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 Honor, hate, power, the only thing that mattered was killing this Dragon!

Lin Yun's expression turned icy.

"I hadn't planned on clashing with you, but it looks like I have to teach you a lesson!"

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and the Purple Dragon Incarnation flew out, turning into a large Dragon behind Lin Yun. Mana violently surged out of Lin Yun's body, looking like a storm spreading in all directions.

The surge of mana alone was comparable to the power of 2nd Tier Spells!

That kind of power that shouldn't appear in a 9th Rank High Mage made Jeremy and Elsa feel as if a huge rock was crushing them.

"Quick! Kill him! Kill him!" Jeremy loudly shouted, a terrible premonition shrouding his mind.

All the Dark Elves converged together and a large amount of spells exploded towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun only waved his Draconic Staff and a series of loud sounds echoed. Five ten-meters tall, six-meters wide and two-meters thick Askrim Gates suddenly appeared.

The five Askrim Gates heavily fell down, shaking up the ground.

All the spells were blocked by the five defensive spells.

In the back, Zeuss saw Xiuban's legs shaking, and recalling that Xiuban was supposed to protect him, he asked, "What's wrong with you?"

Xiuban felt a shiver down his spine as he looked at Lin Yun's back, and a sympathetic look towards the Dark Elves flashed in his eyes, "Sir Merlin is angry...".

With the Purple Dragon, Lin Yun's casting ability was comparable to an actual Dragon, and the power of his spells greatly increased.

The five heavy Askrim Gates completely resisted the other side's crazy assault.

Five seconds were enough for Lin Yun to do a lot of things.

He quickly chanted his profound incantation and raised the Draconic Staff to the sky.

All the Dark Elves looked at that scene with alarm. The sky seemed to be shaking as whimper-like sounds echoed.

In an instant, those transformed into rumbling explosions.

Several hundred flaming meteors dragging black trails appeared out of nowhere, covering an area several hundred-meters large, including the Dark Elves' position.

There was no time to dodge, some of the terrified Dark Elves were fully using their magic patterns to attack the sky, while many more were using defensive spells.

But it was futile.

That spell itself might only be at the 6th Tier, but it integrated several spells Lin Yun had found in the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras.

By relying on the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras' incantations, Lin Yun imitated Starfall to create this spell, which was a one-time summon of a large amount of meteors.

By relying on the power of the Draconic Staff, he could temporarily gain the casting ability of Chromatic Dragons. Although this spell was only at the 6th Tier, it could display the power comparable to top-notch 7th Tier Spells.

Large amount of several meter large meteors fell, only a few getting successfully broken by the Dark Elves' spells. There was no time to destroy the rest.


Their defensive spells were completely unable to withstand the fall of the first meteor that instantly crushed three Dark Elves. They didn't even have time to let out a scream as they were turned to paste by the force of the impact.

Then, the large group of meteors fell and explosions kept echoing where they landed, the Dark Elves' screams kept being suppressed as the meteors continued falling.

The rumbling lasted for a dozen seconds without stopping, leaving behind several hundred meters of ashes and flames.

Some of the magic patterns lit up and sent spells towards Lin Yun, but they were suppressed within several dozen meters.

The puppet and Enderfa frantically cast waves of spells, making use of the Dark Elves being shrouded by smoke and dust, completely unable to dodge.

The Dark Elves' nightmare wasn't over, Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff once again and chanted another life threatening spell to suppress those Dark Elves.

After less than ten seconds of chanting, a dozen-meters tall huge phantom appeared in front of Lin Yun, and alongside Lin Yun's chant, that huge phantom lifted the bow he held in its hand and shot a hundred-meters long light arrow towards the sky.

As the light arrow disappeared in the sky, so did the phantom.

The next instant, numerous lights appeared above the Dark Elves and everyone could see that those lights were in fact countless light arrows.

Countless light arrows fell down like a rainstorm, causing a wave of miserable shouts to echo once again. Even the dust, smoke and flames were completely suppressed.

At this time, everyone could see that at least two hundred Dark Elves had been shot by the light arrows, some of which had even turned into sieves.

Corpses were everywhere on the ground, the last two spells had killed at least 400 Dark Elves.

