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 For a God to resurrect, not only would they need enough bones, but having most of the God's body was indispensable, especially for something as grand as a resurrection. If an important organ was missing, then the resurrection would be a joke.

And even if Lin Yun had known earlier, he wouldn't have cared where Constance's body was. He only needed Constance's skull.

Constance's skull was the last piece of the puzzle he needed before he could advance to the Archmage realm!

That was the most perfect set up he could think of. As long as he fused with Constance's skull, he would be able to immediately advance to the Archmage realm, and he would have a smooth path through the entirety of the Archmage realm.

Moreover, Lin Yun knew that Constance hadn't resurrected, because Constance's God Nation had been forcibly opened during the peak of the Magic Era.

During Noscent's peak of the Magic Era, not only would a God Nation be forcibly opened when discovered, but a group of mages would also search every meter of that God Nation and leave nothing behind, just like locusts.

Some books even had records of disdainful matters.

In those days, there were mages that were ready to do anything for a leaf of the Wisdom Tree.

Anything valuable here had been taken away, and if it hadn't been for the Wisdom Tree being too huge, those formidable mages might have even found a way to carry the Wisdom Tree out.

Unfortunately, there was no news of the Wisdom God's skull during that chaos. No one ever found Constance's skull.

The skull known as the origin of all wisdom... No matter how powerful their spells were, they couldn't locate it.

Because of this missing skull, several first-rate Mage Towers that had been fighting for a few dozen years became nemeses after the ceasefire.

At that time, someone was born.

That person was called Kaiser, and he wasn't very talented at birth.

He was born into an ordinary family, and although he was very assiduous, he didn't have many opportunities.

Because of a mistake, he drank a kind of mana dissipating potion as a Magic Apprentice and fell from being a 9th Rank Magic Apprentice to the 1st Rank.

His pace was awfully slow as a Mage because he didn't have a good Meditation Law Set, and he was barely able to advance to the Great Mage realm in ten years. This rate of progress caused him to be considered a good-for-nothing among losers during the peak of the Magic Era.

As a Great Mage, he received a serious injury which left a sequela, and that sequela made him waste 20 years in the Great Mage realm.

After breaking through to the High Mage realm, he originally thought that the hard times were over and that he could finally have a new beginning, but he lost a huge amount of vitality while exploring some ruins.

Kaiser's magic path was filled with hardships, and when his life was reaching its end, he advanced to the Archmage realm.

But there was no meaning to it, as he had lost too much vitality. Kaiser was an aged man at this point. He already had a foot in the grave.

It took him a hundred years to advance to the Archmage realm. Anyone in that era would feel that his talent wasn't great.

Because that era was filled with Archmages. When a random passerby on a street might be an Archmage, someone like Kaiser was naturally unremarkable.

In his last moments, Kaiser, who had remained hopeful and never gave up, finally resigned to his fate. He decided to undergo his final adventure.

The place he would explore was Constance's God Realm, which had been scoured clean already.

Kaiser had no intention of surviving, and he had planned to rest eternally in Constance's God Realm.

But he had never expected to find a skull in a crack of the Wisdom Tree.

This was the skull of Wisdom God Constance!

After fusing with Constance's skull, Kaiser's fate finally changed.

It only took him seven days to break through to the 2nd Rank of the Archmage realm. After a month, he reached the 3rd Rank, and within five years, he advanced to the 5th Rank. Twenty years later, he had become a 9th Rank Archmage.

Ever since Kaiser was born, he'd never had a single title, but from that point on, he had a special description: Unrivalled under the Heaven Rank!

Once Kaiser advanced to the Heaven Rank, things got out of hand and he charged his way into becoming the most dazzling mage of that era, becoming an existence comparable to Sandro and Charles the Conqueror.

After Kaiser became Noscent's most powerful mage, he ruled Noscent for a full millennium. Then, Kaiser suddenly disappeared from the endless planes, and no one could find him anymore.

Lin Yun meticulously researched that person's achievements. Initially, he'd thought that it was exaggerated rubbish that people had made up.

But eventually, he confirmed it through many other books before sighing.

That guy had spent all his luck on one thing, picking up Constance's skull.

