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 But that shocking firepower also came with equivalently huge mana consumption.

When a mage used Fire Arrow, they would at most summon one or two flaming arrows. Even with the support of a metamagic, they would only be able to cast a dozen at most. It wasn't because they were unable to cast more, it was because they weren't willing to. Each added Fire Arrow would increase the mana consumption as well as make controlling the spell more difficult.

Someone like Lin Yun, capable of casting a hundred flaming arrows in one Fire Arrow cast was something that any Great Mage would never even thought possible. After all, this magnitude made the spell a hundred times harder to control and consumed hundred times more mana. Even if it was originally only a low tier Mage Spell, after being layered a hundred times, the consumption and the control difficulty reached a frightening level.

Lin Yun had replenished his mana earlier, but already used a huge amount once again. Half of his mana had been used in just a short moment, and the remaining half was quickly dwindling since he was still controlling the Flame Barrier.

Lin Yun could only maintain this kind of limit challenging casting for thirty seconds. After those thirty seconds, Lin Yun felt that the amount of mana within his body was dangerously low. But he didn't panic. The ring on his finger flashed once again and pure mana poured into his body.

With the Elemental Amber's timely mana replenishment, Lin Yun was able to cast yet another spell. He managed the feat of triple casting in such dire circumstances!

Originally, the Flame Barrier and the Fire Arrow Rain formed an impenetrable defense, but the battlefield underwent a shocking change with the appearance of Lin Yun's third spell, a second Flame Barrier.

Two Flame Barriers, one in front of the Toxic Dragonflies, and one behind them, effectively locked the swarm in fire. Countless Toxic Dragonflies were flying back and fro, the heat from the spells making them restless. They wanted to rush out of the flame trap, but they were completely surrounded, they had no way out. The swarm of Toxic Dragonflies was forcefully condensed in a narrow space.

Waiting for them was a Fire Arrow Rain made up of a hundred Fire Arrows...

It only took a short moment before the swarm turned into a pile of pitch black coal. There was no more Toxic Dragonflies once Lin Yun's last Fire Arrow found its target.

"Huf... " Lin Yun let out a long exhausted sigh, using the wall to support himself as he fished out the Rotten Flower's mana crystal. He was deathly pale, and his forehead was covered in sweat.

That fight might have seemed simple, getting rid of a few hundreds Toxic Dragonflies in a few dozen seconds, but only Lin Yun himself knew how dangerous that fight had been.

Three spells cast, one use of the Magic Array, and the unfathomable triple casting, it was reaching Lin Yun's limits. It was no exaggeration to say that those Toxic Dragonflies brought out a huge pressure to Lin Yun, even greater that the Viper Nest's Great Mage, Bell.

Yes, the Toxic Dragonflies were level 10, and any 5th Rank Mage could easily kill a Toxic Dragonfly. But Lin Yun hadn't faced a single Toxic Dragonfly or two, he had faced a swarm made up of four nests, amounting to several hundred Toxic Dragonflies.

If Lin Yun had made a mistake... Like his Flame Barrier not trapping all the Toxic Dragonflies, or if he hadn't completed the 3rd spell... A different situation would have awaited him. Several hundred Toxic Dragonflies waiting outside the cave, ready to spurt venom... At that time, Lin Yun would have had no other choice but to brace himself and kill them all one by one. And it wouldn't have been a matter of a few dozen seconds, nor a few minutes. Lin Yun might have ran out of Magic Spring potions by then.

Fortunately, nothing unexpected happened...

From the first Ice Wall to the last Fire Arrow, each spell perfectly reached the effect Lin Yun wanted.

Lin Yun recalled every detail of this battle while tightly holding the Rotten Flower mana crystal, slowly extracting the mana it contained and carefully purifying it before slowly pouring it into the Magic Array.

Very few Great Mages would extract mana from mana crystal usually. It was due to the mana from the mana crystal being filled with impurities, and a moment of carelessness would bring danger to the Great Mage, a serious case might even involve mana backlash.

But Lin Yun wasn't an ordinary Great Mage...

After all, the only source of mana Lin Yun was able to access during the end of the magic era was from the Nether Storm. The mana coming from it was filled with much more impurities than a monster's mana crystal. Every time he meditated to extract mana from the Nether Storm felt like withstanding torture to him.

How could the Lin Yun from that era be afraid of some mana crystal's impurities, it's just that the speed of extraction was somewhat slow.

