? That outsider isn't that simple. Not only we can't move against him, but he is also quite remarkable."

Jers froze, before saying with disdain, "He is remarkable? He is only a 9th Rank High Mage, I saw it with my own eyes! He was studying a 1st Tier Spell and looked puzzled. If I hadn't been careless, how could he have managed to get the better of me..."

Jers was a bit dismissive of his father's caution. 'If you weren't so excessively cautious, you wouldn't have stopped at the 3rd Elder seat...'

But Jers only dared to think those words, he didn't dare to say them.

The 3rd Elder had a heavy expression as he explained in a low voice, "You are underestimating that outsider. Although he is only a 9th Rank High Mage, I saw him casting last time, and his casting speed is several times faster than a 9th Rank High Mage. In human terms, his spells were close to being Insta-cast. The speed can be compared to our clan's 1st or 2nd Rank Archmages.

"And those people at his side aren't so simple, either. I investigated in secret. That woman is a level 38 Frost Dragon. You should have heard from our clan's stories how powerful Dragons are. You absolutely aren't that Frost Dragon's match.

"And the Beastman, alchemy puppet, and the outsider's True Spirit Magic Tool are very powerful. That man is definitely an important member of a major force's younger generation, he is definitely not some nobody. If we rashly make a move, it's highly possible that we won't be able to kill them and will even expose ourselves to more danger. At that time, it would be equivalent to betraying the clan..."

Jers was in disbelief. "What? Dragon? That damned outsider actually has a Dragon at his side? Could it be that even Father cannot kill them? No, wait, we only need to kill that damned outsider!"

'Right, just kill that damned outsider, Mafa Merlin, was it? Although his entourage isn't weak, he himself is. As long as he dies, his entourage will naturally leave on their own. There is no need to worry about these cheap followers, killing Merlin is more than enough, and this is easy enough...'

A smile appeared on Jers' face.

"Father, that damned outsider is too weak, and his followers can't always be protecting him. As long as Father uses a High Tier Spell, you will be able to kill that guy. As for his followers, it doesn't matter if they survive, as long as that Mafa Merlin dies. His stalling tricks are rubbish, the clan wouldn't look into it."

The 3rd Elder shook his head "That's no good. That Mafa Merlin would definitely die if I acted myself. Although he is stronger than a High Mage of the same level, he would at most be comparable to a Dark Elf that had just advanced to the Archmage realm. But they are out of the clan now and I can't leave. The powerhouses of the clan know that we are at odds with them. I don't have any opportunity to leave. The 4th Elder is spending all her time watching me."

Jers blurted out, "Can't we have other people do it instead?"

The 3rd Elder shook his head. "It won't work, the helpers at the side of the outsider aren't weak. There aren't many people within our clan that could kill them, so the chances of ambushing him aren't too high..."

Jers' eyes were frantically darting around as he was apparently thinking of something. 'This damned outsider is so weak, how could he have followers that are so powerful? Even a Dragon! But... So what if you have a Dragon protecting you? You are weak, you are a burden when facing a powerful enemy, the Dragon can't always protect you.

'Since there is no way to use an expert from our clan, I can only look for the other races. Someone from the Ash Beastman Tribe came before, if I borrow the power of the Ash Beastmen, I can definitely kill that outsider!'

With this in mind, Jers asked, "Father! Didn't an emissary of the Ash Beastman Tribe look for you before, saying something about joining hands to deal with the Firerock Dwarves..."

The 3rd Elder's expression suddenly changed when he heard Jers' words. "No, absolutely not! How could you even think of look to those Ash Beastmen, those filthy Beastmen with Abyssal Bloodlines, to deal with an outsider! Don't even think of going against the clan's interests.

Were those Ash Beastmen good talkers? If they were sincere, there wouldn't have been such outcomes before. If they looked for the Ash Beastmen now, wouldn't this be going against the clan's interests?

The clan had been plagued with misfortunes in the past years. If the clan's interests were betrayed, even if they could deal with the Firerock Dwarves, they would still be much weaker than the Ash Beastman Tribe. At that time, their position would be unstable...

The 3rd Elder didn't even think before refusing Jers' proposal.

Jers was startled, but it was only a refusal, he wasn't scolded.

'Since father refused but didn't scold me or mention the clan's regulations, there must be some leeway... Since no one in the clan can act, if that damned outsider runs into an Ash Beastman outside and is killed, no one can say anything.

'Besides, the outsider is so weak, wouldn't it be normal for him to die if he coincidentally ran into someone stronger?'

"Father, how could you say that this is going against the interests of the clan?" Jers seriously asked.

Not even waiting for his father to talk, he continued his explanation, "Father, we should form an alliance with the Ash Beastmen. These years, the red-skinned Dwarves had become more and more powerful, occupying more and more locations. Our lives are getting worse. Although those Ash Beastmen have filthy Demonic Bloodlines, so what? Being able to borrow their power to withstand the red-skinned Dwarves, isn't that very advantageous to our clan...?"

The 3rd Elder's expression became sluggish as he pondered over this, thinking that this was indeed the case.

The three major races of the God Nation were the Dark Elven Race, the Ash Beastman Race, and the Firerock Dwarven Race. The Firerock Dwarves were the strongest and were the most proficient at forging. They would rarely have a struggle with the other two Races. But the Ash Beastmen and the Dark Elves had been at odds for a very long time.

Over the years, the difference in power between the Ash Beastmen and the Dark Elves hadn't changed much. Instead, it was the Firerock Dwarves that grew stronger and stronger, watching from the side while gathering power and resources. They took advantage of the battle between the Ash Beastmen and the Dark Elves to reap a lot of benefits.

Due to this, the power of the Firerock Dwarves now far exceeded the other two races, while the weakest Dark Elves were in danger.

But now, the Ash Beastmen were ambitious and wanted to deal with the Firerock Dwarves. Wouldn't it be the best outcome if they could weaken the Firerock Dwarves and the Ash Beastmen?

Jers promptly continued his persuasion as he saw that it was promising.

"Moreover, Father, we are just dealing with those Firerock Dwarves. Borrowing an ally's power to casually kill a frail outsider isn't worth mentioning. At that time, we only need one sentence and the Ash Beastmen will take the initiative to help us kill that damn outsider..."

The 3rd Elder secretly nodded, finding that Jers' words were reasonable.

'Yes, Jeremy must be avenged, or I won't be able to explain to big brother when he wakes up. Moreover, that damned outsider is truly wretched.

'It's just dealing with the Firerock Dwarves and letting the hot-blooded Ash Beastmen kill the outsider, isn't that fine?'

'It's not going against the interests of the clan, it's even fighting for the clan's interests while conveniently having that outsider killed, satisfying everyone.'