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 After going through the swamp, a Dark Elf's expression kept changing, and as if she was unable to resist any longer, she shouted and rushed back into the swamp, disappearing in an instant.

Even Lin Yun didn't have enough time to rescue her, the spells that fell onto that seemingly ordinary swamp had no effect. The most powerful spells couldn't even splatter mud around.

This was already the depths of the Night Valley. It could already be seen in the distance that the depths of the valley was a deadend.

The perfectly straight cliff-like trunk of the wisdom Tree stood tall in the depths.

"We are almost there, the notes mention that there is a jungle in the deepest part of the Night Valley, and in that jungle, there is a teleportation array. That's the only way out of the Night Valley."

Elsa looked a bit happy as she pointed in the distance.

Everyone smiled when the exit was mentioned, one of the Dark Elves even started laughing heartily.


At first, no one felt anything wrong about it, after going through that calamity and walking in this dangerous place, it was normal for that Dark Elf to be unable to hold it and lose their self-control.

But as seconds passed, that Dark Elf's smile grew wider and more exaggerated, her eyes were wide open, and so was her mouth, her laughter also became discontinuous as she appeared to have issues breathing.

After a few more seconds, that Dark Elf's complexion turned from pale to dark purple and she fell to the ground, her body continuously shivering, both hands covering her mouth, as if she wanted to stop herself from laughing.

This strange scene chilled everyone's hearts. A Dark Elf on the side was terrified and foolishly stood there, her teeth shivering


Elsa extended her hand and hit that laughing Dark Elf's head, wanting to knock her out. But that Dark Elf not only wasn't knocked out, it instead jumped out of the floor, her expression twisted in a monstrous expression, both hands around her own neck. Blue veins could be seen on her arms as she was apparently using all her strength.

That craziness and dedication scared everyone.

Three seconds later, that Dark Elf no longer laughed.

She choked herself to death, and those bulging eyeballs still had a crazed expression, while she still had an abnormal smile on her face.

"Mer... Merlin, what happened?"

Zeuss paled, looking extremely sickly. His teeth were shivering as he got closer to Lin Yun's side, while asking with a trembling voice.

Lin Yun kept a calm face, but it felt like someone was holding onto his heart.

Because he simply couldn't find the problem, he didn't feel any power. No matter how he looked at it, that Dark Elf had lost her mind and went completely insane.

Almost choking because of her laughter before ultimately choking herself to death as if she was her own mortal enemy.

They didn't know what happened.

At that moment, they all felt like a shadow was covering their thoughts.

This place was truly too strange.

"Let's go, let's get out of here." Lin Yun shouted with a heavy voice, rousing Elsa who had been blaming herself.

With such a strange thing happening, no one dared to banter, nor to cry. Those less powerful Dark Elves' minds were already on the verge of collapse. Everyone was on guard, and beside fear, there was nothing in their mind. They didn't dare to be happy, nor did they dare to be sad, in order to not turn crazy.

Then, after being more scared than hurt, they safely reached the deepest part of the Night Valley. In front of them was a spacious plain, and a few hundred meters away was a steep rising cliff.

To the left were lush black trees atop a precipitous hill. Their monstrous treetops didn't look like they belonged to trees, they actually looked like enlarged mushrooms.

Bare branches fell down from the mushroom-like treetop like the ribs of an umbrella and faint spots could be seen, looking like distorted faces.

Not far in the jungle, Elsa found a certain tree. After blasting that tree, she discovered a teleportation array in the hole, less than two meters wide. Unfortunately, the teleportation array appeared to have suffered damage and could only be used after being repaired.

Lin Yun naturally wouldn't let those Dark Elves take care of that matter. As an Artisan, restoring a slightly damaged array wasn't difficult at all, he also wouldn't waste too much time.

But just as Lin Yun just took out his repair tool, he heard a buzzing in his ears.

In an instant, that slight buzzing turned into a huge rumble.

Everyone looked up and saw an eight meters large dark green Fireball dropping from the sky.

There was a long trail behind that fireball, and it emitted a deafening sound as it tore through the air.

