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 Jers was instantly enraged. 'That damned b*stard just keeps chuckling all the time. If that despicable human dares to resist and refuses to spill his scheme, he will have to face the power of the Dark Elves!

'You were lucky enough to manage to dodge a disaster because of a fluke last time, but my father has already stabilized his power at the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm. You are but a piece of trash that only knows how to sneak attack. My father will immediately kill you if you dare to make a move!

'Hmpf, do something! I'll be pleased to see you die if you try to cast any spells.'

Jers looked resentful. As the greatest genius of the clan and one of the very best of the God Nation, he was knocked down by an outsider. This was the most disgraceful matter since his birth, especially since that outsider was only a 9th Rank High Mage.

He had been spending the past days considering how to kill the outsider and finally had the opportunity today.

"Outsiders! Kneel, seal your own mana, and then reveal your schemes. You have ten seconds to think about it. If you don't do as instructed, we will treat it as an act of aggression. Don't blame us for being ruthless then!"Jers raised his head, maliciously looking at Lin Yun as he loudly shouted so that all the Dark Elves could hear.

The 3rd Elder was already rousing his mana. The surging mana spread in the surroundings like a tide, the pressure of a 9th Rank Archmage making the air feel heavy.

"Outsiders, this is your last chance. Stop resisting and seal your mana. I must do this for the safety of the clan. We will only detain you for now, and if you are proven innocent after investigation, I'll apologize to you on behalf of the Dark Elven Clan. But the clan's safety comes first. If you resist, I can only acknowledge that you are related to those matters! At that time, I'll enforce the clan's regulations!"

The 3rd Elder was speaking with righteousness... All his words were in accordance with the Dark Elven Clan's regulations. No one could find any faults in his words, and even the 2nd Elder nodded.

Lin Yun sneered. Enderfa and the Thousand Spell Wheel started rotating in the air, his three faces sneering as he looked at the opposing Dark Elves. "Shameless sl*ts, who doesn't know what you are after? Don't you want to get rid of us? Just picking some random accusations to take the opportunity to kill us. Dark Elves are really good at these kinds of things, truly shameless. If you want to get rid of us, just attack, stop dilly-dallying."

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel started revolving, ready to release spells anytime.

The atmosphere became tense.

Jers roared, "Damned Outsiders, Despicable Human, you are the ones proficient in scheming and machinations. Your scheming has been discovered, could it be that you still want to resist? Damnit! Kneel down immediately and unveil your schemes! Five more seconds and you'll be dead, and you, despicable ambusher, will die extremely miserably..."

Jers sneer was extremely malicious. But a hint of a pleased expression could be seen in his eyes.

'Damned Outsider, make a move, rebel... You'll die if you dare to. There are two 9th Rank Archmages standing here, you'll die a miserable death if you dare to make a move!

'That harbinger of disaster, Elsa, unexpectedly came to notify you. She is definitely a traitor, the person that sold the clan out must be here. I have to make sure Elsa gets what she deserves for helping the outsiders, so annoying!'

"Five... Four... Three..." Jers loudly counted, rousing his mana as the mana patterns on his body started shining, ready to be activated anytime.

The dull expression of the 3rd Elder had turned icy, as he regretfully declared, "Outsiders, it seemed that you are rejecting the kindness of the Dark Elven Clan and are determined to stand against us. If speak of your scheme, our clan will give you a way out, but if you don't speak, then for the sake of our clan's safety, I can only kill you."

The surging mana fluctuations turned into ripples spreading around. The 3rd Elder's expression turned chilly as he made his move.

Enderfa sneered again, "Moron, we didn't scheme, but you keep asking about some scheme... If we said that we didn't, wouldn't you just attack anyway? Damn moron, come, Daddy Enderfa can no longer wait!"

Lin Yun waved his hand and stopped Enderfa before asking with a strange expression.

"From what I understood, your people unexpectedly went missing. Didn't you check the Life Pattern Crystal?" Lin Yun's casual words shocked all the Dark Elves.

"How do you know about Life Pattern Crystal? Who told you!?"

The 3rd Elder's eyes were wide open. Hearing this secret, his mana rushed forth, ready to attack.

