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 Three fire vortexes appeared in an instant not far from him. The three vortexes simultaneously sprayed red-hot flames in one direction.

At that time, everyone could see that the location was empty. But a tornado suddenly appeared and blocked the fiery flames. The silhouette of a Dark Elf could faintly be seen within that tornado...

"Go!" Lin Yun shouted.

Everyone rushed forward, crossing over a kilometer in a dozen seconds.

And in that tornado, the Dark Elf was angrily roaring, but he was suppressed by the flames pouring in from the Elemental Flame Plane and couldn't escape for now.

By the time everyone almost rushed out of the Silent Trap, Wind Vossay finally flew into a rage, making the tornado curled around him rise dramatically. The intense wind power reversed the direction of the fire vortexes, and Wind Vossay took advantage of that to escape the suppression.

The moment he got out, over a hundred Sound Edges flew towards Lin Yun's group.

Once he sensed that the surroundings went silent, Lin Yun was certain that they had exited the Silent Trap.

He sneered as he looked in the direction of the hundred Sound Edges rushing at them from behind, and he quickly chanted a word as he raised his Draconic Staff, which radiated a devastating splendor.

Five loud sounds could be heard ahead as five Askrim Gates were lined up in the path of the Sound Edges.

The 1st Askrim Gate was instantly cut, and then the 2nd, and the 3rd...

But Lin Yun kept incanting, and one Askrim Gate after another drilled out of the ground.

Ice-attributed defenses were most suitable for blocking this kind of spell. There was no need for skill, it was all based on mana and casting speed.

By the time Lin Yun had cast nine Askrim Gates, the number of Sound Edges had reduced.

And at that time, Lin Yun grinned.

A golden light suddenly blossomed on the ground near the group, followed by a golden flame rushing out and turning into a golden-red cage. Inside the cage was a shivering wind, which instantly turned into a fierce tornado.

The tornado was crazily attacking the cage. And surprisingly, at the center of the tornado was Wind Vossay.

Lin Yun sneered, "Fool, how could there be wind in the Silent Trap? I was almost tricked by you!"

Wind Vossay let out an unwilling roar, but no one could hear it. After exiting the Silent Trap, the effect of the Silence Barriers was fully displayed.

The flames within the gold flame cages were continuously increasing while Wind Vossay's tornado was losing momentum, before thoroughly dissipating, overwhelmed by those flames.

After some time, Lin Yun summoned Undead Mage Barton and threw him into the cage.

By the time the flames disappeared, Wind Vossay had also disappeared, devoured by Barton. Barton finally recovered to level 38.

But when looking at Barton, Lin Yun had a fright, because he could see a magic pattern on his forehead!

Elsa also had a shocked expression. "That's Wind Vossay's life magic pattern!"

Lin Yun's eyes lit up as he heard that. No one understood more than Lin Yun. Even the Dark Elven Clan might not know what that entailed.

Even in the future, Chris thought for a long time that Wind Vossay's life magic patterns were wind-attributed, until he later figured out that it was a variation, Sound Edge's magic pattern!

Lin Yun hadn't expected Barton to inherit that magic pattern after devouring Wind Vossay. If he built a Magic Tower, would he be able to set up the Silent Trap?

Without that magic pattern, there was no way to perfectly control the array. This was also why Chris had Wind Vossay control the array.

Lin Yun was a bit surprised.

He originally thought that Wind Vossay would be hard to kill. But he was a Soul, which meant he could be devoured. But he hadn't expected this outcome.

From the start, his Magic Array was unable to find any trace of Wind Vossay, so Lin Yun changed his mind and focused on the Sound Edges, doing a huge amount of calculating to figure out where each Sound Edge had been cast, which allowed him to roughly determine Wind Vossay's movements.

He then discovered a breeze flowing through all those locations. At that time, Lin Yun suddenly came to a realization.

Although Wind Vossay's life magic pattern was Sound Edge, it was a variation of the wind attribute. His understanding of wind magic had also reached the pinnacle, and he could use the 7th Tier Wind Transformation!

After changing his location several times, his position was finally discovered!

A trap was set up right outside the Silent Trap, waiting for Wind Vossay.


