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 The 4th Elder frowned, berating, "3rd Elder, you really want our race's future to be ruined by your hands? Do you want to become the sinner of our race?"

The 3rd Elder waved his arm before furiously leaving, with Jers cautiously following behind him.

The 2nd Elder felt better when the 3rd Elder finally left, and he sighed in relief before turning with a smile.

"Mafa Merlin, we were wrong, there was some misunderstanding... Please don't mind it. Er, about the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation..."

Lin Yun nodded. "I can give it a shot, but I can't guarantee a 100% chance of success."

The 2nd Elder rejoiced immediately and waved his arm. "It's fine, it's fine, we understand. If you can find the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation, you'll become the staunchest ally of the Dark Elven Race. As long as it's not something that might lead to the destruction of the Dark Elves, we can help you with anything..."

Even Elsa was looking at the 2nd Elder with amazement as he said that. That "ally" wasn't just a random title. It could be said that the staunchest ally, as an ally, would need to undertake great risks.

Such allies could ask Dark Elves for assistance, and as long as it didn't lead to the destruction of the Dark Elves, the Dark Elven Clan definitely couldn't refuse. Even if it meant requesting the clan's most powerful army to start a war, the clan still wouldn't be able to refuse.

Elsa was a bit worried. This condition was very good, but it was surely a huge risk for the Dark Elves. If not managed properly, they would incur a huge loss, and it might not be just once or twice. This condition wouldn't appear unless the clan was in immediate peril...

The 2nd Elder was full of confidence. This was already the condition closest to their bottom line, and he didn't believe that Lin Yun would refuse.

But unexpectedly, Lin Yun shook his head and said, "I don't need allies. If I find the Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation, I only need the Dark Elves to lend me a path."

The 2nd Elder froze, before exulting. The previous condition was their absolute bottom line, as the Dark Elves had never given such conditions before. Yet that Mafa Merlin didn't want those conditions and just wanted to borrow a path?

This was simply amazing!

"Okay! There is no problem. As long as you can find the Incarnation, we will do as you asked!"

The 2nd Elder couldn't help smiling widely as he consented to Lin Yun's request, not even asking what path Lin Yun wanted to borrow.

Lin Yun smiled but didn't explain.

After coming to the God Nation, Lin Yun had discovered that this place was far more troublesome than he had expected. The God Nation was too large, and there were too many layers. Especially after reaching the treetop, every layer was like an independent world. Without a path, it was almost impossible to reach the top of the Wisdom Tree.

Who knew how much time it would take if he searched by himself? And he could end up stumbling into especially dangerous areas. The Dark Elven Clan should have a path leading to the peak of the Wisdom Tree.

And it was clear that the Dark Elves wouldn't lend that path easily. These days, Lin Yun had been thinking about how he could find this path.

But a way appeared before him. If he helped the Dark Elves find their Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation, he wouldn't have to worry about Dark Elves not lending their path.

Lin Yun led his own people, as well as Elsa, out of the Dark Elven Clan. Except for the 3rd Elder, everyone was full of hope.

Only the 3rd Elder remained aloof, gloomily looking at Lin Yun from a distance, stamping his feet hatefully.

As they left, Lin Yun asked Elsa, "Is there a place in the surroundings where a type of seven-colored flowers grows, and with a kind of seven-colored butterfly that can make honey?"

Elsa immediately nodded. "There is such a place, it's very remote."

"Let's go there first."

Lin Yun didn't explain why, and Elsa also didn't ask. After taking the small paths that Elsa led them along, Lin Yun saw the environment before his eyes and nodded.

After Chris became a powerful Heaven Mage, he naturally mentioned the place where he obtained the Magic Tool Incarnation. The start of the notes mentioned a nectar-making seven-colored butterfly in a forest of seven-colored flowers.

After entering that forest, they walked the same path that Chris had walked, and Chris had recorded the rest of the route.

It looked like Chris was a member of the treasure hunters that explored the God Nation at the time. After many years of excavating, countless mages had suddenly risen because of the benefits they had obtained in the God Nation. But many mages wouldn't mention that they had been to Constance's God Nation.

