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 A large amount of ice mixed with evil power burst out of the Abyssal Gate.

The temperature suddenly dropped at a rapid pace as a large flurry of black snowflakes rushed out of the Abyssal Gate as if someone had used the large-scale spell, Blizzard.

The sudden drop in temperature made the countless snowflakes condense in midair, and as the wind rose, they wreaked havoc throughout the entire Night Valley. Black frost started forming on the ground, emitting an extremely sinister power.

Frost was also congealing on the trees, covering the surface of the trees with a thin, black layer. After a few seconds in the blizzard, the trees shattered, transforming into many black shards of ice.

The group's expressions changed drastically. They had all reached the state where temperatures didn't matter too much to them, so ordinary cold and hot temperatures had already lost meaning to them. But at this moment, all of them felt a chill. Their limbs were stiff and their bodies instinctively shivered because of the cold.

They were each buffed with a Fire Shield and a Fire Armor. No one knew what the cause behind it was, but that aura alone was enough to make everyone feel as if they were quickly freezing to death. What did Duncan summon in the end?

The few of them felt a bit better with the addition of fire elemental power.

The next instant, an even stronger black blizzard sprayed out of the Abyssal Gate, and countless Abyssal lifeforms burst out from within.

A large number of Evil Water Elementals appeared within the blizzard. These Evil Water Elementals that fell down from the sky were four to five meters tall.

Their bodies were like thick, deep-blue balls of flowing water. They each only had two limbs, and there were no facial features on their heads. Their bodies seemed to just be squirming slime.

They looked extremely disgusting, but they emitted terrifying power, showing that they were at least level 30!

The several hundred Evil Water Elementals fell from the sky like rain, soon followed by many Evil Legless Birds. Their bodies were made out of pale blue ice, and they looked like Elemental lifeforms, but they were normal Abyssal lifeforms.

They chased through the snowstorm and attacked all lifeforms with legs. They didn't have legs, so they would never touch the ground until the day of their death. They always remained hovering in the air, dying when they finally lost the strength to soar in the sky. They could never rest, so they lived in blizzards to save their strength.

They became even fiercer after being corrupted by evil. They were jealous of all lifeforms with legs that could rest on the ground, so they would tear them apart every time they saw one.

Along with these things were also Frost Demons with goat horns, emitting cold aura as they flapped their wings to fly out of the Abyssal Gate.


All of these ice-attributed Abyssal lifeforms rushed out of the Abyssal Gate like a flood. There were three to four thousand of them, and by the time they had left the Abyssal Gate, an even more terrifying and oppressing power was emitted from it.

The originally cold atmosphere became freezing, and the fire elements were suppressed, apparently completely extinguished by the cold aura.


The huge bellow echoed from the Abyssal Gate, making it shake. Ripples appeared on the surface of the Abyssal Gate, one after another.

Then, a sound similar to countless ice shards colliding against each other pierced through the air as a large amount of ice fragments condensed in midair, transforming into black ice crystals that rained down.

An eight meters tall huge head made its way out of the Abyssal Gate, looking like a demonic head made out of condensed black ice crystals with two crystal-like long horns and black flames burning in its eyes. A deeply cold and evil aura was revolving around these black flames.

Then, an arm, over thirty meters long, stretched out of the Abyssal Gate. A cold light flickering on it as the air around it froze, turning into ice fragments and dropping to the ground.

Countless gusts of wind were frozen by that huge monster's aura. After getting further away from the monster, those fragments of air would explode and return to their original form.

A large amount of cracking sounds echoed from the monster's body.


Elsa screamed in alarm, unable to maintain her aloofness as a Dark Elven Princess, her hands shivering.

Then, the large number of Abyssal lifeforms fell down on them and everyone scattered.

Countless Evil Water Elementals fell within a thousand kilometers. Those Evil Legless Birds already dove down, their mouths wide open, a large amount of black ice spraying out from their mouths, covering their original location.

Then, those Frost Demons followed closely behind, shouting while rushing forward, slashing with their sharp claws, trying to crush everyone.

