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 Lin Yun ignored it and only uttered a single character. Four flaming vortexes appeared in front of him, and a gold-red lance that was over three meters long drilled out of the Flame Vortex. Gold runes were carved on that lance, and it was doused in golden flames.

Once the spear completely came out of the flame vortex, it looked like a large hand condensed from flames was holding it.


A sharp, cracking sound echoed as the huge hand wielding the golden lance ruthlessly impaled the main body of the Mana Devouring Vine, pinning it to the ground.

The Mana Devouring Vine frantically struggled, twitching like an enormous snake. Its huge body was slamming against the Wisdom Tree's branch, making it shudder.

Lin Yun sneered. He had spent so much effort just to find its main body, nothing more. Those ruthless vines were basically only clones, and as long as the main body of the Mana Devouring Vine wasn't killed, it could possess as many clones as it wanted. Killing it from exhaustion wasn't a feasible plan.

As a large number of vines rushed at him from behind, three Fire God Spears surged out from the other three vortexes in front of Lin Yun.

These three spears easily skewered the Mana Devouring Vine's main body, pinning it even more thoroughly to the ground.

The reddish flame slowly ignited, and like a plague, quickly spread through the body of the Mana Vine, and the other vines growing from the main body all broke at their roots.

Facing that huge danger, the Mana Devouring Vine could only give up on its clones and focus all its power on its main body.

The green vines that had started coiling around Lin Yun instantly withered, softening like dying snakes. After a few seconds, they turned a sickly yellow and transformed into a pile of rotten wood.

Only the main body of the Mana Devouring Vine remained in front of Lin Yun. He waved his Draconic Staff and sprayed flames over a large area, setting it all ablaze.

A miserable sound came from within the raging flames. After a dozen seconds, the golden-red flames sharply increased in intensity and thoroughly covered the Mana Devouring Vine, whose crazy struggle came to an end.

Lin Yun waved his hand and scattered the flames. All that was left of the Mana Devouring Vine was a large lump of charcoal.

The others caught up at this time, and Zeuss couldn't help looking at Lin Yun with shock. Ever since he fused with the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras and advanced to the 9th Rank, Lin Yun's strength had risen too abruptly.

That was a level 38 Mana Devouring Vine, yet he easily got rid of it! Lin Yun had suppressed it all along... All of its attacks were countered by Lin Yun so effectively that it was like getting choked to death.

It could be said that this Mana Devouring Vine wasn't even allowed to show the full extent of its power. It could only sullenly die.

After the direction of its main body was discovered, Lin Yun immediately used corrosive flames to get rid of the cloned vines before nailing down the main body and burning it to death.

But Lin Yun's strength wasn't enough to make Zeuss feel safe... Instead, he felt more and more worried.

In Constance's God Nation, with his strength as a 7th Rank Magic Apprentice, he wouldn't be able to feel safe even if he had a Heaven Mage accompanying him.

As for the possibility of remaining alone on the Intrepid, that idea bothered Zeuss even more. He had experienced the strangeness of the Intrepid already, and there were still those damned ghosts on the ship.

"Merlin, we should hurry up and leave. Mana Devouring Vines usually aren't alone. The fact that there aren't any living creatures around here must be because that Mana Devouring Vine devoured everything. It might not be too good if there are more..."

Zeuss was worried, but he still reined in his temper as he persuaded Lin Yun. The terrifying encounters on the Intrepid made Zeuss look at this mana-absorbing thing with fright, especially since the Mana Devouring Vine looked like the monster and its tentacles. The fear that rose from the depths of his heart couldn't easily be suppressed.

Lin Yun ignored Zeuss' worries and took out several spirit mana crystals and kept them in his hands.

Zeuss' expression turned deathly pale as he let out an alarmed screech.

"Merlin, quick, mana crystals are fatal temptations for Mana Devouring Vines!"

Zeuss didn't even have time to finish his sentence before he felt clear mana fluctuations coming from the grass as a Mana Devouring Vine rushed out from it, crazily charging straight at Lin Yun.

The mana fluctuations on a living creature's body could generally be sensed more than five kilometers away, but pure mana crystals could be sensed at least ten to fifteen kilometers away, making them like lighthouses in the middle of the night. Such a huge temptation could easily make Mana Devouring Vines become frantic.

The fluctuations emitted by five spirit mana crystals were enough to make those Mana Devouring Vines rush at him.