The entire mana extraction cost him another three bottles of Mana Spring.

When Lin Yun stood up from the ground, the mana crystal of the Rotten Flower in his hand had already lost the last bit of luster. It felt like an ordinary stone.

Lin Yun casually threw this empty mana crystal and lifted his hand to cast a Light spell. The dark cave turned bright as daylight.

The inside of the cave was filled with red fog, thicker than the outside. It felt as if it was being congealed there, and even the Mana Spring could only disperse the red fog in a few meters around him.

Following the alchemists notes, Lin Yun kept walking towards the depths of the cave for about ten minutes, and sure enough, the path ahead became more spacious. Lin Yun knew that he was close to the place he was looking for. If the notes weren't wrong, then he only needed to move about two hundred meters forward to reach the center of the cave. There, Lin Yun would be greeted by a tomb from the 3rd Dynasty.

Indeed, that was the second historical remain in the Poison Fog Canyon.

Unlike the temple that Sauss wanted to explore, this tomb would only be discovered a millennium later. The Cloud Tower would already be the strongest force of the kingdom and a Great Mage born from the Cloud Tower would casually tour the Poison Fog Canyon.

But he would then encounter a fight at the entrance of the Poison Fog Canyon and would be severely injured. Relying on a few bottles of Magic Spring during his escape, he ultimately entered the unknown cave.

No one knew what the Great Mage encountered in the cave...

In any case, when he left the Poison Fog Canyon, he was holding a True Spirit Magic Tool, that was an existence equivalent to an Archmage. The enemy guarding the entrance of the Poison Fog Canyon didn't last more than ten seconds in front of a True Spirit Magic Tool and turned into a pile of ashes.

Afterwards, the Great Mage returned to the Cloud Tower and wrote a report on his discovery.

That report immediately caught the attention of the Cloud Tower and three Master Alchemists came to the Poison Fog Canyon. They made a discovery at the location the Great Mage found the True Spirit Magic Tool at...

That discovery was somewhat lucky...

Out of the three Master Alchemists, two were Archmages and the last one was actually a Great Mage.

And that Great Mage's Magic Rune was in fact the same Magic Array Lin Yun had been using.

Originally, that Great Mage only had two arrays, but after studying in the Poison Fog Canyon for three months, that Great Mage had five. He had the power to contest against a High Mage with decent fighting strength.

When Lin Yun had read that note, he had been quite surprised at that Great Mage's strange power-up.

After all, the Magic Array could be said to be the most complex and most detailed Magic Rune. Every small upgrade needed quite a lot of investment. Even if the current Lin Yun's knowledge far surpassed that era's magic knowledge, if he wanted to upgrade his Magic Array from two to five, it would take him three years.

But that Great Mage took only three months!

What kind of idea was that...

This was the equivalent of a twelve-fold shortening.

This was the reason Lin Yun cared about the Poison Fog Canyon. In contrast, Lin Yun didn't have much hope for that Spirit Magic Tool. After all, a True Spirit Magic Tool was different from a Spiritual Magic Tool. A Spiritual Magic Tool only had some spirituality, and could keep fighting based on its relation with his owner, intrinsically, it was still a Magic Tool.

But a True Spirit Magic Tool was different...

A True Spirit Magic Tool represented the pinnacle of alchemy. Any alchemist who managed to craft a True Spirit Magic Tool could confer a soul to the Magic Tool. They were known as "Creators". Only three True Spirit Magic Tools appeared at the peak of the magic civilization, and the alchemists who made these True Spirit Magic Tools had supreme positions. Even Heaven Mages would lower themselves in front of them.

After all, True Spirit Magic Tools had genuine life of their own, that reached the very limit of alchemy.

Each incarnation of a True Spirit Magic Tool was different.

To become the true master of the True Spirit Magic Tool, one had to become its master by receiving the approval of the True Spirit Magic Tool's incarnation. But in reality, there were almost no True Spirit Magic Tool that wished to change its master. Apart from the alchemist that created them, they would almost never accept a second master. That Great Mage of the Cloud Tower must have had heaven defying luck, that's the only possible explanation Lin Yun saw.

He wondered if he would have such fate...

Compared to an illusory True Spirit Magic Tool, the Reincarnation Eye that was able to increase the amount of Magic Arrays from two to five was much more practical.