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 Lin Yun's expression changed as he realized that these spells that seemed to be of lower tiers weren't actually weak; each one had the power of a 3rd Tier or 4th Tier spell.

This 7th Tier water spell, Whirlpool, was the best defense against a large number of Low Tier spells, yet it couldn't hold on.

Lin Yun increased his mana output and finally withstood the first wave of spells.

The moment it stopped, Lin Yun led everyone to move away from that spot.

Sure enough, the next moment, they saw another seven hundred to eight hundred spells surging like a flood and washing away the trees of the jungle, erasing a huge swathe that covered several hundred meters.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and summoned a large-scale Meteor Shower. A large number of flaming spheres fell from the sky, blanketing a wide area.

Many trees were set ablaze, and the group could see numerous shadows flashing through the trees. These shadows were extremely flexible and they kept jumping from tree to tree.

And even more rays of magic shone in the forest.

Enderfa's eyes opened wide as he angrily controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to blast out 5th Tier and 6th Tier spells regardless of their mana consumption.

Enderfa's face was deformed from anger due to that sneak attack.

And with the puppet continuously releasing its own waves of spells, their torrent of spells engulfed everything in its way without any restriction.

At this time, everyone saw what those shadows were.

Pale skin, handsome appearances, delicate magic patterns on their skins, and the clearest characteristic, pointed ears.

After a quick glance, Lin Yun exclaimed, "Dark Elves!"

How could there be Dark Elves there? Lin Yun couldn't help feeling shocked.

In the earliest legends, Dark Elves were the people of the Wisdom God. They had terrifying magical talent, the entire race being very proficient with it... They were innate mages.

They could master any spell easily, and there was no such thing as difficulty for them when it came to magic.

Their power came from the magic patterns on their bodies. Every time they learnt a spell, the corresponding magic pattern would appear on their bodies, and when casting, they only needed to use these magic patterns.

This kind of formidable talent made countless races envious, yet few people wished to actually become Dark Elves... because the Dark Elves were called the cursed race, as their powerful talent made them crazily chase mana.

Mana was a poison, but also an antidote. It was like a drug that they couldn't wean themselves from.

Without mana, Dark Elves were like fish out of water, unable to breathe and unable to handle the pain, before ultimately dying from organ failure.

Because of this, in the earliest legends, they devoted themselves to become the Wisdom God's subordinates. It wasn't just to look for Constance's protection... It was mostly for Constance's mana.

But it was later said that during the God Wars, the Dark Elves betrayed the Wisdom God for unknown reasons, and the entire race was cursed by Constance.

Constance's curse completely erupted by the time of the Nesser Dynasty, and the Dark Elves' addiction worsened to the point of madness. Ultimately, many Dark Elves became crazy because of that addiction.

These Dark Elves would pursue mana at any and all costs. This created the first internal issues among the elves, and also the first internal issues of the Nesser Dynasty.

Multitudes of lives faded, and countless mournful events took place. In the end, the Pure-blood Elves and the Chromatic Dragons joined hands and suppressed this Dark Elven upheaval.

Ultimately, the Dark Elven sub-race was banished to an unknown plane. No one knew where, but from that point on, no trace of Dark Elves could be seen in Noscent.

The appearance of that group of Dark Elves truly startled Lin Yun. It was the worst place to encounter Dark Elves.

Could it be that the Chromatic Dragons and the Pure-blood Elves banished the Dark Elves to Constance's God Nation?

That group of natural mages was densely packed, with seven or eight hundred of them gathered together.

Moreover, the group of Dark Elves was already making use of their natural advantage to surround them.

Even Lin Yun couldn't help sweating after being surrounded by that many mages.

They weren't eight hundred of the Undead, but rather, eight hundred people of a race that excelled at casting!

It could be seen from what happened earlier that this was a Dark Elven Legion.

An army of at least eight hundred Dark Elves even turned Enderfa's expression serious.