"Quick! Dodge!" A loud shout echoed as the group immediately used their own respective methods to dodge.

Lin Yun instantly used Fire Elemental Incarnation while simultaneously using instant spells to cast a hundred meters tall Firewall. By relying on Flame Flash, he escaped a hundred meters away. Zeuss wasn't slow either, just like Lin Yun, he used Fire Elemental Incarnation and relied on Flame Flashes to escape.

Xiuban jumped away, he reached a height of ten meters while crossing several dozen meters. And as soon as he landed, he burst into a sprint.

Both Reina and the puppet used their own spells to instantly escape.

But those Dark Elves weren't as skillful.

They were very nimble, but only a few of them could run a hundred meters in a few seconds.

When that dark green Fireball hit the floor, a shockwave was created, sweeping everything. All the trees within fifty meters were instantly turned into fragments, and the ground that could be said to be resistant to spells had cracks spreading from the impact zone.

A few Dark Elves that had ran a bit more than fifty meters flew out from getting in contact with the shockwaves and started spitting blood in the air.

Dark green flames also spread, reaching the left leg of a slow injured Dark Elf.

That Dark Elf ignited in an instant, the dark green flames filled his entire body and completely wrapped him in flames.

The mournful scream echoed and that Dark Elf fumbled forward, raising a hand forward, apparently begging for his companions' assistance.

But he was aging at visible speed. The despair in his eyes quickly dissipated until his gaze finally became empty.


The Dark Elf fell to the ground, the dark flames on his body dissipating. His clothes weren't even burnt in the slightest by those dark green flames, but he had became incredibly old, his dark hair had turned white and his skin wrinkled.

Not only was there no mana reaction from his body, there was no soul fluctuations, his eyes didn't have the slightest bit of expression, looking exactly like those of the Living Deads.

Lin Yun felt like his head was about to explode, his scalp feeling numb...

"Damnit, Hellflame..."

Sure enough, that Fireball not only didn't disappear after hitting the ground, it instead split up into dark green flaming rocks, which then quickly assembled and transformed into a ten meters tall rocky giant.

Dark green flames covered the surface of that rocky giant's body, but those raging flames didn't feel hot.

As this rocky giant raised his head, a terrifying aura spread in the air like a storm.

"Hellflame! Heaven, who? Who summoned a Hellflame!? Damnit, Merlin, get rid of that guy quickly!" Enderfa's face deformed from fright. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel hid behind Lin Yun, like a mouse that had seen a cat.

Hellflame, despite its name, was a lifeform specific to the Abyss. They lived in places with boundless flames, and fire was like air to them, no flame could injure a Hellflame.

The Soul Burning Fire on their bodies made other Abyssal lifeforms afraid. These flames were like the life fire of the Hellflame.

Any lifeform burnt by the Soul Burning Fire would have their mana ignited and purified by the Soul Burning Fire, and the same would happen to their soul. The Soul Burning Fire wouldn't stop until their soul was burnt to nothingness and their mana completely exhausted.

There were very few spells and things that could stop Soul Burning Fire.

A drop of Life Water that was supposedly able to resurrect anyone that had just died. There was also the Frost Dragon's unique ability, Frost Breath.

But the latter could be disregarded. The outcome of being hit by Frost Breath wasn't so different than being burnt by Soul Burning Fire. One would burn the soul to nothingness while the other would freeze the body to death.

This kind of terrifying monster was the bane of any mage and soul lifeforms. As long as their body carried mana, they would instantly catch fire when grazed by Soul Burning Fire.

As for soul lifeforms, they would never appear in a place a Hellflame existed. It could even be said that in the Abyss, any plane containing a Hellflame would be devoid of soul lifeforms!

At the peak of the Magic Era, a wide variety of planes had been discovered and conquered, and there once was a plane filled with Ghosts and Specters, the Spectral Plane, which even contained some Heaven Rank Specters.

The mage team that accidentally found their way into the plane ended up suffering heavy casualties. Later, a Beastman Warlock went in and only summoned a level 39 Hellflame. A year later, he led a large army to control the plane.