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 Naturally, that was only the case before level 40.

The mana crystal of the Mana Devouring Vine, one of the few plants that could reach level 40, would have overwhelming changes after it advanced to level 40. Not only would the Mana Devouring Vine transform, but its mana crystal would also mutate and become completely different from a typical level 40 mana crystal. At that point, it could even be said that they were two different species.

After that, the Mana Devouring Vine's magic crystal could be described as the best mana vessel. The mana it could store would be comparable to the mana reserves of a Heaven Mage.

After all, ordinary mana crystals didn't have such vast storage capacity. Most mana crystals could only be considered one-time-use consumables, and very few of them with pure mana could store a tiny bit of mana.

Mana crystals that could store mana above their own level were very rare at the peak of the Magic Era, not to mention that the mana was Heaven Rank level!

And this wasn't even the biggest advantage of the Mana Devouring Vine... The greatest advantage was its extremely pure mana!

Regardless of the mana origin, it would quickly be purified as long as it was poured into the Mana Devouring Vine's mana crystal.

This extremely pure mana could be used by any mage without worrying about side effects. Sometimes, it might be even more useful than their own mana.

Of course, these special characteristics only applied to Mana Devouring Vines that were level 40 or higher.

Below level 40, they were only ordinary magic beasts.

Mana Devouring Vines were famous for being troublesome. As long as the main body was kept hidden, the clones could keep haunting people like ghosts. These clones would never disappear as long as they had enough mana. Even magic beasts with more power could be toyed to death by these fierce predators.

Because of this, the Heaven Rank Mana Devouring Vine could display this property to its pinnacle. Most of the time, Heaven Rank Mana Devouring Vines would never reveal the main body, just keeping it hidden in the ground, and powerful Heaven Mages wouldn't have any way to kill that part hidden in the depths of the earth while being besieged by countless clones.

Thus, from the previous eras till twenty-three centuries forward, no one had discovered the terrifying properties of the Mana Devouring Vines' mana crystals.

Up until Orson discovered a way to artificially cultivate a Mana Devouring Vine's mana crystal in an alchemical experiment and then trained it to level 40!

Making the Mana Devouring Vine's mana crystal undergo a mutation was the safest and quickest way to obtain a Heaven Rank Mana Devouring Vine's mana crystal!

In those days, Orson wasn't very powerful, and he didn't have that great of a background. He had remained at the 8th Rank of the Archmage realm for a long time, unable to advance any further, and couldn't even afford some materials that he needed. He was a very stifled Archmage.

With no hope to attack the Heaven Rank, his position could be considered stagnant, and there was no hope of getting any magic support.

This was the case up until Orson accidentally found that Mana Devouring Vines' mana crystals could be artificially bred. He spent a large amount of effort and energy and managed to breed two Heaven Rank Mana Devouring Vine mana crystals. He relied on them and advanced to the Heaven Rank, causing a sensation in Noscent.

Even the greatest Heaven Mages couldn't help being tempted. Those Heaven Rank mana crystals were perfect mana storage vessels that could double their pool of mana.

Orson gained many resources by relying on his method to artificially breed these mana crystals, and once he became a 9th Rank Heaven Mage, Orson publicly revealed this secret.

That method was also recorded in the decaying library, and it was considered an accomplishment that changed Noscent.

Lin Yun had immediately thought of this when he saw the Mana Devouring Vines, and level 38 was simply perfect!

Level 39 would be too troublesome, while level 38 was just enough to save on the time and effort to breed it.

Naturally, he wasn't planning on using the mana crystals as mana vessels, since he already had the Alchemic Mana Whirlpool.

The Alchemic Mana Whirlpools were really too handy. Just one would double his mana. Unfortunately, only a few of these things were finished, and the research was discontinued.

Recently, Lin Yun felt that the ability of the Alchemic Mana Whirlpools wasn't enough. They might reach their limit at the Archmage realm, and at the power of ordinary Archmages.

His Magic Conducting Rune was the Magic Array, so his mana pool far exceeded those of ordinary mages. At the Archmage realm, the Alchemic Mana Whirlpools would no longer be able to have the effect of tripling one's mana.