No less than five Mana Devouring Vines were drawn over. This time, these Mana Devouring Vines didn't even bother to hide their main bodies. The dark-green parts charged at him alongside all the jade-like clones.

Xiuban swung Carnage, but discovered that those Mana Devouring Vines were crazy and just ignored his attacks without even bothering to dodge them. They just rushed towards Lin Yun and the mana crystals.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to cast a flurry of fire spells, creating a powerful flood of fire. The Spell Wheel's power had greatly increased after the Molten Core was added, reaching an extreme level of power. Yet, the Mana Devouring Vines simply didn't care about his spells.

The Mana Devouring Vines were indeed burnt, including their main bodies, but they still didn't stop their charge towards Lin Yun.

On his side, Lin Yun's movements were quick and simple. One Fire God Spear and a Sea of Fire forcibly turned a Mana Devouring Vine into charcoal.

The fight was over in less than five minutes.

The terrified Zeuss went up to Lin Yun and advised, "Merlin, it's unknown how dangerous this place is. Provoking those Mana Devouring Vines wasn't wise, it's better to be a bit more cautious..."

Zeuss remained tactful, but everyone could see that he disapproved of Lin Yun's actions.

Lin Yun smiled, but he didn't explain himself. He turned to Xiuban and said," Xiuban, go loot these Mana Devouring Vines."

Cleaning up the battlefield was something Xiuban loved to do after working out, especially after taking care of a large group of magic beasts, because he could slip some things into his pocket.

Soon, Xiuban gave five infant-sized, green mana crystals to Lin Yun.

"Xiuban, I see that your skin is itching, isn't it?"

Lin Yun raised an eyebrow and said an incomprehensible word, causing a flame to suddenly appear next to his body.

Xiuban turned deathly pale when he saw that flame, and his legs started shaking. He knelt and took out a dark green mana crystal from his pocket.

"Sir Merlin, I wouldn't dare..."

As Xiuban took out the mana crystal that he'd tried to embezzle, the flame hovering next to Lin Yun turned into Flame Shackles and instantly twisted around Xiuban's body. Soon, Xiuban's screams could be heard across the grassy area, along with the sounds of a beating.

Lin Yun smiled as he got the 6th Mana Devouring Vine's mana crystal. And his mood couldn't be better when he heard Xiuban's screams.

That Draconic Beastman made him call forth Syudos to sort him out. If he wasn't put in order once in a while, Xiuban would act too smugly. Recently, Syudos had been sent into the Bone Plane to clear out the Undead there, and since they had fallen in the Intrepid, Lin Yun had been unable to open the Planar Path to the Bone Plane.

After being stuck in such a terrible plane and being ignored for such a long time, Syudos was obviously in a very bad mood. When he came out and saw that Xiuban had made a mistake, he didn't even wait for Lin Yun's order and went to beat him up.

Lin Yun put away the Mana Devouring Vine's mana crystal. On the other side, Zeuss saw Lin Yun looking as if he had picked up an incredible treasure and was disapproving.

Especially beating Xiuban up for that... He really felt that it wasn't worth it.

"Although a level 38 mana crystal is precious, taking so many risks for it isn't worth it."

Lin Yun smiled and casually said, "This isn't an ordinary level 38 mana crystal. In terms of worth, even if it can't compare to a level 40 mana crystal, it's not too far behind..."

Zeuss was shocked... He couldn't believe it. He wasn't a country bumpkin. Although the mana crystals of Mana Devouring Vines were a bit precious, it was only because there weren't many plant-type magic beasts. A level 38 mana crystal from one of them would at most be a bit better than ordinary level 38 mana crystal, but how could it be comparable to level 40 mana crystals?

When it came to worth, the most inferior level 39 mana crystal should be a lot better than this level 38 Mana Devouring Vine's mana crystal.

Lin Yun only threw him a contemptuous look and didn't even felt like explaining.

It wasn't that Zeuss was a country bumpkin, but their knowledge wasn't on the same level. No matter how extensive Zeuss' knowledge was, it was absolutely impossible for him to know what happened twenty-three centuries later.

The mana crystals of Mana Devouring Vines were nothing special... This was the consensus of this era.

But two thousand and three hundred years later, an Archmage called Orson would discover the secret of these mana crystals during an experiment.

To be fair, the mana condensed with a Mana Devouring Vine's mana crystal wasn't that formidable. In fact, it was even worse than a mana crystal on the same level. It was only slightly more precious because it was the mana crystal of a plant-type magic beast, and nothing more.