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 All kinds of spells kept flying across the battlefield. Elemental storms formed in the area between Lin Yun and the Living Dead from the intertwining spells. Even if these elemental storms couldn't explode, they were still forcibly pushed back from the continuously cast spells.

The magic pattern on Clark's forehead seemed to already be shining, and layers of flames were moving along the magic pattern.

Terrifying mana fluctuations spread from there, and everyone could see that this 6th Tier Ultimate Spell was about to be released!

Elsa was leading the remaining Dark Elves, and while clenching her teeth, she released all the mana in her body. Not one magic pattern on her body remained lit after that, as she had released all the spells that could be released at once.

Enderfa's expression distorted as he controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and cast spells with all his strength, releasing several 5th Tier and 6th Tier spells every instant.

The Molten Core's mana had originally exceeded the limits of what the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel could use, so its mana was in a constant state of overflow. But now, that ravaging Molten Core had actually dimmed. This mana consumption had caused the Molten Core to overdraft.

Even Zeuss, with his meager power, was on the verge of exhaustion, but he couldn't pose a threat to Clark. All the spells being cast by that wall of the Living Dead surpassed what they could output by a few times!

While everyone was despairing, Lin Yun came back with Galekuch.

As soon as he appeared, Galekuch immediately raised his hands and solemnly chanted an ancient and desolate Beastman song in a loud voice.

A wisp of power that seemed to pierce through time slowly spread as Galekush sang.

That power carried intense desolation and gloominess. It filled everyone's bodies, making them all feel heartbroken and sad from the bottom of their souls as they seemed to see a somber scene.

In a desolate desert, countless wounded Beastmen were crouching on the ground with unyielding expressions, their eyes carrying heavy sorrow. They were in front of crude tombs made out of rocks.

Next to those crude tombs were tattered banners, and there were flies buzzing about and vultures circling above them in the sky.

The unpleasant cawing of Crows kept echoing.

On a rough altar, a teary shaman was raising his withered hands while chanting a desolate song.

With that chant, the mass of resentment, death aura, unwillingness, and wrath above the tombs started dissipating.

Transparent souls of Beastmen flew out from the graves and turned into rays of light that flew towards the horizon.

"... You are the one bearing the unyielding backbone of our race...

"... Under the heavens, above the earth, Beastmen will never yield...

"... Using blood and power, ceremony..."

Following Galekush's song, the movements of those lifeless Dark Elves became sluggish, and many of them even showed expressions of pain.

The ultimate magic pattern on Clark's forehead started fluctuating, and the terrifying power slowly condensed.

The 6th Tier Spell that was about to be cast started fluctuating. By the time Galekuch finished chanting that strange song, they saw a flowing light fly out of the magic pattern and disappear into the horizon.

Clark's spell came out.

But the 6th Tier Ultimate Spell had become an ordinary 6th Tier Spell.

A formidable rain of fire dropped from the sky. The man-sized balls of fire with black patterns looked like a fusion of fire and lava.

The balls of fire constantly exploded, but they were easily blocked by Lin Yun.

A few hundred of the listless Dark Elves were struggling. Their casting had stopped, and expressions of pain could be seen on their faces.

Enderfa used a large amount of mana to pressure them even more. In less than ten seconds, those defenseless Dark Elves were completely overwhelmed by the flood of spells.

Lin Yun chanted three characters, and lights flashed from his Draconic Staff as three Fire God Spears dropped from the sky.

The lifeless Clark didn't dodge, and a Fire God Spear pierced his chest, nailing him to the ground. The remaining two Fire God Spears also followed the first and pierced Clark's body, forming three fist-sized holes in it.

Each Fire God Spear was impaling a vital part of Clark's body.

But then, golden-red flames started moving towards Clark. One illusory phantom after another flew out of Clark's body... Those were the Dark Elves' souls.

These souls seemed to be free of their worries as they flew out, disappearing into the distance.

Ultimately, Clark's eyes regained some vigor. He looked at Elsa in the distance and mumbled in a hoarse voice, "Princess, how could you be here?"