But now that he had the Mana Devouring Vine's mana crystals, he would first breed them to reach the Heaven Rank, and would then use them to transform the Alchemic Mana Whirlpools, making them even more powerful.

Unfortunately, the breeding couldn't be done overnight. It would take a lot more time, so he could only put it away for now.

If he didn't have such an important use for them, Lin Yun wouldn't have cared so much about Xiuban taking a spirit mana crystal.

Seeing Lin Yun not giving an explanation and only giving him such a look, Zeuss forced a smile and said, "Merlin, we should leave this place quickly. This place is too rich in mana, and the commotion just now might draw other things over.

Too rich in mana...

Lin Yun suddenly froze. He had been so happy to see Mana Devouring Vines that he had completely overlooked everything else.

Enderfa floated over and gave Lin Yun an odd look as he commented, "Merlin, don't you feel that this is too strange?"

Lin Yun's expression sank... It was far more than strange, it was fishy!

Mana Devouring Vines had extremely harsh requirements for growth. Not only did they need a place rich in mana, but they also needed the mana to be life-attributed.

Many plant magic beasts had this requirement; they wouldn't be able to survive without life-attributed mana. This was also why many magic plants couldn't be artificially bred. The density of mana could be guaranteed, but the life-attributed mana couldn't be guaranteed.

Because of this, a bit over a hundred years after Orson discovered the secret of the Mana Devouring Vines, it was hardly possible to find any of these vines under the Heaven Rank in the boundless planes.

Because it was practically impossible to cultivate the Mana Devouring Vines artificially, they could only grow in some special environments in the wild.

Moreover, Constance had already died, so according to common sense, his God Nation should have already withered away.

It was unusual that his God Nation didn't wither. It could only be attributed to the fact that Constance was extremely powerful during his life. But the mana in there was still very rich, which was very strange.

But there was no need to doubt, as this place's mana was lacking in life attribute.

This shortcoming had no influence on most lifeforms, and even some plants, but it was unsuitable for the growth of Mana Devouring Vines.

Yet there were so many Mana Devouring Vines here! They met six at once just now, so what about the other areas? This was unreasonable.

There was only one explanation: the God Nation wasn't withering, and Constance wasn't really dead...

Lin Yun was startled as he thought of this, but he then shook his head.

This made no sense.

With a solemn expression on his face, Lin Yun responded, "I find it strange, but I don't know why that's the case... Let's be a bit more careful..."

At this time, Lin Yun felt that there were too many details not written in those records, and there was no way to have a complete understanding of the God Nation by relying on them.

Suddenly, Lin Yun turned to look at Zeuss. "Sir Seuss, how much does your Watson Family understand about this God Nation?"

Zeuss was quite honest about it. He knew that he only had the strength of a Magic Apprentice and couldn't even be considered cannon fodder here, so he had to rely on Lin Yun for everything.

"Our Watson Family actually doesn't know too much about it. I have read a book in the Ancestral Land's treasury which had some information in it about the Wisdom God and his God Nation.

"It was written that the Wisdom God buried himself atop the Wisdom Tree, waiting thousands upon thousands of years to be revived. This was where the origin of all wisdom was, as well as the end of all wisdom.

"But that book was old and dilapidated. There were many parts that were illegible, and besides that, I also discovered the way to open the Wisdom God's God Nation. It was written that only those with the bloodline of the Wisdom God could open the God Nation!

"Thus, our Family made preparations for countless years until we found a woman with the bloodline of the Wisdom God. We arranged for Arthus' father to marry that woman and she gave birth to Arthus.

"Our Family spent a lot of effort to groom Arthus, and we managed to nurture him into a Sword Saint after great difficulties, but who would have thought that he would fall in the Intrepid? Aaah..."

Zeuss was pained as he said those words. The Watson Family had planned and prepared for who knows how many years, and just as they were about to reap the fruits of their efforts, Arthus died. This was such a huge blow.

Lin Yun looked at Zeuss and could see that he hadn't tricked him.

Moreover, a lot of the information matched his own. But there was a puzzling part... Constance was waiting to be revived? This was a bit ridiculous, wasn't it?

Many of the books stored in the decaying library explicitly recorded that only Constance's bones remained at the top of the Wisdom Tree. The rest wasn't at the peak.