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 Lin Yun was shocked. If the Life Pattern Crystal was gone, then the Dark Elves would likely be on the road to going extinct!

And this wouldn't just be a loss of forces, but a true extinction. All living Dark Elves relying on the Life Pattern Crystal would die one after the other.

There would no longer be a Dark Elven Race in his world!

Lin Yun was surprised... If something as important as the Life Pattern Crystal couldn't be used, how could these people worry about other things?

Puzzled and doubtful, Lin Yun frowned and asked, "How come you can't use the Life Pattern Crystal? If you can't use it, wouldn't the Dark Elven Race become extinct?"

The 3rd Elder sneered, "It's none of your business. We originally only suspected you to be plotting against our Dark Elven Clan, but I didn't think you would know about the Life Pattern Crystal too. Say, where did you get the information? And what's your plot?"

The 5th Elder added, "Catch him first, this damned outsider is definitely a spy, the issue with the Life Pattern Crystal must be related to him! Capture him so we can interrogate him and get the answers to our questions."

Even the 2nd Elder frowned as he said, "This is our clan's greatest secret, I can't tell you."

Jers was gnashing his teeth on the side. He was going to capture that damn outsider, but who knew where he got the information about the Life Pattern Crystal!?

'Damnit, what does this outsider not know? He definitely is plotting against us, we have to capture him... No, we have to kill him! That guy is too hateful, he wanted to kill me last time. Wait until I grab you, I'll have my father execute you immediately!'

Jers loudly shouted, "Capture him! This outsider is definitely a spy, he already leaked the secrets of our clan, he must be a spy! If we don't interrogate him and learn what they're plotting, our clan will be in danger!"

While Jers loudly shouted, a few Elders and several Deacons remained hesitant. Usually, they only needed to watch the Life Pattern Crystal to know the truth, but they didn't have this method now. They could only guess and capture someone, but it really was unusual.

But the 3rd Elder, 5th Elder, and the majority of the Deacons approved of the plan to catch Lin Yun and interrogate him. After all, even within the clan, not many knew of what happened to the Life Pattern Crystal.

The Elders discussed in a low voice, while Jers kept fanning the flames.

After a while, the outcome of the discussion came out. To be safe, they would capture the outsiders first.

The icy face of the 3rd Elder was filled with malice, and the 5th Elder kept sneering while looking at Lin Yun, thinking him a sheep waiting to be slaughtered. Elsa was worrying, but she could only helplessly stand there. The expression of the 4th Elder, who supported Elsa, wasn't very good.

As for the 2nd Elder, he frowned as he told Lin Yun, "You are the biggest suspect in the recent events. In order to ensure the safety of the clan, we can only detain you first. We will give you an explanation once we've investigated the matter."

Jers looked pleased with himself as he rushed to the front, protected by a pair of Dark Elven Guards. His magic patterns shining all over, as he sneered at Lin Yun.

'Damned Outsider, now it is time to capture you. Go ahead and resist, I'll instantly kill you! Even if you don't, I have plenty of ways to make you taste pain. When the time comes, you'll beg me to kill you.'

Jers proudly walked towards Lin Yun, ready to strike a killing blow at any time.

Lin Yun didn't even seem to notice as he lowered his head, frowning.

After a bit, he suddenly said, "A century?"

Jers was stunned, "What a mess! Let me tell you, no matter what you say today, nothing shall change your fate!"

Lin Yun glanced at the few Elders, and as expected, their expressions changed, as if they thought of something bad.

The 4th Elder waved her hand to stop the guards from approaching as she loudly asked, "What do you mean?"

Lin Yun conscientiously clarified, "I meant, has it already been a hundred years since the Life Pattern Crystal's Magic Tool Incarnation disappeared?"

"How do you know!?"

The always calm and collected 2nd Elder let out a shriek. His shock was clear from his tone, and he was clearly alarmed.

The 3rd Elder's expression had also changed. He was glaring at Lin Yun with red eyes, hissing, "Explain! How do you know!?"

The 5th Elder shouted, startled, "Guards! Guards! Capture him, quick! Capture that damned spy! It's him! It's definitely him! He is the culprit, that damned outsider!"