Then, Clark seemed to have think of something and fear appeared on his face as he loudly shouted, "Princess, hurry up and go! There is a sinister existence in the depths of the Night Valley, it's very dangerous! Hurry up and go! Leave this place, quick!"

Before he could finish his words, an illusory soul floated out of Clark's body and disappeared along with the rest of them.

Then, everyone saw Clark's body somehow melting. His appearance became indistinct and his body turned into black mud that fell to the ground and fused with the earth.

Elsa looked at Clark's disappearance with sadness. Those Dark Elves were also foolishly looking at the ground. Those once-living Dark Elves had turned into the Living Dead after entering this place.

Sacrificing one's life in battle or while defending one's home were honorable paths, but this kind of state where they could neither seek death nor life was quite sorrowful.

Lin Yun sighed in relief as the crisis was dealt with.

When he heard from Elsa that Clark had a 6th Tier ultimate magic pattern spell slot, he understood many of the issues.

Such as why these Living Dead couldn't be killed at all, why Clark hadn't died once since he appeared, and why those Dark Elves were defending Clark.

It wasn't to give Clark the opportunity to use a 6th Tier Ultimate Spell, but rather because the souls of these Dark Elves were within Clark's body.

These controlled Dark Elves were immortal, and only by killing Clark could they truly die.

But the problem was that Clark had the opportunity to release a 6th Tier Ultimate Spell, which was a terrifying power. As long as Clark succeeded, even if Lin Yun's group survived, they wouldn't be that far from death.

The power of a 6th Rank Ultimate Spell wasn't something they could handle.

And hearing Elsa's words, especially about the inheritance, Lin Yun was able to understand what was happening with the help of his Magic Array.

The soul of an ancestor was hidden in that magic pattern. It was only a part of the ancestor's soul, but it was actually a critical part for casting the 6th Tier Ultimate Spell.

To be precise, Clark was the one supplying mana while the ancestor's soul was using the 6th Tier Ultimate Spell.

Thus, it needed time.

And no one knew the power of ancestors better than the Beastmen. Especially that Beastman Shaman, as this was power he was proficient in, ancestors and souls. All Shamans would have that kind of power!

Lin Yun brought Galekuch along to interrupt Clark's casting. Only Galekuch, who had mastered the power of ancestors and souls, could interrupt the casting of that soul.

But he hadn't expected that Galekuch, who was originally a Lightning Shaman that specialized in battle, would actually possess Soul Suppressing Warsong.

This Warsong was able to put the soul fragment left behind in the magic pattern to rest.

Without the control of that soul fragment, the ultimate magic pattern was completely crippled, making it so that the spell released was an ordinary 6th Tier Spell.

At that point, the fight was already over. As soon as Clark was killed, the deadlock would be broken and all the Living Dead would finally die.

Lin Yun turned to look at Galekuch. Grief could still be seen in the eyes of that short Beastman Shaman.

"Galekuch Warren. I truly didn't expect you to be the Legendary Beastman Shaman, the creator of the Soul Suppressing Song!"

Lin Yun couldn't help being surprised. Those that could be considered Legends among Beastmen completely couldn't compare to other races, especially those legendary combatants. Every single one was a first-rate Beastman fighter, and they could all lead the Beastmen into a flourishing era.

Shamans were sages, they were guides... They weren't people who carried reputation and fame.

In the previous era, there were only two or three famous Legendary Shamans that could be remembered by Humans, one of which was Soul Suppressing Song Warren!

Galekuch Warren!

In those days, an Undead Eye appeared in the territory of the Beastmen and a large number of the Undead appeared. Countless Beastmen fought to the death, but they ended up turning into the Undead too.

These Beastmen were naturally-born warriors, and they were even more troublesome after becoming Undead.

The damage to the Beastmen got worse and worse, up until Shaman Galekuch stepped forward and used the Soul Suppressing Song to appease the souls of the fallen Beastmen.