The impact of several thousand Abyssal lifeforms at once, especially from flying Abyssal Lifeforms, greatly increased the pressure on everyone.

Everyone was blown apart by the attack, and at most two or three people could still stand together. A large number of fire spells had been cast, but the fire elements were suppressed by the icy cold aura, making the power of everyone's fire spells decrease a bit.

Lin Yun had been cracking the array in the distance, but he couldn't keep working on it, as the attacks from all those Abyssal lifeforms had already scattered everyone. If he didn't act, although the others might be able to resist for a bit, the Dark Elves wouldn't last more than ten seconds.

And that monster crawling its way out of the Abyssal Gate was making Lin Yun apprehensive, how could he still have time to crack the array.

By the time the array was done being cracked, that monster would have already made its way out of the gate, and the situation would be very troublesome.

Lin Yun had recognized it. That monster was a Frost Giant, and he was even a Lesser Abyssal Overlord that had reached level 38!

Just the part that crawled out was already forty to fifty meters tall! Its entire body must definitely be at least a hundred meters tall!

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and used a Fire Rain Spell. The most effective large-scale fire-attributed spell to increase the density and activity of fire elements in an area. He then cast a Firewall and transformed into his Fire Elemental Incarnation, casting three Flame Flashes in a row to reach the center of the crowd.

A large number of fire spells were released by Lin Yun, two radiances, one red and one blue, were revolving around him, deflecting many ice spells.

Soon, the others gathered at Lin Yun's side, and within a dozen seconds, Elsa and her Dark Elves also converged towards him.

Lin Yun looked at Elsa and asked, "You know this Lesser Overlord?"

Elsa's expression was full of fear, she looked at Duncan who was floating above them and quickly said, "This Frost Giant is called Curio, he is a Lesser Overlord of the 30th Floor of the Abyss and is the Abyssal Demon Duncan signed a contract with. He was originally level 38, but it looks like he'll soon level up, he is extremely powerful."

"In the past, Duncan had relied on Curio to fight against the most powerful genius of our clan. It was said that Duncan's strength simply couldn't compare with the genius of our race. After all, that Elder had three 5th Tier ultimate magic patterns at the time. But after Duncan summoned Curio, our race's Elder was at a disadvantage and could only resist with his ultimate magic patterns."

"Over a millennium had passed and Curio had become even more powerful, he is almost level 39, he must be even more terrifying..."

Following Elsa's words, their expressions turned white, especially those Dark Elves. They faintly remembered that story and their teeth started trembling.

Zeuss could feel his legs shake, regretting leaving the Intrepid to follow Lin Yun towards the God Nation.

No matter how strange and dangerous the Intrepid was, it wouldn't be as bad as this. The Captain's Cabin would be fairly safe at the very least. Just because he thought of the Family's mission, he took the risk to come here to die...

He only recovered up to the High Mage realm, but this place was too dangerous. He had never seen so many crazy Abyssal lifeforms in his lifetime.

He could get rid of any Abyssal lifeform here on his own, but there were too many of them, there were at least several thousands! How could they be beaten? They were done for...

After barely recovering some of his magic power, he wouldn't be able to see the day where he made a full recovery as he would die a miserable death...

Seeing that Lesser Abyssal Overlord crawling its way out of the Abyssal Gate, Zeuss bitterly shook his head...

Everyone could feel not only their body getting cold, but also their minds...

Elsa hadn't even finished her words before Curio let out a loud roar.

The group's expressions immediately changed, Lin Yun included.

Curio raised its huge demonic claw, and countless fragments of black ice condensed within before transforming into a huge 8 meters tall black ice rune.

Curio shattered that rune with a roar, scattering the fragments towards the front.

In an instant, countless ice shards spread over a kilometer, covering most of the depths of the Night Valley.

A fragment of ice fell onto the body of an Evil Legless Bird, causing a black ripple to spread through its body, turning it black in a few seconds, boundless evil and cold aura leaking from its body.