After those words, the 3rd and the 5th Elder simultaneously attacked, surrounding Lin Yun at the same time. A large amount of mana rushed forth, causing gales, as the two looked at Lin Yun as if he had personally killed their parents.

"Explain how you know!"

"Damned outsider, speak or die now!"

Even the 4th Elder, who was always in favor of Elsa, looked at Lin Yun differently now, but she was still staring at Lin Yun, hoping he would explain.

Everyone was stunned, and some Dark Elves who just learnt that the Magic Tool Incarnation of the Life Pattern Crystal had been missing for a hundred years almost collapsed on the spot.

Many Dark Elven Guards, those Dark Elves with the most resolute willpower, went limp on the ground, sobbing in despair.

The 2nd Elder kept staring at Lin Yun. This was a secret only known to the Elders, so how could this outsider know? How could he understand so clearly?

'What should I do? Damnit, what else does he know?'

"Capture him! Interrogate him, he definitely knows the cause!"

"It's over, we are done for! The Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation left! We are doomed..."

"The clan has no future, everyone is doomed..."

"The fate of the Dark Elven Race is inevitable..."

"I knew it, I knew it, how could my son die prematurely so easily..."


The scene became chaotic, and a large number of Dark Elves collapsed after hearing that news. Some became crazy, some kept crying.

At that time, Lin Yun looked at the few Elders that were glaring daggers at him and kindly reminded them.

"It's already been a century, ah. After another twenty years, if the Life Pattern Crystal still doesn't regain its Incarnation, the Dark Elven Race should be slowly going extinct, right?"

These words were like a final blow. The Elders were cautiously looking at Lin Yun, as this was far from what a spy could learn.

The Life Pattern Crystal's Incarnation having disappeared for a century was something only the five Elders and the Empress knew. No one else could know about it. And the Empress had been out of the clan for a long time, secretly seeking the Incarnation of the Life Pattern Crystal.

Among everyone present, only the 2nd Elder knew about the remaining twenty-year time limit. This was also the reason that the Great Elder entered the Lightless Dreamland. He was risking everything to try and break through to the Heaven realm. At that time, it would be a bit easier to search for the Incarnation.

Lin Yun saw the 2nd Elder's expression change and added one sentence, "Don't regret later if you aren't willing to talk about it now."

The 3rd Elder disapprovingly sneered, "Outsider, this is your final chance. Let yourself be detained, or don't blame me for being rude."

Lin Yun ignored the 3rd Elder and looked at the 2nd Elder.

The 2nd Elder's face was solemn as he berated, "3rd Elder, please stay silent."

When the others saw the attitude of the 2nd Elder, they felt quite surprised. The ordinarily gentle and quiet 2nd Elder actually rebuked the 3rd Elder. Didn't that mean that the outsider was right?

Sure enough, the 2nd Elder's face was full of grief as he waved his hand to make the surrounding Dark Elves scatter, before telling the other three Elders, "He is right, this is something the Great Elder told me before entering his slumber."

This time, even the faithful follower of the 3rd Elder, the 5th Elder, had a change in expression, his mana slowly scattering as he looked at Lin Yun a bit more gently.

The 3rd Elder still wanted to say something, but he was silenced by the 2nd Elder's glare.

After a while, the 2nd Elder started speaking.

"A hundred years ago, on an ordinary night, no one knew why, but the Incarnation of the Life Pattern Crystal suddenly struggled free of the bindings of the Life Pattern Crystal, transformed into a light, and flew away.

"After so many peaceful years, no one expected such an outcome. In a mere few seconds, the Incarnation disappeared, and no one knew where it went.

"From that point on, the Life Pattern Crystal dimmed and could no longer be used. Some changes also started appearing within the clan, and misfortune kept baring its nasty fangs. The number of infants dying prematurely increased, and many Dark Elves are already unable to giving birth. Many of the newborns are also catching strange illnesses.

"The magic beasts tamed by the clan are decreasing, and the plants and trees also occasionally are seeing a drop in yield or getting devastated by disasters. All kinds of calamities started appearing. For the past hundred years, children can no longer grow healthily, and even if a child managed to grow, their talent wouldn't be very good.

"Even in the past few years, the Dark Elves that reached adulthood started having all kinds of problems, and the number of deaths greatly increased. Not only did the number of Dark Elves fail to grow in this century, but it even decreased a bit..."