Because of this, Kaiser became known as the luckiest guy in Noscent's history.

When recalling it, Lin Yun felt sorry for him. The first half of Kaiser's life had been too miserable. He hadn't gotten any good fortune during that time.

His foundation was frighteningly inferior, with a 3rd-rate Magic Conducting Rune and a Meditation Law Set that couldn't even qualify as 3rd-rate. He did get Constance's skull, but that was after establishing his foundation.

This was undoubtedly very regrettable.

But even so, Kaiser still had huge achievements in Noscent thanks to Constance's skull.

Had it not been for Kaiser's foundation being so poor, his achievements wouldn't have stopped at just ruling Noscent for a millennium.

And this was the biggest reason that Lin Yun was searching for Constance's skull, and it was also why he was suppressing his strength, making sure he didn't break through. He had to wait until he fused with Constance's skull to advance to the Archmage realm.

Advancing to the Archmage realm would mean that his foundation was established!

As long as he didn't advance, everything he did would be laid as part of his foundation. With Constance's skull, his foundation would reach an unprecedentedly frightening stage.

The most formidable Magic Conducting Rune from the birth of Noscent to its destruction, the Magic Array.

Unprecedented Tri-Core Meditation Law Sets, two of which possessed 16 formulas!

After all, in Noscent's world, even in the end, there was only one 16-formula Meditation Law Set!

What kind of effect this kind of formidable, unprecedented, and unmatched foundation would have when coupled with Constance's skull? Lin Yun didn't dare to think about it.

The only thing he could think about right now was how to reach the peak of the Wisdom Tree to get Constance's skull.

The group followed the branch and kept climbing up, but the Wisdom Tree branch was too large. It was like a continent erected vertically, so they had to keep using their mana to climb up while still being alert to all the dangers that could appear.


The Wisdom Tree was too large... It took them half a month to reach the treetop, and that was because the Intrepid had crashed in a very high location to begin with.

After reaching the treetop, innumerable leaves spread in front of them, and each leaf was several hundred meters to a kilometer in size. Some bigger leaves were even a few kilometers long.

Many plants were growing on those leaves as if they were pieces of land.

The higher they got, the lusher the leaves were. Layers upon layers of leaves were bunched together, forming a continent that spread across several dozen kilometers.

They couldn't cut the leaves as they moved up, so they could only look for the cracks between the leaves.


After another half a month, they raised their heads and still saw countless leaves layered into a continent, and they couldn't even see the treetop.

They managed to find a crack with difficulty and they arrived on a leaf continent stretching for over two hundred kilometers.

An ink-colored jungle spread before them. Every tree was a dozen meters tall, and their lush leaves covered the jungle in darkness. Only some faintly fluorescent vegetation could be seen emitting weak radiance inside the jungle.

Lin Yun cast ten Mage Eyes with a wave of his hand and sent them into the jungle. Who knew what awaited them in there?

The Mage Eyes made a trip inside but didn't find anything special. However, Lin Yun still cautiously summoned ten Flame Elementals, using the light from the flames to illuminate the surroundings while having them act as cannon fodder, probing for hidden dangers that the Mage Eyes couldn't discover.

After confirming that there was nothing special, Lin Yun led everyone into the jungle. On the edge of the jungle, Lin Yun used Eagle Sight to increase his range of vision. After walking several kilometers, they found a crack leading to the continent above them.

The silent jungle made them very uncomfortable. Every time they were in a strangely silent environment, without exception, they would meet unknown danger.

Lin Yun controlled the Flame Elementals to move forward while also having the Mage Eyes spread out to cover everything within a hundred meters.

After walking for a dozen minutes, Lin Yun suddenly stopped and hurriedly chanted an incantation.

A river appeared out of nowhere from his body before forming a bowl that hid everybody within.

Then, a large area lit up in front of them, as if it was illuminated by fireflies. In an instant, everyone could see a wave of spells that contained at least four hundred to five hundred spells.

Wind Blades, Fireballs, Ice Spikes, Earth Spikes...

All these spells were mixed in the air, whistling over and arriving in front of Lin Yun's group in an instant. These several hundred spells collided with the frantically revolving river, causing mana fluctuations to spread through the forest like a tide.