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 The berserk flood of spells collided with the defensive shield, but it only took a second for that Dark Elf's body to be submerged.

No scream, no pain... By the time the spells dissipated, only the smoldering trees remained in the forest. That Dark Elf could no longer be found.

Elsa foolishly looked at Lin Yun, her body still in the position of getting ready to dodge. But she hadn't expected that Lin Yun's group would annihilate their enemy so easily.

Corrosive Arrow Rain was a 4th Tier Spell, and that one had been an Ultimate Spell. Its power had been raised to its limits and could even corrode magic shields, creating huge holes in them.

And it wasn't just one or two arrows, it was an endless rain!

How could a simple Fire Arrow block a Corrosive Arrow? This was impossible.

Lin Yun saw Elsa staring blankly and asked, "You know that Soul?"

"What? Soul? You mean that was a soul?" Elsa was greatly alarmed.

That Dark Elf didn't look like a Soul, it looked like he had a body.

Lin Yun nodded. "It's really a Soul, but it doesn't look like it. Apart from a Soul, nothing could get so close without being discovered."

That Soul was truly different. It wasn't a living being, but at the same time, it wasn't Undead. It's body didn't have death aura. Besides having no physical body, it could be treated like a living person, but it still had the distinctive characteristics of Souls.

Without a physical body, its ability to hide was maximized. As long as it didn't use spells, even Lin Yun wouldn't be able to detect it within a hundred meters.

Elsa hesitated before talking about that Soul. "I do know that Soul. I saw him when I was small. He was a 7th Rank Archmage back then and was a Captain of an army. But during a hunt, he encountered a level 38 Poison Forest Python and died in battle. He was most proficient in dark magic during his life and had upgraded his 4th Tier Corrosive Arrow Rain to an ultimate magic pattern..."

Lin Yun frowned after Elsa finished her words, warning everyone in a deep voice, "Careful."

Although he had known earlier that these Dark Elven Souls were very powerful, even stronger than living Dark Elves, Lin Yun didn't expect these Dark Elven Souls to actually be so secretive.

They had ghostly bodies, but they couldn't be detected by Detect Undead, and with the Dark Elves' instant cast magic patterns, their sneak attacks were simply a nightmare for their enemies.

No one could discover them before being ambushed, which felt terrible.

The group raised defensive shields, slowly moving forward through the forest. Lin Yun even summoned ten Flame Elementals and scattered them as pathfinders.

Sure enough, less than a kilometer away, everyone felt a mana fluctuation rushing over to them.

A dozen huge boulders fell down like rain, the dark brown rocks flickered with luster. They could see with one glance that these rocks were very dense and that they weighed over a few tons.

The ancient trees weren't even able to slow the rocks, shattering in an instant.

Heavy pressure fell down on their heads. Lin Yun cast a dozen Mana Hands, the most common spell, a Low Tier Spell which could only be used for basic interaction. But in Lin Yun's hands, they were over a meter wide.

The dozen hands instantly appeared on the side of the rocks, seemingly lightly pushing them to the side. The Mana Hands were crushed, but they had managed to alter the trajectory of the rocks.

Loud rumbles echoed as several ancient trees that had been growing for millennia were crushed by the rocks, instantly turning into a pile of fragments. Even the earth below was cracking open.

Enderfa looked at the scene, his three faces distorting. He had been in the path of a boulder. If its path hadn't been altered, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel would have been damaged.

"Damnit, Ultimate Spell Rock Fall! And those are Dark Steel Rocks!"

An ordinary Rock Fall was only a 4th Tier Spell, and as the comprehension towards the spell increased, the material of the rock would change. Dark Steel Rock was a kind of rock that was denser than steel. Those hunks of Dark Steel Rock weighed at least ten tons. A dozen of them falling together would even crush a Dragon into meat paste!

Moreover, an Ultimate Rock Fall would normally make at most two to three rocks fall.

Elsa was pale. Had Lin Yun not reacted, a few of them would have been crushed to death. Magic shields were no different from paper in front of this spell, and their bodies couldn't resist the power of a Dark Steel Rock.