With regards to mages, and especially mage legions, after a certain amount, the quantity would lead to a qualitative change!

Light rose in the forest as slews of spells flew from all directions. A few hundred spells fell, and although they weren't High Tier Spells, in the hands of the Dark Elves, the power of the spells had clearly increased.

In a split second, Lin Yun fell into a passive situation.

The Dark Elves were using the cover of darkness to silently surround them. And after being surrounded, the ten Flame Elementals that Lin Yun had cast as cannon fodder were instantly killed by that group of Dark Elves.

Lin Yun noticed that the spells coming from each of the four directions were different... Each group only released one type of magic.

In the back, two to three hundred Dark Elves were casting fire spells like Fire Dragons, Fireblades, Fireballs...

All of these fire spells converged together, quickly raising the fire elements in the back. These fire spells collided and tangled with each other, forming a wave of fire that crashed down at them.

To their left and to their right, the Dark Elves were casting wind and ice magic, respectively. In that instant, gales wreaked havoc as the fierce winds could be seen with the naked eye, snapping the trees in their way, turning it into a storm filled with fragments of wood.

At the same time, the ice spells were rushing forth from the right. Ice Spikes and Snowblades swirled around, turning into a slowly rotating tornado of ice. Those ice spells were flickering with a metallic luster, and nothing could stop them. When touched by the tornado, the trees would be covered by frost before shattering into countless ice fragments.

The front was actually the most dangerous side because the Dark Elves there were using Dark Magic. Dark Arrows, Corrosive Spheres, Dark Impact...

As all these spells converged, the area ahead of them was quickly engulfed by darkness.

The originally lush vegetation was corroded by the power of darkness and withered away.

Enderfa angrily cursed, "These damned Dark Elves, so annoying!"

Lin Yun didn't say anything, and his expression wasn't very good. Anyone that was attacked by a Dark Elf Legion certainly wouldn't be very cheerful, especially if it happened in Constance's God Nation.

But this time, whether it was Lin Yun or Enderfa, when facing this fierce onslaught, they could only use defensive spells with low mana consumption.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and uttered three profound words. With a wave of his hand, two muffled sounds echoed, and two Askrim Gates condensed out of the air and fell in front of everyone.

Behind those, Reina cast a dozen Ice Walls that were a bit stronger than ordinary ones. The dozen Ice Walls formed a large cube of ice, isolating everyone from the south.

On the left, the puppet quickly cast many instant spells, setting up countless Ice Shields and Fire Shields. It didn't go through the effort of controlling them. It only piled these defensive shields into a huge protective barrier.

And on the right side, Enderfa, who seemed to have some sort of grudge against the Dark Elves, was fuming as he controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. Six flaming vortexes appeared on the right side, and a cascade of flames flew out of these vortexes, forming a sea of flames.

Less than two seconds later, a huge collision unfolded.

The dark spells impacted the Askrim Gates, making them shudder. The outermost Askrim Gate was already covered in cracks. On the left side, countless small shields kept being shattered while the puppet recast them continuously. On the right, flames and ice collided, causing continuous explosions. Ice spells exploded one after another in that sea of fire. And behind them, eight of Reina's dozen Ice Walls were melted.

Lin Yun summoned a new Askrim Gate while thinking about how to counterattack. The appearance of all these Dark Elves had been totally unexpected.

But, seeing how these Dark Elves seemed to be very familiar with this place gave Lin Yun some other idea.

When they saw that Lin Yun's group was being suppressed, the surrounding Dark Elves began walking out from the shadows, shrinking the encirclement.

At this time, Lin Yun's group could clearly see the Dark Elves.

Most of these Dark Elves were women, which was characteristic of the Elven race, and they were around level 30, around the power of late High Mages and early Archmage ranks.

Each time they cast, magic patterns would shine on their bodies, and every magic pattern would result in a spell being instant-cast successfully.