Because there weren't many valuable things left after the excavations from the major forces, and the people that came later were unable to mingle with them, they could only try their luck on their own.

The God Nation was a very dangerous place for those without knowledge of it. They could enter a special place and die, and the probability of getting rewards was very low, while the chance of encountering danger was very high. Only those without future prospects would risk their lives.

Chris didn't write about that. He was like most of the mages without background. However, he clearly recorded the surroundings.

Lin Yun took a look around and confirmed that the branch of the Wisdom Tree forking into eighteen branches was truly above his head, just as it had been written. This was the place described by Chris.

After confirming the environment, Lin Yun had a lot more confidence. The Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation wouldn't casually change location after escaping.

Especially since Chris had recorded that the Incarnation had been living in the depths of the forest and had constructed its own hidden realm, which it hadn't left for a very long time.

Lin Yun remained focused, not saying anything, continuously adjusting his route to walk the same path Chris had taken.

He didn't walk long in the gloomy forest before his expression changed. His Magic Array had suddenly caught a faint mana fluctuation.

Lin Yun then raised his Draconic Staff, hurriedly chanting an incantation.

In a split second, an Askrim Gate that was over five meters tall appeared in front of everyone.

Just as this large ice gate appeared, the light of a Fireball lit the surroundings as it fell onto the Askrim Gate.

The Fireball exploded, causing lava and flames to sputter about. Some of the lava fell sprayed onto the surrounding trees and caused a lot of scorch marks to appear on them.

The extremely high temperature made the areas hit by the sputtering lava instantly turn to coal, not even igniting. Two to three seconds later, the trees seemed to spontaneously combust, instantly wrapping what was left of the trees in flames.

The dim forest suddenly became bright, and the front also turned into a sea of fire.

The sudden changes startled everyone. Enderfa exclaimed in alarm, "Ambush? Dark Elves?"

They all had terrible expressions. People concealed in the darkness, unable to be found... Only the Dark Elves were capable of that in this area. And with the conflict with the 3rd Elder, everyone thought of him as the first culprit.

Lin Yun frowned, but didn't say anything. He instantly used Detect Life, followed by Detect Undead.

Sure enough, the effect of the detection spells only recognized the seven-colored butterflies as living beings and didn't detect any Undead.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and cast a Fire Rain. A rain of flames lit up the area in front of them, the mana fluctuations surging like a tide.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, ready to cast a flood of spells. Xiuban grimaced as he held Carnage, and a cold aura was surging around Reina.

Zeuss, who had recovered to the point of being a 1st Rank Archmage, was nervously grasping his staff.

Even Elsa was frowning because even she wasn't able to react to that ambush.

Lin Yun released some large-scale spells, and after a few seconds, mana fluctuations surged from the ground as a Dark Elf shot out of the ground.

That Dark Elf was wearing a dilapidated robe and had an empty gaze. It was expressionlessly looking at Lin Yun's group while its hands were moving, and a pitch-black vortex appeared above its head.

Suddenly, countless black arrows burst out of the vortex, turning into a vast rain of arrows that fell towards Lin Yun's group.

The black arrows came out of nowhere, making no sound as they flew between the trees. But whenever they created a hole in a tree, some fierce corrosion could be seen from the edges of the hole as it widened from the sides being melted.

A huge tree was pierced by a thumb-sized arrow, but after a few seconds, it turned into a gaping, two-meter hole letting out a pungent smell. And after some time, the tree loudly collapsed.

Elsa looked at the scene in horror and shouted, "Corrosive Arrow Rain! Dodge!"

But Lin Yun only frowned before raising his Draconic Staff, causing a vortex of flames to appear in front of him, spurting countless flaming arrow. Each of them collided with the corrosive arrows.

Melting sounds echoed in the air, but not one arrow arrived within ten meters of the group.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Wheel to slowly rotate, and a large amount of ice and fire spells intertwined, turning into a blue and red vortex. The fierce spell collision made the spells even more berserk, instantly submerging that Dark Elf.