"Nolan, it's Nolan! Everyone be careful! It's definitely Nolan's Soul! She was the only Dark Elf in history able to transform an Earth-attributed Spell into an ultimate magic pattern! Besides Rock Fall, there is also Earth Spike Storm," Elsa anxiously yelled, but she wasn't fast enough, as mana fluctuations suddenly spread through the floor.

Lin Yun remained calm, as the mana surged, his Magic Array instantly catching the origin of mana. Mana surged out of his body and he rose up, flying towards another side. He pointed his Draconic Staff in midair, and three blue flames fell out of it.

The three blue flames, over two meters in diameter, fell towards a certain location in a triangular pattern. A loud explosion echoed, and they could faintly see a Dark Elven silhouette slowly dissipating from within the blue flames.

And on the ground, Enderfa used a group Levitation when he sensed the surge of mana. Even the alchemy puppet was hovering in the air as if it weighed nothing.

The next moment, two-meter-long Earth Spikes frantically emerged. The stabbing sound was endless as countless Earth Spikes were piercing their way out of the ground in a deafening manner.

In an instant, a huge area turned into the back of a hedgehog, covered in sharp Earth Spikes.

Lin Yun slowly fell down from the sky, clearly not happy with the situation.

Zeuss was grasping his staff, extremely pale. He had been unable to detect the Ultimate Spell until it was cast. There was nothing worse than this.

With his strength, apart from using the Crystal Scale as a defense, he couldn't do anything to resist. He couldn't help being jealous and envious of the Dark Elves' innate gift. They could even instantaneously use Ultimate Spells for sneak attacks, this was too much of a cheat.

'If I had known earlier, I would have never entered this God Nation. Nothing is more important than one's own life. I barely managed to recover to the Archmage realm, my soul won't be able to rest in peace if I die now.

'But Merlin is truly getting stronger, his reaction speed is also very fast, he was fast enough to forcibly interrupt an Instant Spell. This is too frightening. How did he manage to do so? He discovered that Soul the moment it prepared to cast, and he also forcibly killed an opponent with Instant Spells, not giving any time to let the power emerge.'

Zeuss wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. It was fortunate that Merlin was there. Otherwise, that Earth Spike Storm would have erupted on them, and he would have been the first to die.

'Damnit, isn't Earth Spike Storm the hardest earth spell to master? This isn't logical, how could a Dark Elf master an earth-based Ultimate Spell...'

Everyone was shocked. After a while, Elsa continued, "Nolan was an 8th Rank Archmage during her life. In the entire clan... No, in the entire race's history, she was the most outstanding Dark Elf at using Earth Magic. If Earth-attributed spells weren't suppressed in the God Nation, she might have advanced to the Heaven Rank. Unfortunately, she lost her life in a conflict with Ash Beastmen..."

Lin Yun frowned slightly. Apparently, Chris' notes were quite reliable. They hadn't been in this forest for long, yet they had already been ambushed by two Dark Elven Souls. There was a high chance the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation was there.

After thinking about it, Lin Yun turned towards Elsa. "Have you been there before?"

Elsa shook her head. "There is no prey in this forest, and there are very few edible things. Our clan's tracks stop at the outer region of the seven-colored flowers. There are many dangerous areas in the God Nation, and there is no way anyone would come to such a worthless area..."

Lin Yun nodded, and remained silent. Everyone kept following Lin Yun through the depths of the forest.

They suffered sporadic ambushes on the way, and the frequency kept increasing, but Lin Yun always discovered them ahead of time and annihilated those Souls.

They finally reached the deepest part of the forest, and the area was a lot quieter. There was no sound there, only a strange atmosphere.

Xiuban's vigorous heartbeats could be clearly heard by everyone, and even breathing sounds echoed loudly like thunder.


Lin Yun soft words made the few people next to him cover their ears. Xiuban showed a painful expression, and Carnage fell to the ground as he painfully called out, "Sir Merlin, please speak a bit softer..."

Zeuss' face distorted and he let a painful groan. "Merlin, please whisper, I feel as if I'm going deaf..."

But Xiuban and Zeuss' voices echoed in the others' ears like continuous, thunderous explosions.