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 Enderfa's prejudice was already pointless. They could only escape while releasing spells to block the Orachiss behind them.

As for the army of Dark Elves, only a bit over twenty were still alive now, or it might be better to say, there were still over twenty that hadn't been injured. Being injured during the pursuit meant death.

Lin Yun had taken care of a few hundred, and then hundreds had been eaten by the Orachiss. Out of the rest, some weren't able to keep up and were either eaten by the Orachiss or eaten by carnivorous plants along the way.

A thick, black smoke mixed with the power of ice and fire was continuously chasing behind them.

A Dark Elf's ankle was caught by a weak vine magic beast, and less than a second later, she was submerged by a bunch of Abyssal Spells, before the black smoke surging with lava swallowed her, not even giving her any time to shout...

Feeling the strain, Lin Yun crazily rushed forward while quickly spreading forty to fifty Mage Eyes around.

Multiple scenes of the sides and the front appeared in Lin Yun's mind...

It was like having forty to fifty extra pairs of eyes... With so many scenes and so much information, Lin Yun's head felt as if it was swelling.

Under such circumstances, Lin Yun still found the time to cast spells. At this critical time, his casting remained steady, which required a huge amount of control.

But no one had the extra energy to pay attention to Lin Yun's movements.

As some of the Mage Eyes fell behind, many of them were crushed by the surging mana fluctuations coming from the back.

After releasing over a hundred Mage Eyes, Lin Yun discovered something special about this dead end.

After 1500 meters, they would reach the dead end, and that meant that they would be completely blocked by the Orachiss.

Lin Yun glanced at Endefa and said, "Block the Orachiss for a bit."

After saying that, the Magic Array within Lin Yun's body revolved to its limits and flaring mana rushed out of his body. Lin Yun used Flight to its fullest and instantly rushed out, leaving a large amount of mana erupting behind him.

This was a technique that consumed a large amount of mana to increase one's speed and could only be used by Archmages or those on the same level, as it was very taxing on the mage's mana.

Lin Yun flew those 1500 meters in just ten seconds.

Having reached the center of the dead end, Lin Yun landed in front of an array and then took out four bottles of Star Ink and four crystal pens.

Moreover, two of the crystal pens were Superior crystal pens that Lin Yun had previously crafted. Their only good point was that they could be remote controlled.

These two shoddy, remote-controlled items were now life-saving treasures.

Lin Yun thoroughly put the Orachiss out of his thoughts and trusted his back to his companions before focusing his mind and soul on the task. He took the two crystal pens in his hands and also had two remote-controlled crystal pens. The four crystal pens were quickly writing on the array.

The silent array began to let out radiance when the first rune was inscribed, and this faint light made Lin Yun's eyes quickly moisten!!

This meant that the array was intact, and more importantly, it was a teleportation array!

This was an ordinary teleportation array that could teleport them fifteen to twenty kilometers away at most.

But now, let alone an ordinary teleportation array, even a short-distance teleportation array would save their lives!

Lin Yun's eyes opened wide as his Magic Array frantically performed calculations. Countless runes crazily surged before his eyes.

Just one second of this sort of calculation would be enough to make Master Alchemist sweat. They would need three days to calculate what Lin Yun did in 1 second under the pressure of the Orachiss!

Lin Yun, with the four crystal pens, looked like a whirling shadow as he quickly wrote down multitudes of runes for cracking.

The runes were like rain sprinkling over, and in barely three seconds, several hundred runes surrounded the array, and the cracking was complete!

At this time, the chasing Orachiss was already catching up. Its two snake heads were angrily roaring, and a large amount of fire and ice sprayed out from its mouths. And the central demonic head's teeth were covered with blood and broken limbs. Pitch-black flames flew out as a constant barrage of Abyssal Spells flew out at them.

Pitch-black flames carrying the dense smell of sulfur were raining down. Moreover, there were also pitch-black demonic claws condensing in midair and falling down like meteors.

The first attack caught up to three Dark Elves and turned them into mincemeat, and one Dark Elf's defensive spell was thoroughly burnt and she instantly ignited, turning to ashes in an instant.

Jeremy and Elsa were surrounded by the remaining Dark Elves, the magic patterns on their skins lighting up one after another, going all-out. Mana exhaustion was nothing compared to their lives.

But they were still being herded towards the dead end by the Orachiss. They could hardly support themselves, but their only option was to try to resist the spells cast by the Orachiss. With the sulfuric flames and lava dancing over, from time to time, a Dark Elf's defenses would be breached due to mana exhaustion.

At this time, a crack in the defenses meant death. Elsa's complexion had already reached a deadly blue. After casting her Wood Barrier earlier, she had yet to be able to use it again, and furthermore, her mana was already insufficient for casting a Wood Barrier...

They could only keep focusing on fighting their hardest just to buy one more second...

Reina and Enderfa were both clenching their teeth, fully using everything at their disposal. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel's Lava Heart let off a glaring light as its mana output was squeezed to its limits by Enderfa.

Xiuban was standing on the side, swinging Carnage to block any missed spells, being careful that no spell would bother Lin Yun while he was cracking the array.

Everyone tried their best to resist the spells cast by the Orachiss' three heads, and the lowest spell was at the 6th Rank, while some were even at the 7th Rank...

And the Orachiss was already only a kilometer away now. With its huge body, it would only need a few seconds to catch up.

At this distance, the Orachiss wasn't throwing large-scale spells away, but rather started using more formidable spells.

A wall of fire formed from ashen flames rose up a kilometer away. The hundred meters of flames were calmly burning. That deathly silence was suppressing everyone, as it had blocked their way out.

Abyssal Runes flew out of the Orachiss' head and filled the area with an apocalyptic aura.

Demonic whispers echoed in everyone's ears...

At this time, even Xiuban knew that the Orachiss was fully using its Abyssal Spells...

The Dark Elves were thoroughly despairing, and one Dark Elf was even tearfully singing a desolate hymn.

This was the last bit of pride that Dark Elves had when about to be sacrificed.

Enderfa's faces turned towards the back. He saw Lin Yun's blurry hands and opened his mouth, but decided against saying something.

Suddenly, Lin Yun's hands stopped, and the two crystal pens moving on their own also fell.

That teleportation array suddenly shone with a glaring light that rose towards the sky.

"Hurry!" Lin Yun shouted, his trembling hands firmly holding the Draconic Staff as he uttered five characters. A large amount of mana rushed from his body, turning into a tide of mana gathering in front of everyone.

In a split second, five heavy Askrim Gates appeared out of nowhere and blocked the spells from the snake heads. But the first Askrim Gate was instantly shattered.

Xiuban, Enderfa, Reina, Zeuss, and the puppet all charged towards the teleportation array, disappearing in an instant.

Lin Yun glanced at the Dark Elves not far from there and saw that they were already on the verge of collapse. The Dark Elves were barely able to block the Orachiss' spells now, and the hair of a few of the Dark Elves had been set ablaze by the high temperature.

Lin Yun stood at the edge of the teleportation array and raised his Draconic Staff while quickly chanting three words, summoning a Hell Gate in another direction.

A whirlpool of darkness slowly appeared, which was soon followed by the aura of hell permeating the air and the roars of hellish lifeforms echoing.

The Orachiss' two snake heads immediately turned towards the Hell Gate, their eyes carrying malevolence and hatred, even forgetting about the Dark Elves.