The Life Pattern Crystal was a huge secret to Dark Elves. Ever since the Pureblood Elves and the Chromatic Dragons exiled the Dark Elves, the Dark Elves had walked all over, and even the Dark Elves themselves didn't know how many planes their clansmen had been through.

Thus, the location of the Dark Elves' most important thing, the Life Pattern Crystal, was unknown. No one knew which settlement possessed the Life Pattern Crystal.

How could Lin Yun's casual sentence not startle these Dark Elves?

Even the peaceful 2nd Elder had a solemn expression. Everyone was fiercely watching Lin Yun, and even Elsa was dumbfounded.

Lin Yun looked around, his expression remaining unchanged as he doubtfully asked, "If I remember correctly, you could just take a look at the Life Pattern Crystal and you would know how those clansmen died. Wouldn't the truth be revealed then?" Lin Yun tactfully asked.

The Dark Elves felt awkward hearing this person talking about their secret.

The 2nd Elder had a hesitant expression. He opened his mouth, but didn't know how to answer the question.

'Since that outsider knows of the Life Pattern Crystal and that we can watch what happened before their death, he knows that using it is the most direct method. So is he saying that capturing them based on suspicions is superfluous?'

The 3rd Elder flew into a rage and immediately attacked, but he was stopped with a cough of the 2nd Elder.

"The Life Pattern Crystal can't be used right now..." The 2nd Elder awkwardly said, his skin crimson red. He felt unworthy of his ancestors... They couldn't even use something as important as the Life Pattern Crystal.

And the others who knew about it had similar expressions, with some worry.

Lin Yun was alarmed, his eyes wide open.

After meticulously studying the Dark Elves, how could Lin Yun not learn about the Life Pattern Crystal? It was probably the most important thing of the Dark Elves.

It was said that when heaven and earth first appeared, when the world had just been shaped, the first born Dark Elf, after his death, fused his soul with a magic pattern that hadn't completely evolved.

Back then, the Laws had yet to be completely developed, and this magic pattern that hadn't completed its evolution contained power far beyond that 1st Dark Elf's imagination.

Thus, after his death, he fused his own soul to build the foundations for the following generations of Dark Elves.

For a long time, everyone believed that the Dark Elves had gotten huge benefits and they took this yet-to-evolve magic pattern as their own. As long as this magic pattern completely evolved, the Dark Elves would have what it took to be arrogant among all other races. They were even saying that once that magic pattern completed its evolution, it would become an Extraordinary Magic Tool belonging to the Dark Elven Race.

Unfortunately, after a very long time, the magic pattern didn't finish its evolution. And not only did it not finish, but it instead transformed into a piece of crystal, which was the Life Pattern Crystal.

Ever since they had that Life Pattern Crystal, every newborn Dark Elf could inherit a magic pattern from the Life Pattern Crystal. This was the life root of their magic patterns, the source of their power and origin of their life.

The Life Pattern Crystal contributed a lot to Dark Elves having such terrifying talents.

In the end, the Life Pattern Crystal had truly become the foundation of the fate of the Dark Elves. Every Dark Elf's fate was closely linked to the Life Pattern Crystal.

Because of this, the fate of every Dark Elf could be seen in the Life Pattern Crystal. And the most intuitive things to see were the births and deaths.

Before the Dark Elves were expelled from Noscent, even the most hostile races wouldn't rashly kill important Dark Elves. Even the nobility didn't have to worry about dying inexplicably.

Because no matter what method they used, as long as the Dark Elves used the Life Pattern Crystal, they would be able to see a Dark Elf's final moments, and who dealt the blow that caused it.

In the past, a Heaven Rank Beastman had secretly killed a noble Dark Elf. He thought that everything had been flawless, even using a Magic Tool to disguise his appearance. But unfortunately, he was still exposed by the Life Pattern Crystal.

After being suddenly ambushed by a dozen Dark Elven experts, he discovered that his scheme had failed, and he died a sullen death.

Because of this, Dark Elves hadn't been assassinated in a long time. Except for accidental deaths, they would only die in wars.

As the race developed, the Life Pattern Crystal became the Dark Elves' lifeline. How could there be a problem with it?

If there was something wrong with the Life Pattern Crystal, all the Dark Elves could be considered crippled. How could they remain standing there?