Lin Yun sighed in relief since the battle was over. 'No wonder Chris said he could never be defeated in his own terrain.'

Anyone under the Heaven Rank would certainly just die in the Silent Trap.

However, due to Wind Vossay's appearance, Lin Yun was now 100% certain that the monstrous Magic Tool Incarnation was in the depths of this forest!

Everyone removed their Silence Barriers, and then Elsa said with a frown, "Mafa Merlin, I noticed that all the Dark Elves we encountered before had died violent deaths. They were either sacrificed in war, killed by terrifying beasts, or died in some other unexpected way. Not a single one died of old age..."

Elsa had listed the deaths of every single Dark Elven Soul they encountered, even detailing each death.

"These people were heroes of the Dark Elven Race that unexpectedly fell. Each one of them died an extremely miserable death. But most of the Dark Elven powerhouses had lived to the end of their lives. Those who met accidents are only a small part, yet we are encountering them all..."

Lin Yun frowned a bit when he heard this. If Elsa hadn't been there, he wouldn't have known that these Dark Elven Souls had died in terrible circumstances. Chris' notes didn't mention it. It was only written that every Dark Elven Soul was a well-known figure in their clan.

Now, it looked like there might be something wrong with the Incarnation, or some flaw. As the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation, it shouldn't be the case that it would only summon the Dark Elves that died tragically.

As he thought about it, Lin Yun felt that it was highly likely. The Incarnation escaped the Life Pattern Crystal, but the Life Pattern Crystal was the original body of the Incarnation. Having lost its body for a long time, the Incarnation would definitely be greatly weakened, or perhaps be defective.

Lin Yun sighed in relief as he thought about that. According to Chris, the power of the Incarnation wasn't limited to that. At its peak, the Magic Tool Incarnation's power could be comparable to a formidable mage army, but it was a lot weaker now.

If the Incarnation summoned a group of first-rate Archmage Souls to find the Magic Tool Incarnation, Lin Yun's group would be helpless.

After putting away the strengthened Barton, everyone rested a bit before continuing towards the depths of the forest.


On another side, in Jeremy's room in the Dark Elven Clan.

The 3rd Elder was calmly sitting on the side, and Jers was full of resentment as he pointed at the unconscious Jeremy. "Father, haven't you said that the Great Elder always treated you as his close brother? Now that Jeremy is in such a state, how could you wash your hands of this? Jeremy and I have been together from our birth, how could I look at Jeremy's enemy and not avenge him?"

Jers had been stewing in his dark thoughts for a long time.

'It's just a damned outsider, and only a 9th Rank High Mage that is good at underhanded sneak attacks. He's trash that is still looking at 1st Tier Spells. How could he live in the Dark Elven Clan for so long? Our clansmen are trash, the Elder Council is trash!

'Trash! Trash!

'Jeremy was put into that state by those damned outsiders, but no one wants to avenge him!

'And Elsa, that evil omen! Sl*t! I want to see her be humiliated.

'But now, even Father is unwilling to attack those damned outsiders. One outsider came to our clan to show off, and father is actually enduring!

Jers was so angry he almost directly berated the 3rd Elder.

The 3rd Elder frowned, his expression gloomy and scary.

"Jers, I know you are so close with Jeremy that you consider him your brother. I also watched Jeremy grow up, so how could I not care? But I can't make a move in the current circumstances. Whoever attacks the outsider will become the enemy of the entire Dark Elven Clan!"

The 3rd Elder remained calm as he looked at the angry Jers, a terrible expression on his face.

'How could I be unwilling to avenge Jeremy? That damned outsider is truly a problem. Not only did he openly challenge our Dark Elven regulations, but he even made the higher-ups of the clan support him.

'The missing Incarnation of the Life Pattern Crystal, it has already been a century...'

The biggest disaster in this century wasn't those calamities, but rather the breeding problem. More and more clansmen became infertile. Moreover, the talent and constitution of the youths had greatly reduced.

In another twenty years, the future of the Dark Elven Clan would be ruined. There would be no possibility of a young, talented genius ever appearing, and in fact, it was highly possible that no new clansmen would ever appear again.