Zeuss was looking at Lin Yun with disbelief, "Radiant Arrow Rain? Damn, isn't that an 8th Tier Spell? Wait, no, the power had been reduced quite a bit..."

The Radiant Arrow Rain was also possible due to Lin Yun using the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras to remodel it into a 6th Tier Spell, but with the might of the Purple Dragon Phantom, it became a lot stronger.

In barely half a minute, the Dark Elves seemed to have been transported to hell...

They had lost four hundred of their kin in less than thirty seconds, and even among the living ones, many of them had been greatly injured.

Jeremy and Elsa were looking in the distance with pain, that human with the Purple Dragon Phantom was unexpectedly powerful, to the point of making them despair.

A large amount of Dark Elves died, making Elsa feel boundless sorrow. While blocking Lin Yun's spells, she also helped those Dark Elves that could no longer resist, while Jeremy was trying to flee in fear.

Only five hundred to six hundred Dark Elves remained, this battle could already be considered a loss, and that huge phantom behind Lin Yun made the Dark Elves remember their fear of Dragons.

When they were young, many Dark Elves were scared with the mere mention of Dragons.

In the Dark Elven records, the power and brutality of Dragons made every Dark Elf cultivate a deep fear.

Now, this fear was thoroughly brought to the surface...

When they saw Lin Yun raise his staff again... Countless Dark Elves collapsed, some started running backward, while the ones remaining didn't have the confidence to counterattack.

Two hundred to three hundred Enhanced Bursting Fireballs suddenly appeared, and with Endefa and the puppet added to the lot, these Dark Elves were suppressed to the point where they could no longer resist.

Countless spells rushed over, the large amount of Enhanced Bursting Fireballs exploded and all the Dark Elves could only gather together, all using defensive spells to strenuously defend.

Seeing that the Water Curtain they had cast wouldn't last long, Elsa ground her teeth and the magic pattern on her forehead shone.

Thick branches rose from the ground, resembling withered twigs, or withered tree roots.

The large amount of branches squirmed and formed an over twenty-meters big hemisphere, protecting all the remaining Dark Elves.

This was Elsa's last method of defense: 5th Tier Ultimate Spell, Wood Barrier.

Using this meant that they had completely given up any chance of counterattacking.

This Ultimate Spell was a rare plant-type spell. Using this spell in this Wisdom Tree God Nation would raise its power, and its duration would be greatly increased.

Lin Yun led his group to walk not far from from the Wood Barrier, and a large amount of spells bombarded that barrier, shattering a large amount of branches.

Within the barrier, fear could be seen overflowing from Jeremy's face. His pale complexion had become even paler, he was at a loss with no idea what to do.

Elsa's complexion became paler and paler as well, exhaustion visible on her face. That barrier's consumption was too great...

The remaining few hundred Dark Elves' spirit had been broken, many of the female Dark Elves were already sobbing from despair while some were getting ready to die as martyrs.

The situation had changed too fast, Elsa was the first to react. It wasn't that the young mage hadn't been able to defeat them, but rather, he hadn't planned on killing them from the start.

But they thought that these outsiders were pushovers, the pride of Dark Elves made them think that their Legion was unequalled, as long as their opponent wasn't at the Heaven Rank.

That seemingly only 9th Rank High Mage's mana was comparable to a 5th Rank Archmage, and his fighting power was comparable to the strongest 8th Rank Archmages. With his formidable Magic Tool, only a 9th Rank Archmage Dark Elf could possibly be able to fight him.

And that Frost Dragon was unexpectedly level 38. The power of Dragons was something Dark Elves had the best understanding of. As long as they hadn't comprehended High Tier Ultimate Spells and didn't form Ultimate Magic Patterns, then most Dark Elves wouldn't be a match for a Dragon of the same level.

As for the unsightly puppet, it was covered in patches, yet it was unexpectedly casting 5th and 6th Tier spells even faster than the Dark Elves. Alone, the puppet could use High Tier Spells to form waves of spells.

And there was also that delicate wheel-type Magic Tool controlled by that monstrous Magic Tool Incarnation. His casting speed was the fastest, it could match close to a hundred elite Dark Elves by itself.

Even that Beastman... He swung his weapon to meet a few dozen spells and wasn't injured at all, only whining a bit.

They had underestimated that group of outsiders.